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Safety & Security Induction 2011-2012 Campus Residences Ltd. Welcome to Your New Home “1 200 Students call DCU their Home”

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1 Safety & Security Induction 2011-2012 Campus Residences Ltd. Welcome to Your New Home “1 200 Students call DCU their Home”

2 Safety in your Home Eileen Tully Health & Safety Officer 01 7008896

3 Fire – The Facts Average 50 people / year die in fires in Irl 60% of deaths occur 8pm – 8am Kitchen & Bedroom are the commonest seats of origin Cigarettes / chip-pans / candles / electrical appliances are commonest causes of domestic fires Inhalation of smoke kills

4 Your Home - Statistics 1,200 residents majority in 18 – 22 age group! 15 fires in Campus Res in past 5 years! 5 in last year alone

5 Larkfield Apartments – Cooker Fire



8 Role of Security In an Emergency Situation Security staff respond to alarm. (pager etc) Security ascertain if there is an actual emergency or if there has been a false alarm. If it is a false alarm, Security will inform those at assembly point & allow re-entry. If Emergency, Fire Brigade will be called. Residents should co-operate at all times with Security during evacuation.

9 On Discovering a Fire Break a Break Glass unit immediately Leave the Building & report to the assembly points nearest your area as indicated on the map on the back of your apartment door. Call Security on 5999 Let Security know if any of your housemates are missing.

10 Issues to Note Electrical Faults –Kettles / toasters / microwaves etc REPORT - REPORT – REPORT Larkfield Showers –Keep door closed or else…….!!! Cooking –Don’t turn your back! Alarm Response –Leave immediately!

11 Security in your Home Eddie Hamilton Campus Residences Security Supervisor 01 7007812

12 The Security Function Secure Home Environment Advice – Safety for You and your Possessions. Fire Safety Equipment Checks Emergency Response

13 DCU Security Emergency Number Call: 5999 or 01 7005999 from your mobile. Security will contact Ambulance, Fire Brigade or Gardai for you The Campus Security Control Room, located in multi storey car park, is open 24 hours, 7 days a week Emergencies First Aid Assistance – Call: Res Front Desk 5736 After 5pm Call: DCU Emergency Number 5999

14 Security Issues on Res Policy : Noise / Parties / Drinking on grounds. Anti-social behaviour (Common Rooms) Car Parking & Driving on Res Intercoms off 12 Midnight -7am Use of Gates (11pm – 6am) Leaving Doors on Latch – Fines Demonstration of Locks (do’s & don'ts) CCTV throughout Campus Residences

15 Locked Out? In the event of a lock out, or card malfunction, outside office hours. Call Security (8990) (01 7008990 from Mobile) Security issues take priority and you may have to wait a short while. Please give your mobile number to security. Expect a return call from Security and please answer your phone!

16 Your Card – Your Passport! After 12 midnight have your card ready for security inspection. Never give your card to anyone! Report lost cards immediately for cancellation. Don’t swipe others into your building. No charge for encoding student cards. €5 for encoding single opening and temporary cards.

17 Overnight Guest Policy – How it operates! Apply online – Campus Res Website Request must be submitted by 12 noon Mon-Friday (12 noon on Friday for weekend guest) €5 administration charge per request(1 or 2 Nights) First come / first served basis for approval Notification by 4pm Print & bring e-mail confirmation when checking in guest Please note attempting to bring an non resident into CRL, will incur a €80.00 fine Please Note: You are always Responsible for your guests actions.

18 Guest Requirements Guest must be aged 17 or over. Must carry photo ID. Must be accompanied by resident after 12 midnight. Must reside only in resident’s apartment after 12 midnight.

19 Overnight Policy - Details Restrictions –Larkfield – max 1 x guest per apartment & 10 per floor (exit capacity issue) –Hampstead & College Park – max 2 x guests per apartment –Maximum of 250 guests on campus overnight Guest stay max 2 consecutive nights

20 Terms and Conditions cont.. Visitors – Not Checked In - visitors not approved under OGP must leave the Complex by 12.00 midnight. - Failure to do so will result in a fine of €80/visitor being levied against Occupiers in breach of this rule.

21 If you need to speak to me in confidence about any issue, please contact me directly on 01 7007812 Please put your Safety First!

22 Managing Your Home Mary Cunningham General Manager 01 7005753 Welcome / Welcome Back!

23 Mary Cunningham General Manager Ewelina Wasiak Receptionist Accom. Coordinator Sarah Emerson Ops & Services Patricia Barry Office Manager Eddie Hamilton Security Supervisor Derek May Accom. Coordinator The Campus Res. Team

24 Occupancy Licence Your Commitment to and Acceptance of it’s Terms and Conditions.. if the Occupier is in breach of any of the covenants, terms or conditions then the Operator shall be entitled to impose and levy a FINE on the Occupier or alternatively REVOKE THIS LICENCE Please Read your Terms & Conditions

25 All students living on campus to report maintenance issues directly to Estates Office. Access system through Student Portal Page or main Estate’s Office page. Emergencies Only to be reported to accommodation reception. Residents will be able to track each job logged through the system. Maintenance Reporting

26 Maintenance Reporting Page

27 PRTB - Registration The Private Residential Tenancies Board Applicable to all College Park Residents PPS No. Required from each student Email will be sent to individuals shortly Any Questions – Talk to me afterwards.

28 Smoking Rules Smoking is permitted in your own bedroom Smoking in apartment living spaces only by group consensus. Where there is not consensus among a group – No Smoking applies in that Apartment. No smoking allowed in common rooms / common areas Cigarette Butts are not to be thrown out windows - Offenders will be disciplined under ‘Litter Offences ‘ (NB Houses 17-19)

29 Other Issues Flyers - posting of flyers into apartments is not permitted. Posters may be displayed on notice boards only. Insurance - all students are advised to take out own contents insurance. –Possessions are not covered as per T&C. - for leaks, damages etc Pets – Not Allowed Mattress – Please ensure the mattress protector provided is used. Extra Furniture – Not Permitted Energy – Conservation – Please do not switch off corridor lights X

30 In Summary Campus Res needs your cooperation and assistance in maintaining a safe, comfortable, enjoyable environment for all residents. Please read your Terms & Conditions. Please contact Mary/ Eddie with concerns.

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