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© 2009 IMAGINE SOFT Your business partner 1 The “Triple-play” Hospitality Solution Meteor SE.

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1 © 2009 IMAGINE SOFT Your business partner 1 The “Triple-play” Hospitality Solution Meteor SE

2 © 2009 IMAGINE SOFT 2 Meteor SE : A new concept for hopistality servicing Guest servicing through one « focal point » : your PMS Multilanguage application (French, English, German, Italian, Czech, Slovak) running under Windows Double way functioning :  Autonomous : in case of PMS failure, performs as a Front-office to provide full check-in & check-out functionnalities with TV, Internet and PBX call loging and charging.  Linked : works as a rich and secure gateway bewteen your PMS (Front- office) and your PBX, Pay-TV/VOD and Internet management systems. Ideal for hospitality premises willing to deliver comfort and value added services to their customers An essential solution to increase revenue and customer satisfaction

3 © 2009 IMAGINE SOFT 3 PSTN Meteor SE : Full ” triple-play” management through PMS Video SP Pay-TV / VoD Internet PhoneInternet

4 © 2009 IMAGINE SOFT 4 Meteor SE : Easy plug-and-play configuration Automated configuration throught intelligent licence generation

5 © 2009 IMAGINE SOFT 5 Meteor SE : Secured solution Real time links supervision & alerting (on screen & emails) Intelligent role based security access

6 © 2009 IMAGINE SOFT 6 Meteor SE : Modern and robust design Architecture : « Full Web » Operating System : Windows XP Pro Language : Java Data Base System : MySQL Application Server : Tomcat / Apache

7 © 2009 IMAGINE SOFT 7 GUESTS MANAGEMENT  Guests « Check IN/OUT»  Guests name & nationality display on Tel sets  Bed-rooms relocation  Guests directory  DDI &« VIP » assignment  Ballrooms management BEDROOMS MANAGEMENT  Governess status  Technical status  Patrol management  Mini Bar  Multiple phone sets management CONSUMPTION MANAGEMENT  Time based & tarrif unit management  Night Audit (Tel/TV/Internet)  Billing & yeld management (Tel/TV/Internet)  Traffic analysis (Tel/Internet)  Business center mode (monthly billing on recap) CALL & COSTS SIMULATION WAKE-UP FACILITY  Automatic multi-language management  Real-time supervision & alerting  Full events historical archiving VOCAL SERVER  Automatic multi-language management  Notification (phone message lamp / TV)  Adding / suppressing hand-sets PAY-TV & VOD MANAGEMENT  Ouverture /Fermeture des droits  Greeting Message in clients language  Login / « Internet »  « View Bill » visualisation facture  Infos & messages marketing  Room status INTERNET MANAGEMENT  Gest access research Meteor SE : Rich scope of billing & hospitality services

8 © 2009 IMAGINE SOFT 8 Meteor SE : One stop Check-in operation...  Room devoted opens « guest type » services  Guest is registered in the directory : name, forename, Kardex, gender, nationality  Pbx directory is updated in synchronization  Phone services allocated upon guest type (VIP) respect: line class, DDI n°,fees rate, voice mail  Depending on available systems, Internet & TV/VOD services are allocated with guest type respect Guest « Check-in »

9 © 2009 IMAGINE SOFT 9 Meteor SE :... and one stop Check-out  On screen and printed detailed billing is generated for all guest services consumptions (Phone, TV/VOD & Internet)  Room services desactivated (external phone line access, voice mail, TV/VOD & Internet)  Pbx directory updated in synch  DDI n° re-allocated with queuing Guest « Check-out »

10 © 2009 IMAGINE SOFT 10 Meteor SE : Guests directory management Directory guest card criterias lookup :  Identification infos : Name, forename, gender, nationality, customer type (VIP, children)  Stay infos : nroom n°, room type (simple/double,.. smoking/ non smoking), arrival date.  Status infos : messages status (deposit, vocal, reception), wakeup status (on going, done, no response), Technical status(TV, electricity, water, …).  Phone line infos : DDI n°, voice mail allocation, class and instant status, number of communications, last communication time stemp. consumption credit/debit/balance. Guest & bedrooms instant lookup : Guests list with :  Name  Room  DDI  Nationality  Customer type Bedroom list with :  Number  Room status  Technical status  Wakeup status  Voice mail status

