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Introducing the Biggest Breakthrough in Ventilation Since… Fresh Air…

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1 Introducing the Biggest Breakthrough in Ventilation Since… Fresh Air…

2  1972 – First commercialization of cross flow fixed plate energy recovery ventilator  1981 – Lawrence Berkley Labs identifies the advantages of ERV cores for residential ventilation  1983 – RenewAire begins manufacturing ERVs in Madison, Wisconsin – other manufacturers follow with similar unit layouts

3  1999 – RenewAire’s EV series sets the standard for performance, quality and value  2003 – The breakthrough everyone has been waiting for – dramatically lower installed cost - and only available with Breeze

4 “Field trials confirm Breeze units install in one-half to one third the time of traditional ERVs.”

5 What is Breeze?  A line of residential ERVs  BR7070 CFM ERV  BR130130 CFM ERV  TW KitsThrough-the-Wall duct and hood kit  Economical and effective ventilation for condominiums, town homes and smaller homes

6 A New Line of Residential ERV

7 How is Breeze Different?  Mounts to furnace (AC) return air ductwork  Has only two duct connections  The other two connections are out the back directly into the RA duct  Has integrated automatic proportional runtime control  Can be mounted to exterior wall with TW Kit requiring only two indoor duct connections


9 Two Ways to Install ERVs  Central Exhaust – Use EV Series  General Ventilation – Use BR Series  EV Series may be used

10 Central Exhaust  20 CFM continuous per bathroom  50 CFM intermittent per bathroom  Must have control in each bathroom served (PB24)  Other possible exhaust locations  Kitchen area (cannot exhaust range hood)  Utility room, smoking room, hobby room, etc.

11 EV130 Centrally Ducted

12 Exhaust From Bathroom

13 Exhaust From Kitchen

14 Central Exhaust Con’t  Small ductwork system to collect air from each exhaust location  Fresh air may be supplied to furnace (AC) return air duct  EV130=2 bathrooms, EV200=3 bathrooms, EV300=5 bathrooms  Replaces bathroom exhaust fans

15 General Ventilation  ERV selected based on size of home and/or number of residents  ASHRAE 62-1998 – 0.35 air changes/hour  BR70 = 1500 square feet living space  BR130/EV130 = 2700 square feet living space  EV200 = 4000 square feet living space  EV300 = 6000 square feet living space

16 General Ventilation Con’t  ERV selected based on size of home and/or number of residents  ASHRAE 62.2-2003  7.5 CFM/occupant (# of bedrooms +1) Plus  0.01 CFM/ square foot of living space  Example: 3 bedroom, 1500 sq ft home requires 4 times 7.5=30 CFM plus 1500 times 0.01=15CFM for a total of 45 CFM

17 General Ventilation Con’t  Bathroom exhaust fans are also required  Air may be drawn from and supplied to the furnace (AC) return air duct as long as short circuiting is avoided (by running furnace blower)  The majority of ERV installations are used for General Ventilation most likely due to lower cost

18 Cut hole in Return Air Duct – bend flange in. Mount hanging bracket on duct.

19 Mount Hinge Bar in proper location on unit.

20 Hang unit on duct. Wire Breeze to furnace control.

21 Swing Breeze into position and screw in place.

22 Locate Fresh Air Hood away from all exhausts.

23 Exhaust Hood location is not critical.

24 Installation is generally completed in under two hours!

25 Neat and Clean!

26 Breeze can be mounted on Return Air drop.

27 Hole cut.

28 Hang and fasten unit to drop.

29 Alternate Return Air drop orientation.

30 Easy Installation  Mounted to furnace or AC return air ductwork  Under duct lengthwise  Under duct crosswise  Side of duct  On return drop (with some cautions)  Mounted to exterior wall with thru-the-wall kit  Mounted to ceiling to conceal two ducts


32 TW Kit

33 TW Installation

34 Effective, efficient ventilation… made easy!

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