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Solving Decimal Equations

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1 Solving Decimal Equations
Lesson 3-9

2 Examples g – 3.1 = 4.5 3k = 8.1

3 Examples m/5 = 1.5 = v

4 Felipe has earned $42. 50 by mowing lawns for his neighbors
Felipe has earned $42.50 by mowing lawns for his neighbors. He wants to buy inline skates that cost $ Write and solve an equation to find out how much more money Felipe must earn to buy the skates.

5 Solve for Equation $42.50 + m = $69.95 - $42.50 - $42.50 m = $24.75
- $ $42.50 m = $24.75 Felipe needs $27.45 more to buy the inline skates. Use inverse operation to get the variable alone on one side of the equation.

6 Problem Solving The area of the floor in Jonah’s bedroom is 28 meters. If the length is 3.5 meters, what is the width of the bedroom? Area = length x width

7 Problem Solving Jonah is carpeting his bedroom. The carpet cost $22.50 per square meter. What is the total cost to carpet his bedroom? Hint: total cost = area x cost of the carpet per square meter

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