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New Jersey The Garden State By 3SP -.

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1 New Jersey The Garden State By 3SP -

2 New Jersey Our project is based on the book Nicky Fifth’s Garden State Adventure by Lisa Funari Willever and was created in library class. Miss Pimenta’s third grade

3 We Love It Here!!! Newton, NJ By Mila And Katherine

4 Newton Quotes Newton, were here! By Mila and Katherine
“The town lies upon the slope of a gentle hill, of mingled slate and limestone, at whose foot a spring sends forth the first waters of the Paulinskill, the chief river of the county ... Some of the dwellings are very neat: the place has an air of business, and there is in fact a very considerable trade carried on with the surrounding country. In healthiness of situation, by the report of the inhabitants, it cannot be excelled.” Thomas Gordon, 1834. Newton, were here!

5 HIGH POINT, NJ By Sydney M and Amalya C It’s the highest point in NJ.
It’s in Sussex County. It’s in the highest peak of Kittatiny Mountains. By Sydney M and Amalya C

6 HIGH POINT, NJ It’s monument was used in a comedy film.
It’s elevation is 1,803 ft. To get in it charges $5.00 on weekdays and $10.00 on weekends. By Sydney M and Amalya C

7 HIGH POINT, NJ Plans have been made to close the park July 1, 2008.
You can see from Pennsylvania to New York in High Point. By Sydney Mand Amalya C

8 Some buildings date to colonial times
Trenton, NJ Western part of NJ Capital of NJ In Mercer County Some buildings date to colonial times By Matt Q

9 Trenton,NJ By 1719 the town adopted the name “Trent-towne”,
after William Trent, One of its leading landholders. Battle of Trenton was December 25, 1776 By Aaron G.

10 BEACHES, NJ NJ brings many tourists
NJ beaches cover 127 mils of coastline from Sandy hook to Cape May By Calvin and Sam and John

11 Beaches Spring lake is not so crowded . Beaches are a great place to go. Bay beaches along the shores are calm and a great place for young children. By Calvin, sam and John

12 Tuckerton, N.J. Tuckerton is good for fishing , diving , clamming , crabbing & other water sports. By Emily C.

13 Tuckerton Tuckerton boarders the N.J. pine barrens which is noted for hiking, biking, kayaking, canoeing and bird watching. By Emily C

14 Tuckerton Little Egg Harbor settled in 1698.
There are many great museums The area has a rich history in water and marine activities. By A.J.

15 Camden Camden is located just across the Delaware River. Camden has a population of 79,904. It has been ranked one of the most dangerous cities in the U.S.A. Camden used to be in Gloucester County.

16 Camden The first drive-in theater was made in Camden. Part of the fourth Die Hard movie was filmed in Camden. Walt Whitman lived his later years in Camden. By Matt P.

17 Battleship, New Jersey The Battleship New Jersey was built at the Philadelphia Naval Shipyard, and launched December 7, 1942. By Sam R.

18 Battleship, New Jersey The Battleship New Jersey’s overnight encampment program can accommodate groups of families of up to 300. The Battleship NJ is 11 stories high. The Battleship NJ is 887 feet long. By Clara T.


20 Jersey City, NJ Julianne F.

21 Jersey City, NJ Facts It’s located near the island of Manhattan
Jersey City was inhabited by the Lenape Indians Jersey City is a commercial and industrial center that holds Liberty Science Center, Ellis Island, and the Statue of Liberty

22 Over 40 percent of Americans population can trace their ancestry through Ellis Island By Nick P.

23 Ellis Island was opened on January 1, 1892
By Nick P

24 Ellis Island Waterfront
Ellis Island was sold by Samuel Ellis. It is now a national monument. Ellis Island Waterfront A Drawing By Eitan

25 Ellis Island 3 Ellis Island
This is early Ellis Island. Olney the original 3.3 belonged to New York. Ellis Island Eitan

26 Jersey City Photos Have fun in Jersey City!


28 Jersey City facts Jersey City is in Hudson County
Jersey City is the second largest city in New Jersey Jersey City lies on the west bank of the Hudson River By Bobby B

29 Want to learn more about New Jersey? Try visiting these sites:
High Point, New Jersey NJ Community Profile / Ocean County, NJ Data Welcome to Newton Fire Department - Fire Museum Liberty Science Center - Jersey City - Reviews of Liberty Science Center – TripAdvisor Adventure Aquarium at the Camden, New Jersey Waterfront - Guide Review Seaside Heights Tourism Ellis Island - FREE Port of New York Passenger Records Search

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