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Home/Index District Profile District Area Map Mission & Goals Educational Profile Frequently Asked Questions - Area InfoFrequently Asked Questions -

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3 Home/Index District Profile District Area Map Mission & Goals Educational Profile Frequently Asked Questions - Area InfoFrequently Asked Questions - Area Info Hiring Process Hiring Contacts Benefits Application Application PDF 2003-04 School Calendar Certified Salary Schedule Related Services Salary Schedule Athletic Salary Schedule

4 11th largest district in New Mexico Covers approximately 3,000 square miles in the Four Corners Region We serve approximately 7,000 students 90% of the students are Navajo, 9% are Anglo and 2% Hispanic We serve three major communities: –Kirtland: Kirtland Central High, Kirtland Middle, Grace B. Wilson, Ruth N. Bond, Kirtland and Ojo Elementary Schools. –Newcomb: Newcomb High, Newcomb Middle, Newcomb and Naschitti Elementary –Shiprock: Shiprock High and Career Prep Alternative High, TseBitAi Middle, Nataani Nez, Nizhoni, Eva B. Stokely and Mesa Elementary. Staff & Support –We have over 600 certified teachers –And 600 non-certified staff who are dedicated to the mission of CCSD … District profile... Home/Index Improvement is continuous, Improvement is continuous, Excellence is expected, Excellence is expected, Lifelong learning is valued. Lifelong learning is valued.

5 CCSD Mission & Goals Mission –Improvement is continuous, –Excellence is expected, –Lifelong learning is valued. Goals –High student achievement: All students will read at or above grade level –Safe & welcome learning environment. –Efficient and effective operations. Home/Index

6 Educational Programs Our journey for quality education emphasizes student performance, achievement and excellence. Improving reading, language arts and math skills is at the forefront for our continued improvement. Quality tools and techniques used in the Baldrige Approach for school improvement and performance excellence are being implemented in The District. Primary literacy initiatives are supported with Parents As Teachers program, preschools and Kindergarten. After-school programs, H.O.S.T.S. (Helping One Student To Succeed) and Four Building Blocks are a few of the researched-based programs offered to increase reading and literacy objectives. Advanced placement and honors classes are offered in the high schools. Vocational programs give students the opportunity to diversify their educational experience. Home/Index Bilingual programs in Navajo Language and Culture as well as Spanish are found in schools throughout The District. Our Special Education programs are unmatched with inclusion and innovative programs serving students who are gifted and those with learning disabilities. Speech, physical and occupational therapy, audiology, sign language psychological and social services providers work with teachers to implement students’ individual educational programs. We have computers in each classroom and state of the art computer labs are available to students, teachers and parents. The District has made a substantial investment in computer systems to improve instruction, business management and administration.

7 Hiring Process Step 1 … Complete Application procedures –Submit application, resume and 3 references –Submit official transcripts Copies will be accepted with application. Official transcripts will be required when offered employment –Submit official New Mexico Teacher Assessment (NMTA) If you have not taken the NMTA, submit the date, time and place you are scheduled to take it –Submit a copy of your New Mexico Educators License Or the date you applied for a NM Educators License –To apply for NM Educators License contact: NM State Department of Education/Professional Licensure Unit 300 Don Gaspar, Santa Fe, NM 87501-23786 505.827.6587 – Step 2 … Contact Principal with listed vacancy –Request interview with Principal/Director for position desired –Principals & Directors interview applicants and make recommendations for employment –Vacancies are listed on the website Home/Index

8 Frequently Asked Questions About the Area Where are you located? What are the district’s demographics? What is the weather like? What drives the local economy? Is affordable housing available? Are there recreational opportunities? What else is there to do in the area? What type of family entertainment is available? Can you give a short history of the area? What medical facilities are available? Are there local colleges/universities? Home/Index

9 Location … Four Corners Region –Central Consolidated School District #22 is in the heart of the Four Corners. It is located in San Juan County and lies in the northwest corner of New Mexico. Most of the district is anchored within the northeastern section of the Navajo Nation, which is the largest Native American Indian tribe both in land area and population. The District shares its borders with Arizona to the west, Colorado to the north. Utah is located northwest of New Mexico. District Size –Central Consolidated School District is New Mexico’s 11th largest school district, in terms of area, and covers about 3,000 square miles. It serves the communities of Kirtland, Ojo Amarillo, Newcomb, Naschitti and Shiprock, New Mexico. The Community –Farmington,NM is the largest city in the region with a population of about 60,000. San Juan County is about 110,000 and it is estimated there is a trading population of over 220,000. –Farmington, NM is the closest retail center with a shopping center and major department stores. It boasts itself as having a “small town appeal with big city amenities.” –Farmington’s Municipal Airport supports regional/commuter air service. –Farmington is about 10 miles to Kirtland, 30 miles to Shiprock and 65 miles to Newcomb. –Albuquerque, the largest city in New Mexico, is the major airport in the region supporting all major airlines. Albuquerque is about 3 1 / 2 hours from The District’s community. –Gallup, NM and Cortez, Colo. are also regional retail centers. Home/IndexMap of District Return to FAQ

