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Threatened Habitats and Endangered Species By Raquel S.

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1 Threatened Habitats and Endangered Species By Raquel S

2 Define: Define: A Threatened Habitat and An Endangered Species A threatened habitat is a type of environment, where a particular animal lives, which is in danger of extinction in the future. An endangered species is a group of animals that are in danger of being ‘wiped out’ from the world very soon.

3 Define: Define: Extinction Extinction is when something no longer exists. There is absolutely no more of a particular species or ‘thing’ in our world, as it has been completely wiped out.

4 Endangered Animal 1: China’s Panda - Thick black and white fur - Diet consists of umbrella and arrow-type bamboo. - Largest pandas grow to be as large as 115 kg! - Lives in broadleaf and coniferous forests. Its location is mainly China. -Habitat is lost and made into roads and railroads. -Exploitation of its food source, bamboo. -Poaching. -H-H

5 Endangered Animal 2: The Arctic’s Polar Bears Description and Habitat -White, creamy-yellow and light brown-coloured fur -Males weigh up to 2,000 pounds and can be up to 10 feet long. - Lives in the Arctic region, on sea ice, islands and continental coastlines. They live near the sea ice. -Global warming -Hunting/poaching -Industrial Disturbances -The World Wildlife Fund (WWF) has created education and research programs, wildlife refuges, foreign treaties and action against the drilling of locations near the polar bear territory -Prohibitation of built environments being created near the polar bear’s territory - Breeding almost being done at local zoos

6 Endangered Animal 3: African White Rhino Description and Habitat - Diet consists of short grass. -Colours of the animal can range from yellow brown to slate gray. -Lengths can go up to 150-85 cm at the shoulder. -Females weight about 1,400 to 1,700 kg. Males weigh about 2,000 to 3,600 kg. - Live in woodlands that have plenty of grass and water. -Hunting/poaching -Loss of habitat -H-H

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