11 © 2009 IMAGINE SOFT 11 Meteor SE : Room status management Bedrooms status checking by staff :  Direct phone touch code by housekeeping staff.  On-line PC lookup for operator or desk staff. On line or printed bedrooms status with following infos (depending on setup) : Housekeeper status : To be cleaned Ongoing cleaning To check Checked, ready, to hire Global view of bedrooms : At one glance Front desk staff can visualize bedrooms availability for instant guests accomodation. PMS (Front Office) linking  All room status infos managed by Meteor SE are shared with PMS. Patrol monitoring : The patrol management module enables realtime monitoring for house keepers, technical & night watching staff through simple phone pick-up and code touch-type. Management rules can depend on day/night differentiation, localization with specific patrol parameters (staff & security code IDs, route, time path). The module provides also full alerting & historical facilities.  Cleaned  Unengaged  Occupied, with last transaction time stemp

12 © 2009 IMAGINE SOFT 12 Meteor SE : Multi-language wake-up facility Direct set-up with 3 modes Meteor SE management console by hotel switchboard staff Front Office system for Front-desk staff Bedroom telephone hand-set in « vocal » mode by the guest. The guest is guided by vocal messages in his own language (automated selection from up to 12 languages at « check-in » ). Vocal message at weaking time Pre-recorded natural messages with language selection at « check-in ». From 6 (base pack) up to 12 languages available : English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Dutch, Russian, Czech, Slovak, Arabic, Japanese, Chinese (mandarin). Multiple wake-ups facility Real-time monitoring & reports : Direct on screen alerting on Front desk staff PCs Automatic preset phone number « alarm » call for 3rd level Origin and time-stemp tracing for each individual wake-up Full historical & statistical wake-up datas management with automated back-up facility

13 © 2009 IMAGINE SOFT 13 Meteor SE : Advanced Guest & Admin messaging facility Admin and/or Bedrooms: Voice mail lookup and listening :  Messages notification through phone hand-set message lamp or TV screen (with TV/VOD option)  Direct listening of voice mail system messages by guest either from his bedroom handset or on external call (outside of the hotel)  Manipulation with hand-set preset keys and vocal guide in guest own language (selected from up to 12 languages at « chek-in »).  Listening of messages with automated selection or password identification, Nb of awaiting messages annoucement, storage of listened messages, separation of new and already listened messages Voice mail messages registration :  Voice mail welcome : pre-recorded general message provided to incoming callers in one or two languages.  Message registration : -Message registering with automated selection of preset guest/recipient voice mail -Direct voice mail message registering facility without ringing guest phone set in bedroom for Front desk / operator staff. Admin voice mail : -Vocal kiosk - Recording / answering - Welcome message personalization & access code facilities

14 © 2009 IMAGINE SOFT 14 Meteor SE : Local advertising & internal communication Advertising : Self easy advertisement publishing :  Using existing Web pages and/or whichever electronic documents (photos, picture, text,.. ) one without IT or specific knowledge can create flashy advertisment banners  Once created hotel specific advertisment (Local attraction, Taxi, Photos express editing, restaurants, etc...) can be published/removed on the flow through internet access portal and/or TV (soon) Internal communication: Promote & communicate efficiently :  Leveraga a unique and easy tool to better communicate upon hotel services or special event Maximize guest revenue generation : A unique way to efficiently boost guets revenue generation throught natural teasing No pain, maximum return coupled with full saving effect for strong impact on guest comportment

15 © 2009 IMAGINE SOFT 15 Meteor SE : Integrated rich call logging facility  Lookup at phone effective consumption upon : period (from date to date), element to look at (extension, name, service, n° called, name, interfacing circuit), filters to apply ( cost limits, duration, number of taxes, timing and destination), the type of result to obtain : total / breakdown  Zoom on each phone communication to obtain details.  Call logging full rich printing facility

16 © 2009 IMAGINE SOFT 16 Meteor SE : Billing follow-up Night Audit : Daily, weekly or monthly phone usage consumption reports for guests and staff.  Total phone billing per bedroom / admin hand-set beetween two Night Audit with total / breakdown figures Reports comparison between : Surcharged bedrooms extension consumptions (specific hotel charging to generate a benefit) Effective bedrooms extension consumption (operator tariff) Effective admin extensions consumptions (operator tariff) Lookup at benefits and balance between guest applied surchage and costs generated by admin traffic. Billing : Bill editing and printing on guest leave(check out), recap all guest phone communications with surcharge tariff as per hotel set. Unique and global billing. B illing recap all phone consumptions from guest bedroom extension but also for all secondary extensions like ballrooms, booths or other places which have been associated to hos profile during stay. This way, the guest dispose of a unique and global bill.

