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+ Hamilton High School Freshman Orientation Meeting April 21, 2014.

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1 + Hamilton High School Freshman Orientation Meeting April 21, 2014

2 Freshman Orientation Meeting Purpose Talk about how to be successful in the high school Give information concerning the programs that are available at the high school Talk about the new schedule for 2014 - 2015 Give information that students will use as they begin to schedule classes (Wednesday, April 30 th )

3 Staff Members Doug Braschler, Principal Mat Rehkopf, Co-Principal Gina Sneller, Counselor (A-K) Dawn Safford, Counselor (L-Z)

4 How to be Successful! You get to start with a clean slate Take charge of your education Focus on the future (Where do you want to end up?) Challenge yourself, make academics #1 Stay active, involved, organized Build Positive Relationships Don’t get behind

5 Attendance is Important Attendance Nothing is more important than being here Cannot duplicate what goes on in the classroom Doing make-up work just isn’t enough No more than 6 absences in a term Studies show that attendance is one of the most important employability skills that schools can teach their students Plan vacations during school vacations

6 How can parents help? Hamilton Community School Web-Site Encourage Students to Check Gmail Account Contact Teachers with Questions Please have a current email Encourage homework completion Stay involved Parent-Teacher Conferences WISH volunteers Attend events and activities Stress responsibility to your child Accepting responsibility is a valuable learning experience

7 Athletics Physicals are Wednesday, May, 28 th 6:30-8:00pm at the high school $20 fee Good for the 2014-2015 school year Signed Athletic Code (Annually) Current Insurance Fee is $40, but subject to change All insurance fees must be paid prior to practice starting

8 Michigan Merit Curriculum With the Class of 2016, how many State requirements are there now? Answer: 18 credits 4 credits English 3 credits Social Studies 4 credits Math 3 credits Science 2 credits World Language (Same Language) 1 credit PE/Health 1 credit VPAA (Need for a Four-year Plan)

9 Beginning with the 2014 – 15 school year, Hamilton High School will be running a blended schedule where core classes will be taught in a semester model and non-core classes will be taught in a trimester model.

10 WHY CHANGE *Budget problems – Deficit spending 5 years in a row *Projected 2014-15 Budget deficit of over $1 million *Admin was charged to reduce staff *Allows us to share staff

11 So why the blended schedule? *Wanted to keep elective offerings for students *Wanted to keep our support program in place *Natural reduction of staff through attrition

12 Other schedules looked at *6 period semester *7 period semester *7 period alternating semester *6 period trimester

13 Bell schedule 60 minute classes 6 periods in a day rather than 5 in the trimester 7:35 am start – 2:35 pm departure 65 minute 2 nd hour to accommodate announcements Tech Center students will eat lunch at HHS before traveling Tech Center will use 3 class periods (presently 2)

14 Credit structure Incoming freshmen will have 29 total credits with 26.5 required for Graduation 0.5 credit is what you earn by taking a single class in a term Credits by year: 9 th 6.5 credits 10 th 7.0 credits 11 th 7.0 credits 12 th 8.5 credits

15 Core classes Taught all year long in two semesters Adding time to each of the following classes (33 more hours of instruction) per year English – 4 credits Math – 4 credits 4 th math credit can be taught in 2 tri’s Science – 3 credits Social Studies – 3 credits World Languages – 2 credits

16 Non-core classes Taught in a trimester schedule Students will have either 3, 6, 9, or 12 electives per year. Less time for each of the following classes (11 less hours of instruction per trimester) Physical Education Health Art Music (can still have 3 trimesters) All electives

17 Sample schedules






23 Personal Curriculum A way for parents and students to fine-tune their four-year plan Can be initiated by parents, student, counselor, or teacher Somewhat restrictive (can’t alter certain MMC requirements) See your counselor for details

24 Counseling Department Mrs. Sneller (A-K) Mrs. Safford (L-Z) Mrs. Eding (secretary) We provide: Scheduling Standardized testing Personal counseling College/career information

25 + Unique Courses AP Courses Careerline Tech Center Dual Enrollment Teaching Practices Online Courses Co-Op (Offered to Upper-Classmen)

26 8 th Grade Wednesday, April 30 th Students will submit class choices online prior to April 30. Students need PowerSchool User ID and Password HS Counselors will assist students in Mr. and Mrs. Youngs’ Classrooms. Have PowerSchool User ID/password with you Additional questions will be answered All class choices are final once schedule is made Scheduling Day

27 YOUR FUTURE STARTS NOW!! ACT + GPA +12 th Grade Strength of Schedule = COLLEGE ACCEPTANCE Valedictorian (GPA X 250) + (ACT X 27.777) = Honor Points Highest Honor Points = Valedictorian

28 Start Thinking About What Your Schedule Will Look Like for the Next 4 Years and Have a Great Night

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