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Los Bailes del Mundo Hispano

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1 Los Bailes del Mundo Hispano

2 El Flamenco

3 El Flamenco De España Dance and music of the gypsies (gitanos) of southern Spain Features guitar, clapping hands, sometimes castanets along with chanting vocals Strong quick footwork Delicate, smooth hand movements Can be danced alone or with a partner

4 Más del Flamenco… Joaquín Cortés – famous flamenco dancer
de España Jennifer Lopez – de Nueva York de padres puertorriqueños encorporated flamenco (and salsa) in her 1st concert danced flamenco with Joaquín Cortés in her 1st concert Gypsy Kings – banda famosa de España flamenco musicians and singers Sang “Hay un amigo en mi” on Toy Story 3 soundtrack Other famous songs are “Bamboleo” and “Volaré”

5 El Tango

6 El Tango De Argentina Passionate, romantic Shows love/hate struggle
Couple’s dance with quick intertwining footwork, dips, and close partnering often featured on “Dancing with the Stars.” Antonio Banderas – actor de España Danced the tango in the movie “Take the Lead” Jessie and Buzz

7 El Merengue

8 El Merengue De la República Dominicana
Features African rhythms (ritmos africanos) and brass instruments Left, right, left, right steps (like marching) Elvis Crespo – un cantante del merengue puertorriqueño Suavemente (popular song)

9 La Salsa

10 La Salsa (click on pic) De Puerto Rico
Mix of meringue, jazz, and other types of music Front to center, pause/back to center,pause dance steps Celia Cruz (cantante cubana) Famous for saying <<¡Azúcar!>> Tito Puente (músico puertorriqueño) <<Oye Cómo Va>> was a famous song of his It was covered by Carlos Santana for which he earned a Grammy Award.

11 La Cumbia

12 La Cumbia De Colombia Accordion is a key instrument.
Step behind with right foot, then back to center, pivot, pause (repeat step with left foot starting) Selena Quintanilla Perez had a hit called <<Baila Esta Cumbia.>>

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