10 CCSD Demographics Student Population –Central Consolidated School District has approximately 7,400 students –90% of the students are Native American, predominately from the Navajo Tribe –9% of the students are Anglo –2% of the students are Hispanic Staff and support –We have over 600 Certified teachers and support staff –And approximately 500 non-certified staff who are dedicated to the mission of CCSD … Home/Index Return to FAQ Improvement is continuous, Improvement is continuous, Excellence is expected, Excellence is expected, Lifelong learning is valued. Lifelong learning is valued.

11 Climate & Topography High desert living –There are over 270 days of sunshine a year and the climate is temperate –Communities in The District range from lush river valleys to the rugged uplands of the Southwestern Plateau Four distinct seasons –Mild changes in temperatures follow the four seasons –Winter temperatures run in the 40s –Spring and fall temperatures run in the 60s –Summer temperatures are in the 80-90s Topography –Topography of The District is generally rugged with elevations ranging from 5,000 to 7,500 feet Precipitation –The annual rainfall is approximately 7.5 inches –The annual snowfall average is 12.3 inches Mountain Ranges –The Chuska Mountains border The District to the west –The La Plata Mountains are to the north –The Shiprock Pinnacle anchors The District centrally Rivers –The San Juan River flows through the Kirtland and Shiprock –Numerous creeks, springs and washes weave through the southern part of The District. Home/Index Return to FAQ

12 Regional Economy Area employers –Natural gas production –Coal mining –Power plants –Education –Medical facilities –Retail merchandising Largest single employers in San Juan County –Central Consolidated Schools –Farmington Municipals Schools –San Juan Regional Medical Center Home/Index Return to FAQ

13 Recreational opportunities abound Numerous outdoor activities –Navajo Lake has more than 200 shore miles for boating, camping and fishing –San Juan River, just below Navajo Lake, boasts 5,000 fish per mile and is one of the country’s finest fly fishing destinations –Pinon Hills Golf Course, a top rated public course, Riverview Golf Course and 3 other courses challenge the novice to the expert –Animas River provides whitewater rafting and more fishing opportunities –Local area is filled with hiking, mountain biking, horseback trails and off-road vehicle trails –Downhill and cross country snow skiing is just an hour-and-a-half away in Durango, Colorado Archaeological Treasures –Canyon de Chelly, Aztec Ruins National Monument, Mesa Verde National Park, Ute Mountain Ute Tribal Park, Chaco Canyon Cultural National Historic Park and Salmon Ruins are within a 150 mile radius Geological Features –Shiprock Pinnacle, Monument Valley, Bisti/De-Na-Zin Wilderness and The Four Corners Monument are more must see destinations Home/Index Return to FAQ

14 More fun things to do and see Community events are hosted throughout the year –Riverfest--Memorial Day Weekend –Freedom Days-Fourth of July –Connie Mack World Series –National High School Rodeo Finals –San Juan County Fair –Hot Air Balloon Festivals –San Juan College Luminaria Display Cultural events celebrate the rich American Indian cultures –Shiprock Northern Navajo Fair –Totah Festival –Gallup Ceremonial –Crownpoint Rug Auction –Santa Fe Indian Market Arts … –0ff- Broadway performances are featured at the Farmington Civic Center –Diverse music and drama programs are presented locally –Outdoor Summer Theater is presented in a natural sandstone amphitheater Entertainment … –Aztec Speedway features hobby stock street stock, modified and winged sprint car racing, –Durango & Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad –Gaming – Three area casinos offer blackjack and poker, slot and keno machines, along with musical entertainment and professional boxing matches Home/Index Return to FAQ

