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John Locke Jason Beneducci, James Petriello and Jack Sudnikovich.

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1 John Locke Jason Beneducci, James Petriello and Jack Sudnikovich

2 Early Years Born on August 29, 1632 in Wrington, Somerset, England to the parents of Agnes Keene and John Locke the elder Father was a lawyer in the town of Pensford and also served as a captain of the Calvary of the Parliamentarians During his infancy his mother died Locke began to reject the king’s right to divine rule at the age of 10

3 Education Attended Westminster School He then went to Christ’s Church Oxford and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in medicine After collaborating with the famous scientist Robert Boyle, medicine played a major role in his life

4 Job He moved to London and became the personal physician of Lord Ashley Assisted him in political and commercial affairs as well as business Obtained a government role from Lord Ashley (the new Earl of Strasburg

5 Books Essay Concerning Human Understanding -Outlined his views of the human mind and served as one of the principal sources of the empiricism philosophy A Letter Concerning Toleration - Discusses Locke’s ideas on religious toleration Two Treatises of Government (1690) - Everyone is equally created - People own their own body

6 Philosophical Ideas Humans could govern themselves Felt that a centralized government was necessary -Main duty is to protect the natural rights of the citizens -Citizens able to overthrow a tyrannical rule Religious toleration Believed that humans were generally good however they are born with “tabula rasa” or a blank slate -The environment in which one lives influences whether a person is good or bad it is undecided before birth

7 Ideas behind his thinking Guided by his deep Christian beliefs - Accepted the existence of God and believed that all the humans on Earth are his servants

8 Beliefs in Government Instituted by the consent of those being governed Government should protect the natural rights of citizens Legislative body should be central – Create laws that are enforced “for the common good” Government should be founded upon a social contract – Majority rules, and equality should be spread (Democracy forming) Power separated between legislative, executive, and judicial branch

9 New Ideas Popularized the idea of natural rights -All people are born with the rights of life, liberty and property Promoted religious freedom for all -A Letter Concerning Toleration Social Contract - Argued that the people should form a “neutral judge” to protect the natural rights

10 Influence on American Separation from England Theory of natural rights- - If the government does not protect the natural rights of the people it can be overthrown Government Rules for the “common good” -Britain was using the colonies as a source of income Tabula Rasa -People are born with a blank slate and anyone could become anything

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