17 © 2009 IMAGINE SOFT 17 Meteor SE : Call traffic analysis facility  Analysis of phone incoming / outgoing trafic flow by : type of user (subscriber, operator, circuits and bundles) type of communication (incoming, outgoing).  Analysis apply to communications : handled, succeeded, not succeeded aborted on no reply from correspondent, from operator  Gathered datas are processed upon : number of calls ringtone length / wait conversation length calls peak

18 © 2009 IMAGINE SOFT 18 Meteor SE : Internet systems integrated management Statistics, usage & billing assessment Full data exchange & control through PMS (Front-office) Interfacing with market leader systems Pass opening at Check-In with secured password granting Ucopia ● IP3 Teledex Ant Labs ● Zyxel Locatel ● Nomadix Guest Access ● Netinary

19 © 2009 IMAGINE SOFT 19 Meteor SE : Pay-TV & VOD systems integration Statistics, usage & billing assessment Full data exchange & control through PMS (Front-office) Interfacing with market leader systems Pass opening at Check-In or on-line through Front desk Quadriga ● Eona ● Ipso TV Locatel ● Vianeos ● more to come …

20 © 2009 IMAGINE SOFT 20 Meteor SE : Multiple premises on-line management Web Services Gateway / Firewall BACK OFFICE SERVER USER INTERFACE INTERNET Web Services

21 © 2009 IMAGINE SOFT 21 »Hotel chains :  ACCOR Group (Ibis, Novotel, Mercure, Sofitel)  STARWOOD (Campanile, Kyriad, Bleu Marine, Le Meridien)  HILTON  INTERCONTINENTAL (Holliday' Inn)  RADISSON Group  JURYS & DOYLE  WARWICKS  MANOTEL  MOVENPICK  MED, JURYS & DOYLE, LE MERIDIEN, STARWOOD, RADISSON, WARWICK »Holiday Resorts :  CLUB MEDITERRANEE  PIERRE & VACANCES  RESIDENCE MAEVA  MER MONTAGNES & VACANCES »Palaces and “ Grands Hôtels ” :  Ritz Paris, Royal Montceau, Lotti, Sofitel Sevres, Meridien Montparnasse, Le Scribe, Grand Hotel de Monaco,  Colombus Monaco, Beach Plazza Monaco, Amigo Bruxelles, Royal Luxembourg, Ambassador Gen è ve, La Reserve, Marriott Londres Meteor SE : A wide and recognized expertise

22 © 2009 IMAGINE SOFT 22 Meteor SE : Summary  Suited our solution is totally suited to hospitality specifics. It can work in « PMS mirroring » or stand-alone mode for triple-play service enabling & billing with the real payoff of centralized automated guests management.  Efficient ou system fully manage whichever triple-play services you want to offer to your customers with an easy control of surcharges and specific (VIP) tariff backed by detailed billing.  Global our solution can be linked with a large variety of PMS and triple-play systems acting as a global gateway for full data exchange as a real « focal point » management tool.  Easy our solution puts you in total control for triple-play services costs and revenue management without the worry of multiple-system training and servicing.  Top rated multilingual vocal applications like wake-up and messaging facilities coupled with Internet and TV services are high value for nowadays customers; such array of services generates « top ranking » value to your hotel.  Opened full web architecture coupled with unlimited « per head license » and multi- premises management facility make the solution definitely « open » whichever configuration encountered.  Progressive with its modern architecture and our close partnerships with PMS editors and triple-play manufacturers, Meteor SE will cope with your future changes.

23 © 2009 IMAGINE SOFT 23 Meteor SE : For Guests satisfaction... THANKS AVAD GmbH Viktor-Franz-Strasse 15 A-8051 Graz - Tel. +43 (0)316 258 258 - Copyright © - 2009 All Rights Reserved

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