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Project LIFTS – Harnessing ICT to Serve the Region LARRY SAMALA 7 September 2006.

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2 Project LIFTS – Harnessing ICT to Serve the Region LARRY SAMALA 7 September 2006

3 Project Overview Learning Stations Learning Facilitators

4 Background of the Project Geographical configuration of MIMAROPA Non-Majors Students’ Performance

5 Objectives  Create an alternative, efficient and cost effective mode of service delivery  Build the capacity of English, Science and Mathematics teachers  Reduce then eliminate the digital divide  Decentralize management of training  Develop teachers’ skill in producing technology-based instructional materials  Foster communities of practice where everyone shares and learns in the experiences of others.

6 Immediate beneficiaries of the project are elementary and secondary school teachers and students of English, Science and Mathematics. Target Beneficiaries

7 Phase 1: 1.a Selection of schools across the region to serve as Learning Stations 1.b Identification of donor agencies, COEs and TEIs/Refurbishment of Learning Stations Major Components/Activities

8 Phase 2: 2.a Selection of teachers to serve as learning facilitators 2.b Training of learning facilitators in participating COEs and TEIs Major Components/Activities

9 Phase 3: 3.a Computer advancement and facilitation skills (CAFS) training of learning facilitators 3.b Development of educational software 3.c Development of course design Major Components/Activities

10 Phase 4: Training of Non-Majors in English, Science and Mathematics Major Components/Activities

11 Project Accomplishments to Date Geographical Information System (GIS)

12 Marinduque NHS Bognuyan NHS Landy NHS Satellite Schools*** Teachers Students Transportation*** Internet Providers Non-Majors*** Project Accomplishments to Date


14 Key Issues and Challenges identification of schools capable of serving as learning stations qualification of teachers who would serve as facilitators selection of technological tools which the facilitators are capable of using or learning with ease unrestricted access to ICT resources course design and content

15 partnership with DOST-SEI, COEs, TEIs, etc. school head’s technology leadership open and clear communication lines reward system training on content, facilitation and computer skills Success Factors

16 Implementation of the Project There should be adequate and proper orientation of key persons. A pilot phase must be carried out before the phase rollout. Deliverables of the project should be defined. Those involved in the selection of learning facilitators should come up with stringent standards in selecting facilitators Policy Recommendations

17 Facilitators / Teachers The Regional Office together with COEs and TEIs should develop concrete learning management system for the learning facilitators / teachers There should be increased involvement and participation of learning facilitators in managing learning content The activities and experiences in the learning stations should promote “personally gratifying” experiences for facilitators and teachers. Policy Recommendations

18 Learning Stations The kind and number of equipment should meet minimum requirements. Satellite schools and the learning station should mutually support the maintenance and proper upkeep of the stations with emphasis on value and not just price.


20 A LEARNING STATION, having access to local and global learning resources, aims to effect improvement in all schools across the region by providing rich learning environments to teachers to prepare them adequately for the task of improving the performance of the students.


22 National Achievement Test Results – Fourth Year (SY2004-2005) Report:Mean Percentage Score Scope:MIMAROPA National Achievement Test

23 Marinduque NHS Bognuyan NHS Landy NHS Elementary Schools Secondary Schools GIS - Satellite Schools

24 GIS - Transportation Learning Stations are accessible by tricycle or jeepney. Learning Stations are accessible by jeepney only. Marinduque NHSLandy NHS Bognuyan NHS

25 Marinduque NHS Bognuyan NHS Landy NHS English Science GIS – Non-Majors Mathematics



28 Trunk Vocal Sac Nostrils Webbed Toes









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42 The motion of the electron around the nucleus of an atom is similar to the revolution of the planets around the sun.

43 The nucleus around which the electrons revolved is formed by neutrons and protons.

44 END

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