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East Sussex Integrated Offender Management IOM Manager Caroline Downing-Waite.

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1 East Sussex Integrated Offender Management IOM Manager Caroline Downing-Waite

2 IOM is the strategic umbrella or overarching framework that brings together agencies to prioritise interventions with offenders who cause crime in their locality. It builds on and expands current offender programmes involved in tackling crimes of concern to communities. What is Integrated Offender Management (IOM):

3 The East Sussex Prolific and Priority Offender (PPO) Scheme from 2006-2009 had a target to reduce the conviction rate of our PPOs on intensive supervision by 24%. We actually achieved a reduction of 60%, over twice the target set for us. That’s 168 less convictions for 420 less offences. The History

4 Accepting that a single crime costs the community in East Sussex £3,570, one of the positive effects of the PPO scheme has been to save East Sussex £1.5 Million pounds over three years on just this measure. The PPO scheme illustrates the huge impact intensive teamwork and support around an offender can have. Under IOM, by working with more offenders in more intensive ways we can increase the benefits and savings to the community.

5 The PPO Steering Group set up a project group to look into how IOM would be set up on East Sussex: East Sussex Strategic IOM Group: Getting Started  Leighe Rogers – Probation Director Brighton & East Sussex  Tony Blaker – Superintendent Neighbourhood Policing East Sussex  Marcus Gomm – Safer Communities Manager

6 TASK: Create & Deliver IOM model for East Sussex TASK: Create & Deliver IOM model for East Sussex Nicola Maxwell – Senior Probation Officer Tim Nunn – Crime Manager Caroline Downing-Waite – IOM Manager Jason Mahoney – Joint Commissioning Manager Adrienne Leonard – YOT Practice Manager Giorgio Finella – Probation Performance Analyst Karen Burch – Performance Manager Safer Communities Team Natalie Butler - Strategy and Partnerships Officer Safer Communities Team The IOM Project Group

7 PO’s Lee Whitmore David Satchwell PSO’s Nicki Goddard Jodie Collier Janet Perkins Administrator Susan Morris IOM Sgt Chris Ferguson IOM PC Nick Swindells SPO Nicola Maxwell / Keith Young SPO Nicola Maxwell / Keith Young IOM Manager Caroline Downing-Waite IOM Sgt Lynda Lynch IOM PC Jason Taylor PO’s Pete Cooper Jodie Potter PSO’s Karen Lacey Joanna Little Frank Wood Administrator Roz Pedder Mentoring Service Rent Deposit Scheme ETE Worker Health Trainer Housing Worker CRI: Liesel Wilkes & Tony Heneghan AFC: Virginia Brookes FIP: Jo Monnickendan YOT: Mark Cranley EAST: Hastings & Rother WEST: Eastbourne, Lewes & Weald CRI: Thea Hendrick & Chris Bath AFC: Sheila Rosewell FIP: Sarah Bainger Housing: Maggie Mclean YOT: Mark Cranley ABBREVIATIONS: CRI: CRIME REDUCTION INITIATIVE, AFC: ACTION FOR CHANGE, FIP: FAMILY INTERVENTION PROJECT, YOT: YOUTH OFFENDING TEAM, ETE:EDUCATION, TRAINING AND EMPLOYMENT IOM East Sussex Organisational Chart

8 Pan Sussex IOM Strategic Meeting Quarterly East Sussex Reducing Reoffending Board Quarterly East Sussex IOM Project Group Eastbourne IOM District Meeting Every 5 Weeks Lewes IOM District Meeting Every 5 Weeks Wealden IOM District Meeting Every 5 Weeks Rother IOM District Meeting Every 5 Weeks Hastings IOM District Meeting Every 5 Weeks EASTBOURNE IOM HUB IOM Team Meeting - Weekly HASTINGS IOM HUB IOM Team Meeting - Weekly IOM Meetings & Governance

9 Community Statutory Cases: Prolific and Priority Offenders – On licence and Orders: 19 Drug Rehabilitation Requirements40 Alcohol Treatment Requirements 1 Community Non Statutory cases: Prolific and Priority Offenders – Catch and Convict18 Non Statutory Substance Abuse Cases17 Through The Gate – Under 12 Months Custody 8 In Custody:57 Deter Youth Offenders aged 17+18 CURRENT TOTAL 178 East Sussex IOM Cohort PPO SUBSTANCE ABUSE TTG WOMEN 18-24 YEAR OLDS

10 RISK OF OFFENDING / LEVEL OF INTERVENTION NEEDED LOWER HIGHER LOWER HIGHER RED Breach / Offending In Community AMBER Incomplete Information Picture GREEN Information Suggests Not Offending BLUE In Prison IOM Status Form

11 Performance Framework is still under development: Likely to include indicators such as: Compliance on Orders, Licences and Compacts Plan Objectives Achieved IOM Take up in Prisons IOM Caseload Breakdown Statutory / Non- Statutory National Indicators such as –NI18 – Adult Reoffending –NI30 – PPO Reoffending Cohort Needs Profile and Offender Pathways IOM Performance Framework

12 IOM Manager Caroline Downing-Waite Email: Phone: 0845 60 70 999 Ext: 67724

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