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Ways to promote student progress to families By Jo Ann Nunez, Linda Perry, Teri Yrigoyen.

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1 Ways to promote student progress to families By Jo Ann Nunez, Linda Perry, Teri Yrigoyen

2 Arenas for dialoguing with parents about student progress Cafecitos – Once a month with parenting topic and academic focus on core curriculum. Curriculum nights – (Cool School Night) Present Title I, Learning Compact, Parent Involvement Policy, District Parent Involvement Policy, Curriculum, Standards, P.O’s, by grade level in classrooms. Team teacher planning periods – Collaborative Blocks – Students go to art, OMA, music, counselor. Grade level teachers meet with Instructional Specialist and Principal. Parent teacher conferences-SCIPS, WICPS, Science Day – all families invited – whole day focus on science and activities. Data on website-Parental Access Home visits and phone calls as needed

3 Cafecitos Day/Night Primary-Johnson Monthly, 1 st Wednesday of the month;9:30-10:30 a.m. Topics are usually non-academic: Resources at our school; Bullying, Stranger Danger; Legal Services; Multiple Intelligences; Love of Reading; Gang Awareness

4 Cafecitos Day/Night Elementary- Howell Meet last Wed. of each month at 9:00 a.m. with breakfast and parenting topic and academic focus. Currently discussing 2 nd session to be offered monthly at Holladay. Have shared about Dibels, Benchmark Data, 6 Trait Writing, etc. along with pacing calendars, core curriculum and various parenting topics – Love & Logic, homework, bullying, Making Meal Time Family Time Program, school climate and concerns – ongoing.

5 Cafecitos Day/Night Middle- Maxwell Informational meetings; Behavior system; SES tutoring; Day/night meetings; Leadership opportunities, Parental Access information; Educational workshop. Day and night conferences to accommodate parents

6 Curriculum nights/monthly parent meeting Content vs. social emotional Primary- Johnson Held monthly on a Tuesday evening: 6:30-7:30 p.m. Topics are academic, presented by teachers

7 Curriculum nights/monthly parent meeting Content vs. social emotional Elementary – Howell Have quarterly Curriculum Nights with first one being “Cool School” Night Parent Compact/Policy Standards & P.O.’s School Climate, etc. Other Nights for Family Math Night and Reading Night (RAH, RAH) Also offer 4 parenting sessions for Love & Logic in the evenings PTA monthly evening meetings – DAC, SCPC, information also shared at this meeting Site Council – monthly – afternoons

8 Curriculum nights/monthly parent meeting Content vs. social emotional Middle- Maxwell Experiencing challenges for monthly night meetings Grade level meetings: 8 th grade, 7 th grade, 6 th grade NJHS MESA Pima Partnership Prevention

9 Team teacher planning periods Primary - Johnson Has weekly grade level meetings approximately 1 hour long Elementary – Howell Collaborative Blocks for students to go to Specialists and teachers have a 2 hr. planning block with Instruct. Specialist and Principal. Discussion now about inviting parents 1x/month to these meetings to share grade level curriculum and data. Teachers sign up for family learning night of their choice to help facilitate.

10 Team teacher planning periods Middle –Maxwell Parent conferences during teacher’s planning Meet with parents before or after school hours to accommodate parents Student progress reports/behavior and student data review

11 Learning at Home Workshops for parents on student progress topics Teacher parent conferences Reading program Testing/DIBELS testing Writing process/six traits Math Science, district science kits Parental access Summer ideas, activities Howell has one also on Homework Strategies and Study Skills.

12 How can parents help at home? Homework monitoring Timed reading using microwave timer –choral and echo reading too Following through with Parent Compact Implement ideas from Math/Reading Nights Use MTFT (Meal Time Family Time) mats and weekly handouts Read newsletter together Cook together, follow recipes in newsletter

13 How can parents help at home? Provide a quite place for homework Make sure homework is completed Read all notices to be informed about school activities and meetings Monitor child’s attendance and tardiness Check Parental Access website

14 Incentives PTO monies – Have funds that have helped with supplies for Lit/Math Night, Science Day, field trip donations for students, food and gift card donations and prizes for assemblies and family nights. Maxwell has a behavior system that rewards students-Honor Roll and Rewards Assembly Every 2 weeks students who are check free and excellent attendance receives Free Dress Day Raffles and prizes are also incentives given by teachers

15 Incentives Donations – outside groups such as Rotary, Desert Skies Methodist and outside volunteer groups have brought in books, Payless shoe cards, Fry’s, etc. Prizes for the students of the parents who attend parent meetings

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