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Commercial in confidence WHY is a solution needed?

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1 Commercial in confidence WHY is a solution needed?

2 35-70% of employees’ time is spent writing each day. Commercial in confidence 50% of failed projects are caused by ineffective communication.

3 Business leaders are wasting time rewriting work. They’re often embarrassed by what goes upward and outward. + They’re frustrated by the time it takes to wade through waffle. + Most aren’t qualified to give communications advice. Commercial in confidence

4 A survey of 120 American corporations concluded that a third of employees in the nation's blue-chip companies wrote poorly, and that businesses were spending as much as $3.1 billion annually on remedial training.survey Commercial in confidence

5 A new way Technology is making ‘just-in- time’ education possible—and the economy is making it necessary.*

6 Commercial in confidence A better way ‘For the first time, customer and supplier can stand side by side on a daily basis to optimise the business results from a technology investment.’ - B4B, J.B. Wood

7 Commercial in confidence WHAT does a solution look like?

8 Commercial in confidence A just-in-time learning tool that coaches businesspeople to write readable, concise, professional and persuasive documents in Microsoft Word. Credosity can complement, or replace, traditional classroom training and your company ‘Style Guide’. Enterprise software to rewrite your productivity

9 Commercial in confidence Solution

10 Commercial in confidence Features Commercial in confidence Quick insights to make your document easier and faster to read, and more engaging. Dashboard summary of errors, including smart tips to accelerate your editing and boost your professionalism. Practical tips you can apply immediately to adapt to different readers, structure your messages, and get fast results.

11 Commercial in confidence Features Commercial in confidence User statistics to track usage, and improvement across time. Editing help so you can proofread faster Leadership, productivity and communication tips and inspiration for ongoing learning.

12 What’s unique about Credosity? Commercial in confidence Combination of: -Deep understanding of enterprise needs -Modern approach to a ‘dry’ topic. -We’re focused on developing how you write, think and lead (not just catching your mistakes).

13 Commercial in confidence Business-leader benefits: Consistent, clear and concise messaging. Better decisions. More action. Professional communication that reflects well on your business. Less time rewriting your teams’ work.

14 Commercial in confidence End-user benefits: Build your credibility, career and connections. Influence change, sell your ideas internally. Win.

15 Commercial in confidence Free enterprise trial (30 days)

16 Commercial in confidence What OUTCOMES are we measuring?

17 Commercial in confidence Productivity measures: - Are our documents Readable? Professional? Clear? Concise? Have we: -Reduced the time senior people spend rewriting junior documents? -Reduced the time our people spend writing quality communication? Bigger picture: Are our people excellent communicators? Do they lead action, drive innovation, connect meaningfully with others, create a positive workplace culture and build our brand reputation? Are our learning and development programs embedded in our daily work rather than ‘one-off’ events?

18 Commercial in confidence What others say

19 Commercial in confidence National HR Manager A simple and easy to follow tool that can help suggest effective changes. I have a couple of major docs to write in the next couple of weeks (no rest here) – looking forward to using Credosity. Director of Strategy, Marketing and Communications There’s something compelling about Credosity, particularly in the corporate market. The tool improves my writing and in turn, my ability to communicate. Head of L&D Oceania The strength of Credosity is just-in-time, consistent, desktop feedback as writers proofread and edit their work. Change Manager Love it. Supports the 70/20/10 learning approach. Peer review will be quicker. Strategy Director It helps me structure my thoughts and simplify my writing. Credosity in the hands of many employees within larger companies could deliver a significant benefit.

20 Commercial in confidence How would the pilot run?

21 Commercial in confidence 1. IT do a ‘sandbox test’, run the installer and test it in Microsoft Word. 2. Deploy to agreed pilot team. The deployment process takes between ten minutes and two hours. 3. Pilot team uses Credosity for 30 days (free trial) on the documents they write. The software is simple and intuitive - no training required. 4. Pilot team gives feedback. We capture back-end usage data to measure uptake and progress. The business has access to this dashboard. 5. Roll out to organisation as a standard learning tool.

22 Commercial in confidence Team and enterprise experience

23  Petrina Buckley (Business/marketing) 20 years business development, training design and marketing Co-founder: Magneto Communications and Credosity  Paul Jones (Domain expert) 15 years corporate communications specialist Co-founder: Magneto Communications and Credosity  Technical developer: Globally awarded, Gold Certified Microsoft partner and enterprise software developer. Commercial in confidence

24 Where did we learn the lessons? Nine years experience in corporate training and behavioural change working with blue-chip clients. ( Commercial in confidence Full client list:

25 Commercial in confidence Support Winner: Microsoft Protégé competition, Asia 2014 Second place: Microsoft Protégé competition: Australia 2014 Accelerator graduate 2014 ‘Skills and Knowledge’ grant recipient 2014

26 Getting your trial started? Petrina Buckley Co-founder, Credosity Australia +61 410 519 705 Commercial in confidence

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