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Michelle Martin Neighbourhood Services Extension & Deconversions Programme.

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1 Michelle Martin Neighbourhood Services Extension & Deconversions Programme

2 Induction L&Q is committed to reducing overcrowding. We run a loft conversion and property extension scheme.

3 Proposal – tackling overcrowding Neighbourhood Services Officers indentify residents that are overcrowded and are adopting a casework approach prioritising severely overcrowded households. A casework approach would involve: Discussing moving options pack Mutual exchange with under occupiers Advise adult members of household about homebuy schemes Look at extensions, loft conversions and de-conversions of a home. Look at Private Rented Sector as an option Explore external schemes such as Seaside & Country Homes, Perfect Fit or Just Right – Homes Out of London scheme

4 Loft Conversions and Property Extensions We identify a property that is suitable for a loft conversion or property extension. Works are carried out with residents in situ and the aim is to carry out works with minimum disruption and as speedily as possible. The aim is to improve the quality of life for our residents, reduce overcrowding and avoid the residents having to move away from schools and remain in local area.

5 What L&Q have done to date We have completed many schemes to date. 4 in Bexley 1 in Bromley 1 Lewisham 2 Southwark

6 Identifying properties: What we are looking for Gable end or terrace High roof pitch Room for additional bedroom

7 Loft Conversions and Property Extensions The funding for these, £1.61 million, has been secured through the Mayor’s Targeted Funding Stream. The programme focuses on turning 2 or 3 bedroom properties into 3 or 4 bedroom properties. Properties with large loft space in many older properties have made loft conversions a proven cost-effective way of increasing bed numbers and alleviating overcrowded conditions. Working across departments has enabled L&Q to decide on which families will receive the extensions. The Property Services Team inspects properties referred to them from Neighbourhood Services and works closely with Neighbourhood Services to ensure that residents are kept informed on works we plan to carry out.

8 Loft Conversions and Property Extensions Neighbourhood Services also conducts a targeted letter writing campaign to certain roads with properties considered suitable. They then filter the results based on occupancy. These are then referred to the Special Projects Team who inspect the property with consultants to assess its feasibility. So far 8 extensions are completed with 2 more currently on site. 10 more are in the pipe line and expected to meet the March 2011 deadline. The extensions have proved extremely popular with tenants as they enable residents to stay in their home. The works themselves have also caused minimal disruption as they can be completed with the tenants in situ and take around 2 months to complete. These extensions provide a fast, resident-focused and cost-efficient way of tackling overcrowding.

9 Study Case Mr and Mrs Boyce had a loft conversion completed last year. This couple had three bedrooms however the smallest bedroom was suitable only for a cot only. The loft was converted which created three double bedrooms with a lovely room in the loft area.

10 My Contact Details Please contact me on: Tel: 0844 406 9000 Email:

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