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W ELCOME to the 2009 New Charterholder Recognition Dinner.

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1 W ELCOME to the 2009 New Charterholder Recognition Dinner

2 Membership Meeting Agenda 1) Board Organizational Chart 2) Ratification of Slate 3) Bylaw Changes 4) Annual Strategic Plan Update


4 Executive Committee President – Leyla G. Kassem, CFA; Wells Capital Management Vice President – Robert L. Buss, CFA; Disciplined Growth Investors Secretary – David R. Spangler, CFA; Thrivent Financial Treasurer – Jessica D. Murray, CFA; Thrivent Asset Management Immediate Past President – Anthony P. Carideo, CFA; Carideo Group Committee Chairs Education Committee – Jacob Seltz, CFA; Wells Fargo Employment Committee – Kristine J. Mogollon, CFA; Thrivent Financial Membership Committee – Jay C. Alexander, CFA; RiverSource Investments Program Committee – Daniel R. Aronson, CFA; Tealwood Asset Management Kim M. Brustuen, CFA; U.S. Bank Public Awareness Committee – Karen A. Florez, CFA Directors at Large Gregory I. Baranivsky, CFA; First American Funds Robbie J. Burkhart, CFA; Blue Rock Advisors Patrick M. Coleman, CFA; Jeffrey Slocum & Associates, Inc. Patrick E. Donohue, CFA; Northland Securities Joshua T. Hill, CFA; Windsor Financial Group Joshua M. Howard, CFA; Kenwood Capital Management Jeffrey R. LeMunyon, CFA; Linwood Capital, LLC Michael A. Lingvall, CFA; Finacorp Securities Jacob M. Seltz, CFA; Wells Fargo Michael W. Seppelt, CFA; Lowry Hill Michael J. Toay; U.S. Bank New Board Slate 2009-10 CFA Minnesota Board of Directors

5 Bylaw Changes ARTICLE Eight – Election of Officers - Addition: Regular members may vote for such officials in person or cast votes through electronic communications that the Board deems reasonably secure.

6 Highlights from: CFA Society of Minnesota 2009-10 Annual Plan an update to our 3-Year Strategic Plan Summer 2009

7 Planning Excellence: Everything we do is driven by member input.

8 MISSION: To enhance the investment profession by promoting high ethical behavior, professional excellence, and fellowship through offering quality, innovative programming.

9 VISION: We envision a CFA Minnesota that is: Widely recognized, well respected and highly valued by investors, academia and the business community in our region. A society whose members are actively committed to enhancing the value of the organization by willingly giving of their time as volunteers Continuously experiencing growth due to its unerring responsiveness to the needs of its members and its success at developing a strong sense of community amongst investment professionals within our region.

10 OBJECTIVES: Multi-year areas of focus that will guide us in fulfilling our mission and achieving our Vision are: Board Development – Strengthen the CFA Minnesota Board of Directors by implementing formal position descriptions, accountability standards, refining by-laws and diversifying and growing membership. Transition from a working board to one that is more strategically focused. Innovative Programming : Increase Value – Provide the highest quality, relevant deliverables and thereby increase perception of value to members. Member Engagement – Increase attendance at events by 10% each of the next 3 fiscal years. Increase involvement of membership to 40% by developing and implementing a pipeline for volunteer participation. Educational Offerings – Expand current partnerships with exam prep providers and academic institutions. Develop and implement mentoring programs. Continue and expand scholarship offerings. Create and promote student membership level. Outreach – Broaden awareness of charter and our society through a campaign focusing on top employers, local CIOs, academia, and the general public.

