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Since 1988 From SOMRA to SOMRA GROUP Presenting 21 years.

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1 Since 1988 From SOMRA to SOMRA GROUP Presenting 21 years

2  Established in 1988  Registered as a private limited company in 1993  Researchers earned recognitions from global professional bodies: MRS, ESOMAR, AMA, AMIC during 1994-97  Partnered with MBL in 1998 – later turned into NFO (USA)  Strategic Alliance with GFK in 2005  MRS Company Partner and Accredited Center in 2007  Pulled out of GFK in 2008 after TNS – GFK merger deals  Conducted over 2100 market and social research studies to date Somra-MBL Limited

3 Our Policy Continued Client Satisfaction through global standards of research and value addition Once a client, partner forever Providing decision oriented outputs, Instead of a heap of data Our success challenges us to explore new frontiers Somra-MBL Ltd A Marketing and Social Research Company with a Difference

4 Expertise Consumer Goods Public Health Agriculture Retail Market Measurement Telecommunications Education Banking and Finance Macro Economic Studies Policy Issues Served a vast array of local, International / Multinational commercial / non-commercial developmental organisations as well as UN organisations. Somra-MBL Ltd

5 Rural Focus Somra-MBL Ltd Over the last 21 years, through research, we have gained an in-depth knowledge of the majority of our population, and the mainstay of our economy – the rural population. We have researched the knowledge, attitudes, and practices, and needs of the rural population, in general, as well as the agriculture (crop and non crop) sector – from individual household level to very small business generated by the micro- credit mechanism – to SMEs. An important part of our rural work has been to help develop social and business advocacy and awareness creation/learning materials – flipcharts/simple script+picture placards, and other visual/audio-visual messaging tools For projects funded by Unicef, World Bank, and semi-commercial (social marketing) to commercial companies

6 Upscale Project Management  The Quality Management System™ (QMS™): The QMS™, which has earned us the ISO 9000:2001 certification, ensures Total Quality Management at every level of your organization throughout any research project. It helps ensure minimizing costs and losses to maximize the efficiency of our projects – as one level of our organization treats its immediate superior level as “its client” and works hard to satisfy them through their quality of work. It is used as a tool for strategic planning, employee motivation, and performance enhancement.  The Project Coordinating Mechanisms: A state-of-the-art Enterprise Resource System (EPR) – ActivMan™ - coordinates each research activity and ensures quality through timely coordination of the functions. A Strategic alignment, Client Partnering and Combating Hidden Costs evaluation system is used to ensure effective management of the research projects, and improving communication and understanding between the client and the agency. Somra-MBL Ltd

7 Information Tool South Asia Company Ltd.  Established in 1989  South Asian Marketing and Database Consulting representative of Infotools, New Zealand  Specialise in development of software tools and database services for marketing  Via ESPRI™ and Harmoni™ services, provide clients with insight and understanding from interrogating databases  Software and database consulting services (of the Infotools, NZ network) used in over 100 sites in over 100 countries

8 Services  Most popular among our products is ESPRI ( E asy S ystem for P erforming R esearch I nvestigations)  Using ESPRI you get more value from your research budget.  Helps have better understanding of market information.  Helps making better marketing decisions.  Services and tools can be customized to suit individual client needs Information Tool South Asia Company Ltd.

9 Intellizer  Although just 5 years old, has a solid foundation of distinguished personnel with over 20 years of entrepreneurship, software development, data management, MIS, network management, ICT and consulting experience.  Develop off the shelf as well as custom software / applications/contents based on client needs  Microsoft Partner competencies:  Custom Development Solutions  Data Management solutions  Networking Infrastructure Solutions  Business process and Integration Solutions  Mobility Solutions  Information Worker Solutions

10 Products/Services Intellizer  Network consulting (LAN, MAN, WAN)  ICT Education (training leading to Microsoft certified professionals)  Database management services  ICT consulting  Software/application/content development for Windows PC and Windows phones (PPC) Our very first winmo app, a game, passed stringent lab tests and won this logo. Since then, we have come a long way – creating wireless aware apps, games, themes, and tools – distributed globally through leading online distributors like Handango, Handster, and Windows Marketplace.

11 MaxWell Direct Partners Singapore Pte. Limited  The “Umbrella Organisation” for our companies to provide varied range of services internationally via one channel  Main focus: Business and Knowledge Process Outsourcing Building “triangular partnerships” (client, client’s customers and ourselves) for maximum welfare – Directly!

12 Some Major Clients of Somra Group  Advanced Chemical Industries (ACI)  Aktel  Alcatel-Lucent  ANZ Grindlays Bank  Asian Media Information and Communication Center  Augere BD Pvt Limited.  Aventis Pharma  Berger  Beximco  British American Tobacco (BAT)  British Petroleum (BP)  Cellular Mobile Pte. Ltd.  Center for Environment and Geographic Information Systems  CITI Bank N.A  Citycell  Coca Cola Far East Ltd.  Dhansiri Productions  DHL  DHS Telecom  Faisons USA  FPAB/JICA  KDS Garments  Gaang Chil  Givaudan Roure  Glaxo Smith Kline  Grey Advertisements  Helen Keller International  Holderbank/Holcim  Hyundai  International Development Enterprise, Inc. USA.  International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD)  International Organisation for Migration (IOM)  Irrigation Support Project for Asia and Near East  Johns Hopkins University  Lafarge-Surma  Land O’Lakes  Marico  Marie Stopes  Mobil-Jamuna  New Zealand Milk Products  Novartis  Quest International  Radio Foorti  SEDF/ World Bank  Shell  Social Marketing Company (SMC)  South Asia Enterprise Development Facility  Square  Standard Chartered Bank  Syngenta  The British Council  TM International  Unilever Bangladesh Ltd. (UBL)  United Nations Development Programme (UNDP)  United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund (UNICEF)  University of Leeds

13 Key Personnel Somra Group NameDesignationRole Relevant Work Experience (In years) Dr. Nasir Uddin Khan Executive Chairman Chief Researcher -Somra, Director- Infotools, CEO -Intellizer, Director- MaxWellDirect 30 Md. Monjur IqbalManaging Director Deputy Chief Researcher-Somra, Managing Director -Infotools, Marketing Director- Intellizer, Director – MaxWell Direct 25 Saiful Quadir Data Processing (DP) Director Quantitative Data Analyst15 Nazmun NaharDirectorQualitative Researcher26 Farhat FatimaDirectorQualitative Researcher21 Akhtar Ahad Khan Senior Consultant (Full Time) Computer Systems R&D and IT - Somra, Chief Scientific Officer- Intellizer 35


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