15 Local colleges and universities San Juan College – Farmington, NM –Ranked as one of the top 50 associate’s degree producers in 1999-2000 –Offers over 70 degree and certificate programs –A new Health & Wellness Center features state of the art equipment –800-seat Performance Hall & meeting rooms New Mexico Highlands University at San Juan College –A partnership with San Juan College allows students to receive Bachelor in Business Administration, Accounting, Social Work, Early Childhood Education, Criminal Justice; and Masters in Educational Leadership (administration), Social Work and Business Administration; and offers a Special Education Licensure Program University of New Mexico at Farmington (San Juan College) –A partnership with the University of New Mexico allows student to receive a Bachelor of Science in Education –A Master of arts in elementary or secondary education will be offered beginning Fall 2002 Dine College – Shiprock, NM –The Shiprock Branch of Dine College offers over 10 associate degrees and certificate programs. Fort Lewis College – Durango, Colo. –24 undergraduate degree programs in the School of Arts & Sciences and Business Administration and Education Home/Index Return to FAQ

16 Area History The Four Corners Region has been occupied by man for thousands of years. From the Ancient Puebloan, or Anasazi, to the modern Navajo, Ute and Hopi tribes, the area is filled with remnants of their occupation. Massive stone and adobe fortresses are preserved at Canyon de Chelly, Chaco Canyon, Aztec Ruins and Mesa Verde. Petroglyphs and pictographs can be found along the sandstone walls of this canyon rich country. Pottery chards and other tools found in the area contribute to the story of highly industrious and socially sophisticated cultures that farmed and traded with other people living in the Southwest. Most of the students in The District are Navajos. They call themselves Dine which means “the people.” Oral, archaeological, linguistic and tree-ring dates indicate the settlement of the Navajo in the Southwest between 500-1400 A.D. The Navajo Reservation was established in 1868 in the Four Corners. The 2000 U.S. Census reports over 160,000 Navajos live on the reservation and over 130,000 live off the reservation. Home/Index Return to FAQ

17 Medical facilities San Juan Regional Medical Center – Farmington, NM –A 160-bed hospital with a Trauma Center and Immediate Care Center, as well as ground and regional air ambulance system serves the community of The District –Operates a comprehensive Cancer treatment center and is a partner in the 20-bed LifeCourse Rehabilitation Center. –Provides state-of-the art diagnostic laboratory and imaging services –Is staffed by over 135 physicians in 25 areas of general and specialty practice –One of the single largest employers in the area Northern Navajo Medical Center – Shiprock Service Unit –Provides primary and specialty care in a full range of clinical areas including: family medicine, ear, nose and throat, internal medicine, pediatrics, neurology, ob/gyn, orthopedics, plastic surgery, podiatry, spinal cord, surgery, urology, emergency medicine and urgent care walk-in clinic –It also provides programs in health promotion/disease prevention, diabetes prevention, mental health, medical laboratory, radiology, pharmacy, physical therapy, nutrition, mammography and women’s health programs. –Is staffed by over 40 board certified medical practitioners and over 700 full-time employees Home/Index Return to FAQ

18 Housing Affordable housing –A viable housing market exists in the Kirtland and Farmington areas –Rental rates for 2-bedroom homes start at $450 and 3-bedrooms start at $500 –Rental rates for 2-bedroom apartments start at $410 and 3 bedrooms start at $450 –Purchase prices for new homes start at approximately $80,000 District Housing –Available to certified employees when offered employment –There are about 100 units district-wide –Available on a first-come, first serve basis –District Housing Rates Apartments –1 bedroom -$295 –2 bedroom -$305 –3 bedroom -$330 House –2 bedroom -$310 –3 bedroom -$375 Trailers –2 bedroom -$285 –3 bedroom -$306 –Rental Terms Lease agreements are available on the website Cleaning & Damage deposits required All basic utilities are included in rent Home/Index Return to FAQ

19 Family Fun Farmington area –New sports complex –Aquatic Center features Olympic-size pool, 150 ft. waterslide, leisure pool and beach entry with playground –Berg Park has over 7 miles of bicycle and walking trails along the Animas River –More than 39 additional parks with picnic tables and playground equipment –Soccer fields, tennis courts, handball courts –Indoor skating rink –15 Indoor movie theaters –1 Drive-in movie theater –1 Bowling alley –2 additional swimming pools –Boys & Girls Club –Adolescent and adult recreation leagues: basketball, football, baseball, softball, soccer and much more Shiprock Area –1 Indoor swimming pool –Boys & Girls Club –YAFL & flag football leagues –Shiprock Amateur Baseball League –Wings of America Running and Fitness Camps Kirtland Area –1 Indoor swimming pool –Kirtland Youth Association offers baseball and soccer leagues –YAFL and flag football leagues –Riverside Golf Course-18 hole –Morgan Lake-fishing and windsurfing Home/Index Return to FAQ

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