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AgBiz Update and Opportunities for Regional Cooperation in Export Development RCI Tirana Workshop September 25, 2008.

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1 AgBiz Update and Opportunities for Regional Cooperation in Export Development RCI Tirana Workshop September 25, 2008

2 AgBiz Export-focused Projects Signed Nine Grants for Business Expansion Projects $3.2 mil. in total investment stimulated $28.3 mil. in additional exports over three years $16.6 mil. in additional purchases from producers 1,351 households receiving additional income >10% AgBiz share of total investment 11 More Project Grants to be Signed in the Next Few Weeks $50 million projected increase in exports from the 20 projects Total AgBiz Direct Investment - $500,000

3 Export-focused Value Chain Competitiveness Enhancement Activities Capacity Enhancement IPARD Preparation Training HACCP Training (2) for Winery & Fresh Products Mgrs. Fair Wild Workshop Linkages Enhancement Producers with Processors/Packers Linkages Workshops Enhanced Access to Agribusiness Finance Trade Fairs Interfest Wine Festival – Novi Sad Prowein Trade Show – Berlin Fancy Foods Trade Show – Chicago Private Label Trade Fair – Amsterdam International Agricultural Fair – Novi Sad Anuga – Cologne

4 Export-focused Value Chain Competitiveness Enhancement – Activities (cont.) Study Tours/B2B Meetings Turkey for Processed Vegetables Fruitlogistica (Germany) for Fresh Vegetables South Africa for Table Grapes Novi Sad Agricultural Fair for Producers Moscow for Fresh Vegetables Kosovo for All Value Chains Poland for Table Grapes (October) Sweden for Processed Vegetables (November) Assessments Impact of Regional Trade Agreements on Agribusiness Developing Trade Associations and Producer Organizations Value Chain Profiles – Table Grapes, Fresh Vegetables and Processed Vegetables

5 Export Enhancement Needs and Opportunities Improved Cooling & Packaging of Fresh Produce Value-adding to Wild Mushrooms & Berries Shift from Bulk (85%) to Bottled Wine Increased Processing Capacity & Market Penetration of Processed Vegetables Substantially Improved Linkages between –Producers & Processors/Marketers –Processors/Marketers & Developed EU Markets Adoption of International Standards –GlobalGap, HACCP, ISOs Producer & Trade Association Development? Add Fresh Fruits to Table Grapes Value Chain?

6 Market Considerations +/- 75% of Current Exports are to Serbia & Croatia Need to protect those through product & presentation upgrading Major Target Markets Poland Germany Russia Belorussia Sweden UK Regional Commonality of Agricultural Raw Materials Macedonia’s Possible Advantages Somewhat earlier season Lower labor costs Traditional Yugoslav supplier of agricultural products

7 Regional Strategies Value Chain Profile Exchange –Processed Vegetables, Table Grapes & Fresh Vegetables Assessments Exchange –Producer Organization Development, Trade Association Development, Impact on Agribusinesses of Regional Trade Agreements (e.g., CEFTA) Marketing Specialists Exchange Identification of Cross-selling Opportunities –Mac Fresh Vegs & Table Grapes for Serbian Meat & Dairy Product –Investors from Croatia or Serbia in Macedonian Bulk Wineries –Sourcing Macedonian Agr Inputs for Albanian Processors IPA FP 7 Cooperation –Enhanced Post Harvest Handling of Fresh Produce –Alternatives to Barrel Aging of Wine –Market Demand & Agronomic Forecasting of Grape Varieties

8 IPA Funds of Interest to AgBiz Customers 1.Instrument for Pre-accession for Rural Development. (IPARD) 2.European Commission's Sixth Framework Program (FP6) 3.European Commission’s Seventh Framework Program (FP7)

9 IPARD Measure 1.1 Investments in agricultural holdings to restructure & to upgrade to Community standards Measure 1.2 Investments in processing & marketing of agricultural & fishery products to restructure those activities & to upgrade them to Community standards - EU19 million available Measure 3.1: Diversification & development of rural diversification activities Public sector support for private sector projects of 50% of which: - 75% is EU contribution and - 25% is from the national budget

10 Framework Program 7 Objective: Gain European leadership in key areas through co- operation of industry and research institutions. Support to research activities carried out in trans- national cooperation, from collaborative projects and networks to the coordination of national research programs. The Cooperation program is organized into sub-programs which will be operationally autonomous and at the same time demonstrate coherence and consistency, and allow for joint, cross-thematic approaches to research subjects of common interest. Nine themes identified: Health Food, agriculture and biotechnology Information and communication technologies Nanosciences and nanotechnologies, materials and new production technologies Energy Environment (including climate change) Transport (including aeronautics) Socio-economic sciences and the humanities Security and Space

11 Estimated Timing of EU Funds for Macedonia FP6 and FP7 funds are available now, however these may be in the form of Tempus Funds from the old system IPARD funds are estimated to be available from mid 2009. IPARD project should be prepared and finalized by 2009 Spring as projects might be accepted before funds become available on a first come first served basis.

12 Possible AgBiz Actions and Opportunities for Collaboration Develop a close relationship with MAFWE and Payment Agency (IPARD) Macedonian Consultancy Company Capacity Enhancement Direct TA support to projects partially funded by various IPA instruments Regional research institution partnerships with private sector

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