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Application to Registration Gianna Devin Student Lifecycle Services.

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1 Application to Registration Gianna Devin Student Lifecycle Services

2 Student Experience & Enhancement Services Aims:  Support an excellent experience for all Strathclyde students.  Provide a range of services to support students throughout their studies.

3 Application  Applications through UCAS.  UCAS forward applications to HEIs.  Decisions at Strathclyde made by Admissions Team and Academic Selectors.  Applicant may be required to supply additional information or attend interview.

4 Decision  University forwards decisions to UCAS.  Applicants receive offers: unconditional / conditional / reject.  Once all offers received applicants make 2 choices - firm and insurance.  All other offers are declined.

5 Confirmation  University receives notification of qualifications.  If conditions are met place is confirmed.  In most cases if conditions are not met the application is unsuccessful and sent to insurance HEI for consideration.  Where possible if no place confirmed applicant can enter clearing.

6 Student Welcome Pack  Will be received by e-mail when a place has been confirmed.  Includes: ‘Welcome’ to Strathclyde Information on Registration ‘Welcome Week’ information including key dates Details of all correspondence that will be received before the start of term.

7 Preparing to Start  Registration information will be sent to all students after their place is confirmed.  Access will be provided to ‘Getting Started’ on My Place (VLE) where handy hints and interactive material is available on starting university life  Visit for further information

8 Academic Year 15/16 Registration/Welcome/Induction WeekMon 14 Sept – Fri 18 Sept First SemesterFri 18 Sept – Fri 15 Jan First Semester Revision PeriodMon 14 Dec – Fri 18 Dec Christmas VacationMon 21 Dec – Mon 4 Jan First Semester ExaminationsTues 5 Jan – Fri 15 Jan Second Semester (part 1)Mon 18 Jan – Fri 1 April Easter VacationMon 4 April - Fri 15 April Second Semester (part 2)Mon 18 April – Fri 27 May Second Semester Revision WkMon 25 April – Mon 2May Second Semester ExaminationsTues 3 May – Fri 27 June

9 Student Life Begins  Teaching begins on Friday 18 Sept  Study skills support is available  Ask for help and support!  Enjoy the experience!

10 What do Students Say?  90% felt welcome at Strathclyde  81% were more aware of issues relevant to student life  80% felt more confident  86% knew where to go for support

11 What do Students Say? “Treat arriving at University as a clean slate, a new adventure in your life. Ask questions, be confident in your abilities, and know that you worked hard to get here.”

12 What do Students Say? “Don’t be afraid, it’s the most welcoming place in the world. And as for the course, if you’re finding it hard you’re doing it right!”

13 What do Students Say? “Relax. Everyone really is in the same boat and you’re definitely not the only one feeling like a fish out of water.”

14 What do Students Say? “I would definitely advise new students to go to as many activity/induction things as they can, it's a great way of making friends. And just sit next to random people in class. It's surprising how friendly people are”.

15 What do Students Say? “It’s always best to ask any question that come to mind, silly or not! If you get it out of the way it leaves more space in your brain for fun thoughts!”

16 What do Students Say? “Relax and don’t stress about it. 9 times out of 10 it’s fine and that 1 time there is lots of help to sort your problem.”

17 What do Students Say? “Enjoy freshers week, meet new people but also start working early enough. Time is running way faster than you expect ….”

18 What do Students Say? “Don’t where heels around the uni the hills kill your feet”.

19 What do Students Say? “Keep an open mind, grasp any opportunities you can and enjoy yourself!”

20 More Information

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