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 Yes I will email this out to you all however please pay attention.

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2  Yes I will email this out to you all however please pay attention

3  Flat Hat Club:  Was formed at the College of William and Mary  By Thomas Jefferson  Was the precursor to the modern fraternity  Phi Beta Kappa  Was the first modern day fraternity  Started in 1776  Founder was John Heath  He was denied admission to a group similar to the one started by Thomas Jefferson  By adding Greek Letters, a secret grip, motto, and initiation he made it more exclusive then Thomas Jefferson's’ group  Motto: “Philosophy, the Guide of Life”

4  Phi Beta Kappa  In 1780 they opened another chapter at Yale, and then Harvard (we have one at Roanoke)  Only 200 schools in the nation have this honor society  In the 1830’s they were forced to tell their secrets due to an “anti- secret society movement”  Before they told their secrets other groups had already formed including Kappa Alpha Society.

5  Union College is nicknamed “The Mother of Fraternities” because it was the first college to have them.  Kappa Alpha Society (don’t confuse it with Kappa Alpha Order which we have)  Sigma Phi  Delta Phi

6  Now you will understand why we shouted “Can I get a Nu Phi” at Bid’s Day  Nu Phi is the name of the group that later evolved into Pi Kappa Phi  Nu Phi means “Non-fraternity”  This is why we always say we are not the stereotypical fraternity and some of us hate the term “Frat”

7  During this time period at The College of Charleston (where we were founded by the way) one group controlled the campus in terms of influence “The Chrestomathics Literary Society”  Realizing that the campus needed a change in power, several guys got together and tried to oppose the officers in the next election with their own slate of officers

8  At this time 3 small fraternities existed at Charleston. Each fraternity raised its own slate of officers to keep the power within the fraternities  Our founders were not in a fraternity and thus Nu Phi was born, a group of men running on a slate together to change the Literary Society

9  They lost  Not to be overcome by defeat 7 of the most loyal Nu Phi’s decided to start a completely new fraternity

10  On December 10, 1904 at 90 Broad Street, Charleston, South Carolina, the first meeting of Pi Kappa Phi took place  7 Men came together to start Pi Kappa Phi  Andrew Alexander Kroeg Jr.  Simon Fogarty Jr.  L. Harry Mixon  Pelzer Wagener  Thomas F. Mosimann  Theodore Barnwell Kelly  James Fogarty

11  Durward Owen  Roanoke, Xi Chapter

12  Was one of the best Greek and Latin scholars at the college during this time  It was Wagener who came up with Pi Kappa Phi and their secret meaning

13  On December 10 th 1905 Harry’s mother cooked them a huge dinner in honor of their first successful year  This is now known as Founder’s Day and every chapter celebrates it with a feast

14  1. understood by or meant for only the select few who have special knowledge or interest; recondite: poetry full of esoteric allusions. 2. belonging to the select few. 3. private; secret; confidential. 4. (of a philosophical doctrine or the like) intended to be revealed only to the initiates of a group: the esoteric doctrines of Pythagoras.

15  Explanation and Debrief

16  Know what the Flat Hat Club is  Know what Phi Beta Kappa is  Know 3 of the 7 founding fathers  Know 3 of the 8 executive council members of Xi chapter (aka Us)

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