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How to Milk a MOOC Catheryn Cheal, Associate Professor, San Jose State University.

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1 How to Milk a MOOC Catheryn Cheal, Associate Professor, San Jose State University

2 Writing Plato, c. 370 BC, Phaedrus, speech of Socrates “The fact is that (this invention) will produce forgetfulness in the souls of those who have learned it. They will not need to exercise their memories…”

3 Printed Books Pope Alexander VI, 1500 ” “It will be necessary to maintain full control over them so that they may be prevented from bringing (these inventions) which are antagonistic to the Catholic faith or which are likely to cause trouble to believers.” – 1500

4 Blackboards William Alcott, 1843, The Slate Blackboard and Exerci ses In many of our common schools, however, (this invention) has been but barely introduced. The teacher knows almost as little how to use it as his pupils.”

5 "Can People Be Taught Like Pigeons?" (Boehm,1960) "Can Machines Replace Teachers?" (Luce, 1960) "Will Robots Teach Your Children?"(Bell, 1961) Teaching Machines B.F. Skinner

6 “I’ll never do video!”

7 Worries that technology will: 1. Destroy our mental/social capability. 2. Overturn the current social/political hierarchy. 3. Be misused by faculty and students. 4. Turn us into robots.


9 edX EE98 Online Course

10 SJSU/edX Partnership Electric Engineering 98 flipped course/MITx6.002x Circuits and Electronics. Fall Pilot 2012: Traditional course= 59% passed, 40% C or lower. edX SJSU flipped= 91% passed, 9% C or lower.

11 SJSU Plus/Udacity Partnership Spring 2013--Statistics, Remedial Math, Algebra Summer 2013--Intro Psychology, Java Programming Students--280 SJSU credit students & 30,000 Udacity no-credit students Cost--$150 for SJSU students and free for Udacity students

12 Udacity Studio

13 SJSU Plus (Udacity)

14 MOOC Development Process by Faculty Stipend--$15,000 for 400 hours development work Orientation Workshop 1.Team construction 2.Online teaching principles 3.Amount and type of work

15 MOOC Development Meet about construction Write content Record video in studio Write problems and exams Review content

16 Methods Camera over a drawing on paper Wacom Cintiq tablet with Camtasia or Autodesk SketchPad Pro and transparent hand captured by camera. Questions and audio feedback Headshot videos of professor—1-2 min. Interview videos of guest lectures Onsite videos

17 Positive Results of SJSU Plus Pilot 1.Very good pedagogical, self-paced content for four courses. 2.Excellent retention rates for 3 courses in summer. 3.High enrollments and low cost.

18 Spring and Summer Pass Rates Pass are Cs or better after W are removed. Spring Pilot 2013Summer Pilot 20132013 SJSU On- Campus (based on past 6 semesters) Elementary Statistics 50.5% 100 student cap 83.0% 400 student cap 76.3% College Algebra25.4% 100 student cap 72.6% 200 student cap 64.7% Entry Level Math23.8% 100 student cap 29.8% 200 student cap 45.5% General Psychologynot offered67.3% 400 student cap 83.0% Intro to Programming not offered70.4% 700 student cap 67.6%

19 MOOC Challenges Contract development Intellectual property Faculty roles and course development Scale up enrollments Admission, registration, payment, pre-req and disabilities checking processes Webpages and systems technology integration

20 Faculty Issues Governance for online conversion Ownership of course content Exam Proctoring External Contracts Enrollment Numbers

21 How to Start a MOOC Decide on your purpose: Publicity for the university or programs? Lower costs? Greater access for students? New content for better pedagogy?

22 Future of MOOCs




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