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Rothley Conservation Area Click mouse for next slides.

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1 Rothley Conservation Area Click mouse for next slides

2 Map of 1903

3 Map of 1780

4 The Conservation Area in 2008Listed buildings in Rothley Reproduced from Ordnance Survey digital mapping. Crown copyright. Licence No 100023558

5 Rothley sitting beside the Brook

6 A sense of History


8 The connection with the Templars


10 Evidence of framework knitting

11 The original settlement around the Church

12 Narrow curving streets, the houses close together and set at the back of the pavement

13 Many timber framed cottages


15 Town Green

16 One of the best preserved historic areas


18 Cross Green with its formal war memorial

19 Two storey houses The roof ridge parallel to the street With exceptions, of course!

20 Individual buildings

21 Some of them set away from the public realm

22 Landmarks

23 Marking the corner between North Street and Town Green Street

24 Raised pavement

25 Timber frame white render Red brick Granite

26 Welsh slate Thatch Swithland slate Roman tile

27 White painted sash windows

28 Yorkshire sliding sash windows

29 Doors

30 The old street lanterns

31 Cast iron street name plates

32 Blue enamel fire hydrant signs




36 The relationship to the meadows and the brook


38 Pine trees along Hallfields Lane

39 The approach past the parkland of Rothley Temple


41 Memorial to Queen Elizabeth II

42 Like sentinels around the war memorial

43 For more about Rothley download the appraisal either text or illustrated version

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