11 GOING FORWARD: Achieved Initiatives The following Strategic Initiatives were achieved or have been reviewed and discontinued. StatusInitiativesTimeframeMilestonesAccountability CompleteNew Website6mo -Develop plan with CFA Inst -Populate content - publish and promote Exec. Dir. Complete Reevaluate Program Costs 6mo -Research alternative venues, etc. - Evaluate value, with aim to increase - Increase lunch price to $XX.00 Program Cmte Exec. Dir. Complete Establish/implement new membership categories 6 mo -Define new member categories -Set prices and policies - Implement and promote Membership Chair President Exec. Dir. DiscontinuedWebcasting1 year -Research resources & potential partners - define trial program, advertise & execute - analyze value, make continuation decision. Technology Liaison Complete Expand Stalla Course Levels II & III Ongoing - Level 2 by 2010 - Level 2 by 2011 Education Chair Prep Course Liaison

12 GOING FORWARD: Ongoing Initiatives The following are successfully completed 3-Year Plan Strategic Initiatives, and are now on-going. ObjectiveInitiativesTimeframeMilestonesAccountability Board Development Fill new positions and committees 1 year -Reorganize current directors - add new members Exec. Cmte Increase ValueCollaborations1 year Make initial contacts with local organizations such as: NIRI, CFP, CPA, FEI President Program Cmte Exec. Dir. Increase ValueTrack ParticipationOngoing -Research tracking mechanism - implement selected system -Utilize new system on going Program Cmte. Exec. Dir. Educational Offerings Career DayOngoing -Plan and promote - hold successful event Employment Cmte Educational Offerings Continuing Education Initiative Ongoing - Establish formalized CE offerings - Streamline CE credit submission procedure CE Coordinator Education Cmte Educational Offerings Expand Stalla Courses to Levels II & III Ongoing - Level 2 by 2010 - Level 2 by 2011 Education Chair Prep Course Liaison

13 Welcome Tom Welch, CFA Chair, Board of Governors, CFA Institute

14 Guest Speaker John Rogers, CFA CEO, CFA Institute

15 Candidate Recognition & Presentation of Charters

16 Rajarshi Aroskar

17 Andrew Wilhelm Auvinen

18 Michael A. Baker, CFA

19 Neil Matthew Bizily, CFA

20 Bryce A. Bowman, CFA

21 Sean J. Brenckman, CFA

22 Joshua Patrick Bruce

23 Digvijay Chowdhary

24 Karen (Shanhua) Cui

25 Jason R. Engman, CFA

26 Benjamin J. George

27 Chad Michael Halbur, CFA

28 Ryan W. Hemmingsen

29 Jeffrey Marden Holt, CFA

30 Brian P. Hurd

31 Tong Jiang

32 Brett Thomas Johnson

33 Carrie L. Johnson

34 Vishal Khanduja, CFA

35 Julie A. Lakovic, CFA

36 Andrew E. Lang, CFA

37 Benjamin Spencer Lazarus, CFA

38 Matthew Dale Liebl

39 Martha Linstroth

40 Michael A. Luker, Jr.

41 Christine M. Manfred, CFA

42 Mark William Moeller, CFA

43 Nolan Patrick O’Neill

44 Kyle Douglas Ordahl

45 Ryan Osborn, CFA

46 Kevin D. Pike

47 Steven Pope

48 John Thomas Prigge

49 Huadong Qi, CFA

50 Bhakti Raicha

51 Jeremy Vaughn Rice, CFA

52 Jeff M. Rodgers, CFA

53 Peter C. Rogness, CFA

54 Jeffrey Sams, CFA

55 Thomas O. Schaefer

56 Aaron Michael Spychalla

57 Eric J. Swanson, CFA

58 Evan Charles Tornell

59 Brandon Welte, CFA

60 Alex T. Zweber

61 Joshua James Anderson, CFA Susan Becker, CFA Andrew Behrens Blake Berquist Michael Born, CFA Brenda Briceno, CFA Peter Capouch Andrew Cromett, CFA Tim Flanagan, CFA Nathaniel George Steven T. Gorny, CFA Brian Hartert Christopher Haskamp Alana Hedlund, CFA Donald Henken Eric Hess Michael Jarjoura, CFA Won Kyong Jung, CFA Rebecca Klevan Chris Koppelman Andrew Lindell, CFA Jonathan Owen, CFA Andrew Parks, CFA Michael Reich, CFA Shannon Rinehart, CFA Ross Sandine, CFA Randall Spinar, CFA Clint Talmo, CFA Ningning Tang, CFA Ryan Thomes, CFA Jay Untiedt, CFA Yunxia Yin Jun Zhu Additional New Charterholders & Pass 3 Candidates

62 Thank you For Coming!

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