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The Romance of a Busy Broker

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1 The Romance of a Busy Broker

2 A businessman who helps people with their money Broker

3 Dinosaurs are _____ alive.
No more; not any longer No longer

4 I have to go home now; immediately right away

5 Questions Is the story happy, sad, or funny? 2. What’s the man’s name?
3. What’s the woman’s name?

6 Questions What is the man like when he’s at work?
a) a machine b) a secretary c) A busy New York broker d) a wonderful smell of lilac 2. When did a man take a break? 3. What is the relationship between the secretary and the broker?

7 What’s the order? In groups – put the sentence strips in order
Harvey and Leslie rush to the office at 8 AM. Miss Leslie looked happier. Maxwell was very busy. Maxwell took a break at lunch. Maxwell suddenly knew he loved Miss Leslie. Maxwell asked Miss Leslie to marry him. Miss Leslie told Maxwell that they were already married.

8 Questions. Why was Miss Leslie surprised at the end of the story?
Why did Harvey Maxwell forget he was married? How do you think Harvey Maxwell felt at the end of the story?

9 What happens next? After work what happens?
Does Harvey say he’s sorry? Is Miss Leslie angry? Think about what happens next. Choose one picture and write what they are saying




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