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Psychological Needs and Gains 1Satisfaction of basic instincts A lack of gratification leads to frustration Fulfillment may not be possible through work.

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1 Psychological Needs and Gains 1Satisfaction of basic instincts A lack of gratification leads to frustration Fulfillment may not be possible through work or personal relationships Recreational activity may be selected for this type of satisfaction

2 Aggression (link to cathartic device) can be satisfied with combative sports Need for ‘living on the edge’ – Activities then might need to be designed with this need in mind

3 2Self-Expression Most of the work experience has the ‘bars of dignity’ built in One has to dress to fit the job One has to be on time One has to perform in an expected (sometimes deferential) manner As a student - wait for job interview time near graduation

4 Recreation on the other hand Self - expression Timing of eating, breaks, drinking Expression through dress, verbal expressions and body gestures In planning - A consideration for ‘appropriate’ rules

5 3Relaxation Individuals are different - recreation is a refuge from stress but it varies from individual to individual Training Thought Concentration

6 Problem of reverse effect –Stress from recreational activities

7 Link to design of facilities - access Multiple use facilities?

8 4Sense of Personal Worth At work your measure of worth - is it linked to the job? Can it be measured - paycheck? A sense of self worth may come from achievements in recreational activities Memberships in service clubs, handicap in golf,

9 The impact on planning –The sense of competition –The recording of statistics –Presentation of awards, plaques –preferred locations, rooms, sites –a sense of status

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11 Between 1997 and 2000 the number of adult Canadians volunteering fell from 31 per cent to 27 per cent of adult Canadians. Canadians who do volunteer are giving more of their time to the organizations: 13.5 hours a month in 2000, an increase of more than an hour from 1997. The number of Canadians volunteering dropped by almost one million from 1997 to 2000, a 13 per cent decrease In total, volunteering in Canada represents the equivalent of almost 550,000 full-time jobs

12 5Recreation as Therapy If recreation releives boredom, alleviates stress, lessens anxiety - then side benefits to health Link between participation and health Example of sports medicine - helps insomnia, reduction of chances of heart attack Simple activities such as the value to seniors in keeping pets Athletic injuries, heart attacks, pet bites

13 Maslow The analysis of the nature of needs and wants is important –It allows for an understanding of why things occur –It then allows for planning and prediction of behaviour Goal is greater efficiency

14 MASLOW Hierarchy of Needs and Wants This is an attempt to provide a framework of analysis the scheme is: 1 Hierarchical2 Sequential

15 1There are a series of steps reflecting progressively more complex sets of needs and wants 2Each successive stage is dependent on the preceeding one (satisfaction). The preceeding stage then declines in importance

16 Important Considerations 1General to Specific 2Simple to Complex 3The stage under consideration is the most important one for the individual

17 Stage One Individuals have physiological needs –link back to previous thoughts (base needs) –the stimulus of recreation provides skills –the linkage to learned and transferred behaviour

18 Buzz words Escape Relaxation Relief from Tension Mental relaxation

19 Stage Two Once the first stage is acknowledged then: The goal is to satisfy safety needs (security of the individual or group) – the protection of life and home –the sense of keeping fit for the future –the consideration and selection of destinations could be linked to this

20 Buzz Words Health Recreation Active and Healthy for the Future

21 Stage Three Individuals strive for belonging and interpersonal needs –link again to basic instincts/needs Say the need for belonging (companionship, personal ties) –varying levels for individuals –may have an impact on the activity one selects –(group - volleyball lone - shooting)

22 In addition to the concern for operation as an individual, couple, or group - May be represented as a return to one’s roots –tourism associated with travel to the ‘home country’

23 Buzz Words Family Social Interaction Companionship Personal Ties Roots Ethnic

24 Stage Four Individuals strive for self esteem –within the stage at a base level the need is to convince others (or yourself) of your importance and worth (value) –at a higher level within the stage might be a consideration for the status of the activity

25 Base or Lower Level

26 Images


28 Buzz Words Achievement Importance Prestige Social Recognition Professional Personal Development Status

29 Stage Five Individuals strive for self-actualization At a base level - a process of self-discovery –getting and staying fit –running a marathon At a higher level - might be reflected as a ‘sojourn with nature’ –aesthetics and knowledge


31 Buzz Words Exploration Self-discovery Satisfaction Cultural Educational Environment Wanderlust


33 Conclusion Recreation may be an end unto itself - but the state of mind is dependent on the motivations Recreation is a vehicle for satisfaction at different levels The number of levels ‘hit’ is dependent on the individual

34 Geographic Links Motivation will influence what activity you may select (say downhill skiing) This is of interest but for the Geographer the interest is also on the decision as to where to ski –Do you ski for companionship, for family, for esteem, to achieve - all these will change your choice of destination Link back to age/gender

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