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Logic 6. This is Guillermo’s bedroom.

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1 Logic 6

2 This is Guillermo’s bedroom.

3 Guillermo’s feels relaxed in his bedroom.

4 Nobody touches his things so he can always find them.

5 This is Guillermo’s classroom.

6 He doesn’t feel relaxed in his classroom.

7 He knows that if he puts his pencil case down…

8 …it will disappear.

9 So he has to take his pencil case with him when he goes to the toilet or goes to talk to the teacher.

10 He has to watch all of his things all of the time.

11 Nobody in the class can relax because they all have to watch their things all of the time. They are all tense.

12 Imagine a class where you could go to the toilet and not worry about anyone touching your things. Wouldn’t that be a nice place?

13 Why don’t we try to make it happen?

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