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The areas of Milanówek This is our journey plan!!!

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2 The areas of Milanówek

3 This is our journey plan!!!

4 Milanówek In our town you can see many intresting places!!! First - Starodęby there are many old trees. They are about 1 hundred years old!!! Second - restaurants and pubs!(on the map these places are ticked)!!! Third - many old beautiful houses from XIX and XX century!!!

5 Museum of motorisation in Otrębusy!!! This is museum about old cars, motorbikes, accsesories and this sort of things. There are many intresting machines. You must see it!!!

6 Zelazowa Wola This is a small village on the Utrata River, picturesquely located among the meadows around 50 km west of Warsaw. It was here that in 1810, Fryderyk Chopin - the world famous composer was born. The manor courtyard, often called "Chopin's Manor", in which he was born, is now a museum, with portraits of the composer and his family as well as furniture from the time of his birth. The park surrounding the manor house in one of the most beautiful in Poland, and wasn't created until the inter-war period. It has an area of 7 hectares and has around 500 different types of trees and bushes, resembling a botanical garden. The Utrata River, which flows through the park, adds to the unique landscape. As it is the birthplace of such a composer, his music lives on. On the first Sunday of May, the summer piano concert series begins and lasts until the last Sunday of September. Since 1954, many Polish as well as foreign artists have taken part in the piano recitals, including many laureates of the Miedzynarodowy Konkurs Pianistyczny im. Fryderyka Chopina) The Fryderyk Chopin International Piano Competition).

7 Kampinos National Park!!! Kampinos National Park is situated in Mazowieckie Voivodeship, north-west of the neighbouring city of Warsaw. It occupies a part of the Vistula proglacial valley in the Warsaw Basin with a large forest complex - Kampinos Primeval Forests. The idea of a national park establishment emerged in the 20-ties. In the 30-ties, the first nature reserves were established, e.g. Granica, Sierakow, Zamczysko, which now have an enlarged area and are strictly protected. Kampinos National Park was established in 1959 over the area of 40,700 ha, mostly thanks to work of Roman and Jadwiga Kobendza, who were the first to conduct extensive research into flora and phytosociology (R.K.), as well as geomorphology and geology (J.K.) of the Kampinos Forests. Currently, the park area is 38,544 ha, 70% of which is covered by forests. Wisents (Bison bonasus) Breeding Centre by name president of Poland Ignacy Mościcki, takes 68 ha. It is situated, behind the park's border, in Smardzewice near Tomaszow Mazowiecki in Lodzkie Voivodeship. area of over 20 thousand ha, are now a natural feature that is completely unique in Europe.

8 Nieborów In the years 1690-1696, on the initiative of Primate Michal Stefan Radziejowski, a Baroque palace was erected according to a design by Tylman of Gameren. At the end of the 18th century the estate got into the hands of Prince Michal Hieronim Radziwill and his wife Helena nee Przezdziecka. They richly furnished it and partly changed the interior decorations. They also brought with them many valuable works of art, including the head sculpture of "Niobe", a Roman copy of the Greek original from the 4th century. The last owner of Nieborow was Prince Janusz Radziwill who modernized the palace in 1922 according to a design by Romuald Gutt. After 1945 Nieborow became a branch of the Warsaw National Museum. Apart from the magnificent interior the palace has a rich library, quest-room, and it hosts various meetings and conferences. It is surrounded by an enchanting and well-kept park.

9 This is Maciek Jurczaks presentation!!! I have this information from websites about: Żelazowa Wola Nieborów Milanówek Kampinos National Park Museum of Motorisation

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