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Service Learning Academic aTtainment Evaluation Conducted for the CalServe Initiative By Sasha Neumann.

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1 Service Learning Academic aTtainment Evaluation Conducted for the CalServe Initiative By Sasha Neumann

2  Identify the roles and expectations of partnership coordinator (or designee) in SLATE process  Review results of prior studies  Define the purpose of the SLATE process  Outline the procedures for SLATE process  Provide reflection ideas for SLATE process

3  Provides data to one of six key areas for evaluation, Section 2 – High quality service learning.  Documentation of high quality service learning  Assess student proficiency on two content standards

4  LEA School Boards  CalServe Partnership Coordinators  Service learning site advocates  Other key stakeholders and decision makers  Teachers better understand how high quality service-learning helps their students’ achieve content standards and  Increases student engagement  Provides evidence consistent with national research

5  “These projects make a difference in the students’ lives.”  “I have had the opportunity to see the powerful effects service learning has had on my students...”  “Thankful for an opportunity to explicitly look at my own professional development as a service-learning practitioner.”

6  CalServe funded Partnerships  Partnerships identify at least 3 teachers, preferably one per grade span  CalServe Regions  STEM Projects representing various regions

7  Regional Evaluation Facilitators (REFs)  Partnership Coordinators  Local Evaluator

8  Webinar  Teacher recruitment  Pre-flection with SL Quality Checkup Tool  Teacher Identification Form  Student Tracking Form  Reflection with SL Quality Checkup Tool  SLATE survey

9 Partnership Coordinator (or designee)  Recruits SLATE teachers January/February  Works with SLATE teachers to complete TIF  Reviews and submits TIF to REF - February 4  Works with SLATE teachers to complete STF  Assists SLATE teachers in completing SLATE survey  Reviews and submits STF & SLATE survey to REF – May 6

10  Recruit and excite teachers  Recognize successful projects and invite participation  Share “Teacher Benefits” comments  Conduct interviews (pre-flection) SL Check Up Tool; ensure progress towards high quality service learning  Complete Teacher Identification Form  SLATE teachers email TIF to Partnership Coordinator (or designee)

11  All teaching & projects aligned to standards  California State Content Standards that most directly align with the service-learning activity California State Content Standards  Standards most important to school and LEA  Use district benchmarks  Use standards from district wide assessments  Focus on two content standards

12  Assumed all teachers collect data for standards achievement through assessing students  Meet & dialogue with SLATE teachers  Identify assessments being used  Discuss potential of comparison to district wide data  Discuss what defines proficient and non-proficient

13  Identify 2 Standards  Report whether students achieved proficiency (1) or not (0).  Track how many days project spanned (discuss this as a group so teachers include all days)  Record student attendance data  Double check each others Student Tracking Forms for accuracy  SLATE teachers email STF to Partnership Coordinator (or designee)

14  Find time to meet as a team with SLATE teachers.  Bring completed STFs  Conduct SL Check Up Tool via dyad interview  Complete SLATE survey on PDF  SLATE teacher emails SLATE survey to Partnership Coordinator

15  Teacher reflections from 09-10 surveys  Perspectives on evaluation make a difference  Encourage curiosity and promote insights  Use data to promote team reflection  Provide time for teachers to share successes  Celebration activities

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