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CTE Career Development Activity #1 “The Dream”. Students: Close your eyes and relax. Picture the following events in your minds as I mention them:

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1 CTE Career Development Activity #1 “The Dream”

2 Students: Close your eyes and relax. Picture the following events in your minds as I mention them:

3 Today you begin to realize how much fun seventh grade can really be. At lunch you meet a new person. That person turns out to be a really good friend. What does this person look like?

4 You receive your first seventh grade report card. All your grades are As and Bs. How do you feel? What do your parents say?

5 Winter comes. It is really cold and the snow is deep in the mountains. How are you spending your time?

6 Time passes quickly. Spring comes. Soon school is out for another year. What are you doing this summer?

7 Eighth grade starts. What activities are you involved in? What type of classes are you taking? What are your grades like?

8 Before you know it, you are in ninth grade. You are now in high school! You are excited, but a little nervous too. You have made several new friends. Who are they? What do they like to do?

9 Some of your classes take quite a bit of time, but you still participate in school clubs and activities. Which ones are they?

10 Suddenly you turn 16. You can drive! You have a lot more freedom. What do you do for fun? Are you doing well in school? Do you have a job?

11 You cannot believe it. You are actually attending your high school graduation! You never thought this day would come. Now what are you going to do?

12 There are so many choices. Will you go to college or get a job? What will your friends do?

13 Time passes even more quickly. You are 25 (or 30) years old. People now treat you like an adult. What job do you have? How well does it pay? What kind of car do you drive? What does your house look like? Are you married or single? Do you have any children? What are your interests and hobbies?

14 Open your eyes. Today you will have an opportunity to create your own dreams. You will choose the type of housing, transportation, food, clothing, and entertainment you would like to have when you are adults.

15 –Do all workers need housing and transportation to work and live? –What types of housing do they choose? –What types of vehicles do they choose?

16 –What kinds of leisure items do working people spend their money on? –People need a balance of work, leisure and community activities, friends and family relationships in their life.

17 Distribute Wish Lists to students and the wish list handout. You should choose those items in the Wish list that fit your dream lifestyles and include the monthly amount in the price column on the handout.

18 Housing Two-Bedroom Trailer Good condition, garden in place, deck, playground, close to major highways. Excellent school in neighborhood. Located in rural area. Cost: $55,000 Rent: $400/Month Mortgage: $470/Month Six-bedroom Rambler – built on a half-acre lot, gorgeous landscaping. Located 45 minutes from downtown in a rural area, upgraded kitchen, sprinkling system, 2 ½ baths Cost: $420,000 Mortgage: $2,400/month

19 The Fixer-Upper Small “fixer-upper” in a run-down neighborhood with higher levels of crime and on a busy road. Very close to city. 2 bedrooms, 1 bath, hardwood floors, air-conditioning. Cost: $150,000 Rent: $750/month Mortgage: $900/month Cutie Patootie Cute but small three-bedroom house only 20 minutes to city limits in desirable area, close to the University. Built in 1925, needs repairs. Highly valuable area. Cost: $250,000 Rent: $1,100/month Mortgage: $1,500/month

20 Basement Apartment Small studio apartment (one-room) in semi-restored older home. Hot plate and fridge, shared bath, laundry in basement. 20 minutes to downtown. Rent:$520/month Comfortable Mid-Size House Midsize house in good area, in a quiet area. Needs some work, three bedroom. On road with higher traffic. Cost: $219,000 Rent: $1,000/month Mortgage: $1,300/month

21 Stylish Executive Home Nestled near the mountains in an exclusive neighborhood, close to ski resorts, and far from the nearest grocery store. 6 bedrooms, 4 baths. Cost: $620,000 Mortgage: $3,500/month Grandma’s House Small, cute, and a little fussy. Located on a busy road in an unpopular area of town. Landscaped, 2 car garage, 4 bedrooms, 2 baths, more than 50 years old. Cost: $140,000 Rent: $550/month Mortgage: $700/month

22 Restored House Restored four-bedroom century home in the heritage district. Original moldings, tow working fireplaces, hardwood floors, modernized kitchen and baths. Close to capital city. Cost: $360,000 Rent: $1,700/month Mortgage: $2,000/month Ritzy Apartment Suite One-bedroom-plus-den high-rise suite. Two bathrooms, located in heart of big city near shopping and entertainment. Skyline view, club room and weight-room facilities. Cost: $112,000 Rent: $1200/month Mortgage: $1500/month

23 Condo Three-bedroom, two-bath end unit in ten- year old subdivision. Five appliances, mature trees, close to school, excellent condition. Pay HOA fees. Cost: $190,000 Rent: $950/month Mortgage: $1,100/month HOA Fees: $50.00/month Duplex Three-bedroom, 2 ½ bath in a renovated midtown duplex. Ten-foot ceilings, no yard, quiet street. Cost: $180,000 Rent: $900/month Mortgage: $1,000/month

