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Tommy Tablet’s Top Ten Tablet Teaching Tips By Tom Farrell Dakota State University.

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1 Tommy Tablet’s Top Ten Tablet Teaching Tips By Tom Farrell Dakota State University

2 The Tablet - A New Way of Teaching

3 Now I have done this half way around the world

4 About Tom Product of Madison Schools General Beadle Student – DSC Grad Computer RETREAD since 1985 Working with tablets since January 2003 Was a BIG doubter of the Tablet Now “I’m A Believer”

5 What is a Tablet PC A Tablet PC represents the evolution of the notebook PC, enabling you to work in more places and in new ways. Powerful, mobile, and versatile, the Tablet PC offers the full functionality of today's notebook PCs—with no sacrifices. Operating System by Microsoft Tablet XP superset of Windows XP

6 The Tablet Comes in Two Variations Slate Model Convertible Model Outstanding functionality for teaching and learning

7 Tip #10 Wireless Connectivity and Wireless Projection Network connections without wires 802.11G Internet Printing Other network resources Faculty Projection and/or Student Projection Meeting Projection

8 Using the Slate and the Blade Cover Removal Opening Closing Mounting tablet Alternate Positions Think about ports, power, and antenna

9 Power Switch Side Slate

10 Speakers Side - Slate

11 The Buttons

12 Logging In Login In Name is Tablet There is no password Just click Ok

13 Tip #9 Printing to the Journal Any item on the screen that can be printed to a printer can be printed to the Journal Very powerful use for all class presentations using PowerPoint Faculty/Student annotation of many items. Creating, Grading and Returning assignments Viewable on all systems with a free download of the Journal Viewer

14 Sample of Printing to the Windows Journal

15 Let’s Write on our Journals Open the Journal Begin writing as if you are writing on a sheet of paper

16 Tip #8 Journal Templates The Journal comes delivered with multiple Templates. Windows Journal - Templates Can also create your own templates by printing to the screen and then saving as a template file Anything on the screen can be printed and saved as Journal or template

17 Journal Templates Sample

18 Tip #7 Conversion of Handwriting to Text Can use Tablet PC Input Panel and any Office application Great for Tom’s latest computing innovation “Lazy Boy Computing” New and improved with the Service Pack 2 Demonstration using PowerPoint

19 A Look at the New Input Panel

20 Another Classroom

21 Tip #6 Ink in Office 2003 Can use ink in any of the following applications: Demo of Word Show Hide annotations Demo of PowerPoint At design time At presentation time

22 Tip #5 Journal as a Repository Print items to Journal and use as my filing system Items are always within easy access and with me Searchable demonstration of handwritten search Sorted by date or topic Reduced my personal printing by at 85%

23 Tip #4 Electronic Textbooks Still in the early stages of adopting, however will be looking for several classes in the fall Uses Adobe or Zinio Reader Demo of Adobe Reader

24 Tip #3 Submission and Grading of Assignments Can use Word, Excel or other application Also using the printing to Journal E-mail return No need to print Both student and faculty member retain graded copy for future reference Demonstration of graded assignments WebCT

25 Tip #2 Microsoft OneNote Microsoft Windows Journal on Steroids Many of-the features of Journal with multiple pages

26 A Look at OneNote The standard 5 subject notebook concept Classes across the top Daily notes for each class along right hand side

27 Tip #1 Used and Mandated on the Dakota State University Campus

28 Questions Tom Farrell

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