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Portfolio Presentation Beverly J. Cobb Leadership Program Ph.D. Candidate.

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1 Portfolio Presentation Beverly J. Cobb Leadership Program Ph.D. Candidate

2 The Journey to Competency A “journey” is any course or passage from one stage or experience to another. “Competency” is a condition or quality of being well qualified, capable, or fit.

3 The Journey to Competency as An effective teacher/instructor A dynamic change agent An effective organizer A collaborative consultant A reflective researcher A competent scholar

4 An Effective Teacher what I did “Teacher of the Year” – 1977 Jr. level Mentoring/Coaching Communication Seminars

5 An Effective Teacher what I learned (the highlights!) Teaching reflects one’s personhood. A spirit of service is essential for good teaching. The subject content is the common bond between learner and teacher. To learn about learning is more important than content. Teachers must model learning. Learning builds on prior experiences. Constructivism is my preferred learning theory. I prefer collaborative learning environments where students seek their personal best. I am a better-than-average classroom teacher, but I teach best one-on-one.

6 An Effective Teacher who influenced my learning? Parker Palmer Malcolm Knowles Chip Bell Frederic Hudson Maryellen Weimer The Leadership Faculty

7 A Dynamic Change Agent what I did New wage and benefit structure for faculty Discontinuance of evening nursing program Initiation of new nursing curriculum Change through C CC Crises EMEM PR for New BSHP Program

8 A Dynamic Change Agent what I learned (the highlights!) Change requires leadership. Leaders both envision and execute change. Establishing a sense of urgency is the leader’s role. Gathering the right people to help form the vision and advance the change is crucial. Involving key constituents enhances successful change. Wounding can facilitate positive change. Every person contributes to the public relations endeavors of an organization. Leaders self-manage, are teachable, and learn from failure.

9 A Dynamic Change Agent who influenced my learning? Richard Ackerman Jim Collins Edwin Freidman John Kotter Everett Rogers John Maxwell Rick Warren David VanDenburgh Robert Quinn

10 An Effective Organizer what I did Committees, Committees, Committees Cross Training Self study and site visits OBNnln FTE’s

11 An Effective Organizer what I learned (the highlights!) Meetings can be effective. Leadership and management are different. A leader must also know how to execute. Beginning with the end in mind is essential. Good people selection & assignment matter. Clear, coherent writing skills help enormously. Effective organizing always advances the M-V-V.

12 An Effective Organizer who influenced my learning? Warren Bennis John Maxwell Jim Collins Stephen Covey John Carver Larrry Bossidy & Ram Charan Joan Gratto Leibler & Charles McConnell Peter Scholtes Francine Oddo

13 A Collaborative Consultant what I did Program evaluator NLN A. P. I. E. Communicate with Impact!!

14 A Collaborative Consultant what I learned (the highlights!) An effective team is a beautiful thing. Emotional intelligence skills often surpass intellectual talent for professional success. Focus and clarity vastly improve communication. Stay connected when in crisis & dispel secrets. Communicate thoughts, feelings, & rationale. Learn to ask good questions. Data is necessary only to the extent it is used. Speaking and writing facilitate discovery. Self-awareness is necessary for good decision-making.

15 A Collaborative Consultant who influenced my learning? Warren Bennis Ken Davis Edwin Friedman Gloria Gaither Daniel Goleman Bill Hybels Patrick Lencioni John Katzenbach & Douglas Smith

16 A Reflective Researcher what I did Master’s Research Computers in Statistics Applied Statistics Introductory Statistics Statistical Analysis and Research Design Advanced Educational Statistics Qualitative Research Spiritual formation Nursing care Students Doctoral Research

17 A Reflective Researcher what I learned (the highlights!) Statistical information grows stale and is forgotten if not used. The research question determines the method. Coherence of the research problem, purposes, questions, methods, and instrument is vital. Research is a vibrant and challenging process of discovery. Personal integrity of the researcher is crucial to the research process. Good research is improved by good writing.

18 A Reflective Researcher who influenced my learning? Elliot Eisner John Creswell Sharan Merriam The Leadership Faculty  Shirley Freed  Jerry Thayer Course Faculty My Dissertation Committee

19 A Competent Scholar what I did READ REFLECT REPORT

20 A Competent Scholar what I learned (the highlights!) Begin early to integrating theory to practics. Find someone to partner with in scholarly learning. Preserve one key “take-away” from each reference to change a leadership practice or challenge how you think about something. Use a dictionary when necessary. Read several conflicting perspectives about an issue. Write notes or mark up the book to lock in key concepts and ideas.

21 A Competent Scholar who influenced my learning? George Knight Charles Colson Frank Smith Marcy Driscoll Daniel Goleman James Fowler Warren Bennis Robert Greenleaf Stephen Covey John Maxwell Jim Collins Buckingham & Coffman Ken Blanchard Bill Hybels Edwin Friedman Scott Peck Alfie Kohn Wallace & Graves Bill Gates

22 How Have I Changed? June 1995 June 2004

23 Unexpected Detours X 3 X 2

24 Switzerland




28 The Matterhorn

29 How Have I Changed? I am confident of my abilities. I am aware and accepting of my growth edges. I appreciate good leadership and hold higher expectations of my leaders. I am skilled at 360 degree leadership. I take responsibility for self-leadership. I am attentive to the condition of my soul and take initiative to renew myself. I am a competent, effective leader with skills as a generalist, rather than a specialist. I am a learner.

30 My Future IDP - Learning Time with family and friends. Re-organize my home. Publish research. Become certified as a professional coach. Learn a new hobby.  Digital photography ?  French ?  Scrapbooks ? Contribute administrative skills to my church. Travel for learning – Sri Lanka in 2005.

31 How to Learn? Read Learn from experts Go where subject is taught Do it Invite feedback

32 The End

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