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Hotels and restaurants supply solutions

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1 Hotels and restaurants supply solutions
Green Leaf Hotels and restaurants supply solutions

2 Green Leaf A foreign investment company Green Leaf Ltd is a new concept of supply HORECA businesses in Fiji Islands. The concept is based on European sales experience with : Prompt and professional service, personal attention to every customer Unbeatable prices Industry leading brands – value, quality and durability Environmentally friendly solutions USA purchasing office works directly with manufacturers to offer the shortest delivery time

3 Why Green Leaf Reason 1. Save Your Money
Why Green Leaf Reason 1. Save Your Money You don’t want to spend your company’s money overpaying Australian and New Zealand expensive products, that are usually double the price of American alternatives. Neither you want to pay twice for non commercial quality of some low quality Chinese brands. All the Green Leaf products come directly from the US manufacturers

4 Why Green Leaf Reason 2. Save Your Money
You don’t want to run your business with second-grade products which could let you down at any time. Moreover, you don’t want waste your budget on constantly replacing low quality products. That is why we only bring you world leading brands and products, with great durability and performance saving your budget from unnecessary expenses.

5 Green Leaf Reason 3. Save Your Money
Green Leaf Reason 3. Save Your Money We keep stock of various items and spare parts so any of them could be easily obtained as well as replenishing your inventory. Your equipment will now serve without downtime You don’t need to place a large orders if you only need few items. Our stock is at your service.

6 Green Leaf Reason 4. Confident partnership
Green Leaf Reason 4. Confident partnership You don’t have to tell us a lot. We do understand your needs: Professional and competent advise Flexible payment terms Exact delivery timing Warranty and professional repair service All these points loose sense without reasonable prices.

7 Green Leaf Reason 5. Versatility
Green Leaf Reason 5. Versatility We do custom orders. Just ask, and our Fijian and US office will do their best to assist. We not only supply products, but services as well. Such designing restaurant kitchen, hotel rooms etc. Don’t forget to ask about our “inspiration books” – source where you can track most interesting hospitality and food service ideas to improve your business.

8 We only bring the best:

9 Rubbermaid Commercial
Rubbermaid Commercial Main features: Since 1968, Rubbermaid has pioneered technologies and system solutions in the categories of food services, sanitary maintenance, waste handling, material transport, away-from-home washroom, and safety products $5.9 billion revenue at 2013 with employees Top performance products for fair costs Durability beyond discussion Sustainable development oriented company with high level of recycled and reusable components in its products

10 Carlisle Main features:
Carlisle Companies Incorporated has a long and proud history which began in 1917 $2,94 billions of revenue in 2013 Products that have real value and that can help make your operation run smoother, more efficiently, more profitably Carlisle Food Service manufactures and markets professional-grade product solutions for the restaurant, healthcare, and janitorial segments. Eco-friendly company

11 Winco Main features:
Fast growing company with professional restaurants supplies Established in 1992 From cookware to flatware, Winco is dedicated to provide professional chefs and restaurateurs with quality products and superb services. Unbeatable prices

12 Waring Main features:
Waring, universally known for introducing the first blender in America, is one of today's leading manufacturers of professional-quality appliances foodservice industries With 75 years of manufacturing expertise, Waring is proud to offer the most professional products for professional results. Most popular products in USA professional cooking industry Sustainable development company

13 Vollrath Main features:
Incomparable quality and durability of professional cookware. Superior performance since 1874 12 high-tech manufacturing and storage facilities worldwide Represents food service, display and kitchen equipment products with great value and cost effectiveness Environment friendly company

14 American MetalCraft Main features:
Perfect display ware, kitchen utensils and cooking ware for high and mid range properties Delicious products catalogues Profound design inspirations in each product A must have buffet ware series

15 A1 Textiles Main features:
More than 32 years of success in bedding and towels supplies in USA Spacious list of stock maintained products Perfect choice for 3-4 stars properties Unbeatable pricing Wide range of styles and textures to choose from Convenient design tool – online bed designer

16 Slate Plate Main features:
Natural stone called “slate” used in manufacturing of these beautiful display plates and boards Perfect for cheese presentation as well as any other non-liquid products For high and mid range restaurants Highest safety and durability Could be your buffet’s specialty

17 Food service products:
Food service products: Green leaf proudly brings you: Front of the House products Pizza Supplies Kitchen Essentials Storage & Transport products Bar supplies Chaffers & Buffet ware Professional Cookware Kitchen Cleaning Cutlery Uniforms Bake ware Promotion Products

18 Kitchen equipment: Green leaf proudly brings you: Mixers Toasters
Kitchen equipment: Green leaf proudly brings you: Mixers Toasters Bar Blenders Slicers Food Processors Grinders Food Blenders Vacuum pack machines Grills & Griddles Juice extractors Waffle makers Coffee Machines Deep Fryers Ovens Induction Ranges Gas & electric Ranges Panini/Toast Grills Freezers & Refrigerators Bar Shakers Display cases

19 Cleaning & Maintenance:
Cleaning & Maintenance: Green leaf proudly brings you: Microfiber Mop Systems Wet Mop Systems Dust and Surface Cleaning Brooms and Brushes Janitorial and Cleaning Cart Systems Vacuum Cleaners Signs & Safety products Wash room products

20 Storage & Recycling: Green leaf proudly brings you: Storage boxes
Storage & Recycling: Green leaf proudly brings you: Storage boxes Storage Carts Garbage Containers Platform Trucks Smoking Management solutions Utility Carts Outdoor Containers Collapsible Carts Bulk Trucks

21 Towels and Bedding: Green leaf proudly brings you:
Towels and Bedding: Green leaf proudly brings you: Towels Sheets and Pillowcases Mattresses and mattress pads Decorative Top Sheets Mattress toppers Bed Spreads Blankets and comforters Blankets Pillows

22 Other products to come:
Other products to come: Green leaf will be glad to bring you: Diving equipment Hotels furniture Restaurant furniture Outdoor furniture Outdoor cooking Candles, torques and decoration Surface coverings

23 WIN-WIN partnership Loyal payment terms for Green Club members
WIN-WIN partnership Loyal payment terms for Green Club members There is no minimum order for all our major brands We provide 1 year warranty and out-of-warranty repair service for all power equipment

24 Payment terms For all orders Green Leaf Ltd will require at least 30% deposit. For 100% down payment discount will be applied. Net 15 and Net 30 days terms are available for Green Club members

25 Delivery terms & conditions
Delivery terms & conditions We deliver to Denarau and Nadi area for free. For all orders on Viti Levu exceeding FJ$200 freight fee is waived. Otherwise FJ$100 freight fee is applied. Outside of Viti Levu every situation is unique and must be negotiated prior to Purchase. All in-stock products are delivered on Fridays. Nadi region customers are serviced next day 8 weeks is our lead time for non-stock items

26 Sustainable Supplies We do care about pearl of Pacific – Fiji Islands Nature, that is why we: Have chosen sustainable development companies, which have wide range of reusable or bio degradable components in their products Always suggest using recyclable products from our range in your business Support all initiatives for Nature Preserving, and reduction of all kind of emissions Direct 1% of our revenue towards different nature preserving programs

27 Obvious advantage We provide you with the most convenient time saving tool – our website, which has: Full list of products with images, videos, descriptions and current prices Online chat to get prompt answers without even picking up your phone Guides and reviews for many products for you to expand your professional knowledge and simplify selection process. Convenient online shopping tool – order everything in minutes, saving your valuable time and money

28 Visit our showroom today!
Visit our showroom today! You can find us at Denarau Rd, 15 Weilulu Subdivision, Narewa, Nadi , , Socialize with us!

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