24 Upscale 4-Bedroom House Four bedroom, 3 bath, in upscale area. Close to good schools, about 20 minutes from metro area. Shopping nearby, but in a nice neighborhood. Not on a busy road. Cost: $300,000 Mortgage: $1,703/month Inner City Home 4 bedroom, 2 bath, in less popular part of town. Beautiful home, but a more dangerous neighborhood. On a quiet street. Cost: $207,000 Rent: $1,050 Mortgage: $1,250/month

25 Midsize Apartment Two-bedroom walk-up apartment in midtown. Close to shopping, transit, and theaters. Access to community pool, spa, and workout room. Rent: $450/month (live with roommate) Rent: $850/month (live by yourself) Rent: $250/month (share room w/ roommate) Living at home with parents/family Rent: $50/week, $200/month Mansion 8-Bedroom, 5-bath mansion in private area. Great view, horse property, recent upgrades and remodeling, separate apartment downstairs. Cost: $1,099,000 Mortgage: $6,300/month YOUR PARENT’S HOUSE HERE

26 Transportation Volkswagen Beatle New: $24,000 = $450/month Used: $13,000 = $250/month Ford Explorer New: $32,000 = $600/month Used: $20,000 = $400/month Hyundai Accent New: $10,000 = $180/month Used: $5,000 = $100/month

27 Mini Convertible New: $21,000 = $400/month Used: $11,000 = $200/month Chevrolet Silverado New: $28,000 = $550/month Used: $18,000 = $350/month Porsche Boxster New: $50,000 = $950/month Used: $18,000 = $650/month

28 Chrysler Town and Country New: $27,000 = $500/month Used: $19,000 = $350/month 10-year-old Volvo Turbo Used: $7,000 = $150/month Oldsmobile Intrigue Used: $4,500 = $100/month

29 Piece of Junk Car Used: $1,200 = $100/month More used: $700 = $50/month Dodge Viper New: $86,000 = $2000/month Hummer New: $120,000 = $2500/month

30 Bicycle New: $800 = $65/month Economy: $200 = $20/month Bus Pass $50/month Motorcycle New: $6,000 - $275/month Used: $95/month

31 Taxi 1 to 5 times a week: $40 to $240/month 10 to 20 times a week: $400 to $800/month Pickup New: $15,500 = $295/month Used: $4,500 = $150/month

32 Transportation Extras (enter on Extras at bottom) Horseback Purchase & Upkeep = $300/month 4-Wheeler New: $8,000 = $250/month Sea-doo Brand New: $25,000 $600/month Used: $11,000 $250/month

33 Speedboat New: $20,000 = $350/month Snowmobile New: $10,000 = $300/month Used: $2,800 = $125/month Harley Davidson New: $30,000 = $600/month

34 Food Budget: The bare necessities like bread, milk, eggs, etc. Cost: $150.00/person/month Homestyle: Comfortable amount, ready to cook at home. Cost: $250.00/person/month Gourmet: Fancy foods, high-end, cooked for you and served Cost: $350/person/month

35 Clothing Discount: Basics from stores like K- Mart, Wal-Mart, Ross, and the D.I. Cost: $50.00/person/month Casual: Casual wear like jeans and t-shirts from mid-level stores like Sears, Kohl’s, etc. Cost: $100.00/person/month Professional: Suits, ties, dresses from high-end stores like Dillard’s Nordstroms, etc. Necessary if you have a professional job. Cost: $150.00/person/month

36 Entertainment Options Fast Food Cost: $10–$50/month iPod Cost: $200.00 $20/month Professional Sports Season Tickets Cost: $50.00/month Bowling Cost: $10.00

37 Entertainment Options Dish/Cable Basic: $50/month Better: $100/month BEST: $150/month Movies Cost: $10.00 Going Out to Eat - Restaurant Cost: $30.00 per month Ski/Snowboarding Season Pass: $110.00 Run: $40.00

38 Entertainment Options Computer System Cost: $2,500 Monthly: $125/month Internet Access: $30.00 monthly X Box 360 Cost: $350.00 $50/month Including Games & Controllers: $500.00 $75/month Pets Cost: $30.00 monthly $10 for each additional pet.

39 Entertainment Options Motor Home New: $55,000 - $600/month 10 years Used: $18,000 - $175/month 10 years Sound System Decent: $1,800 = $80/month/2years Discount: $900 = $45/month/2 years Cell Phone Service 1,000 minutes - $60/month Unlimited, High-end = $100/month

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