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Metamorphic Rocks Two Words Not Happy Birthday!!.

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1 Metamorphic Rocks Two Words Not Happy Birthday!!

2 Foliated Metamorphic Rocks
Mineral Alignment Banding

3 Slate comes from:

4 Shale Metamorphoses to Slate
Red Fossil Shale Red Slate

5 Slate Roofing Tiles

6 Phyllite

7 Phyllite is shiny b/c:

8 Schist from Manhattan Schist has shiny, platy, flaky __________ crystals

9 Central Park Schist showing Glacial scratches

10 Schist Showing Banding or Foliation

11 This Gneiss started out as…

12 Granite Metamorphoses to Gneiss

13 Gneiss Rock!!

14 Gneiss foliations distorted

15 Folded Gneiss at Museum of Natural History, Manhattan

16 Non-Foliated

17 Anthracite Coal comes from…

18 Coal Metamorphoses to Anthracite

19 Map Of Pennsylvania Coal Fields

20 Go To Google Maps to see Pennsylvania

21 Hornfels: from _____ metamorphism

22 Quartzite comes from…

23 Sandstone Metamorphoses to Quartzite

24 Quartzite with Cross-Bedding

25 Marble comes from…

26 Limestone Metamorphoses to Marble

27 Folded Marble, Maam Valley, Ireland

28 Metaconglomerate comes from…

29 Conglomerate Metamorphoses to Metaconglomerate

30 Stretching of Pebbles in Metaconglomerate

31 Contact Metamorphism Limestone (Sedimentary.) Marble (Metamorphic.)
Diabase (Igneous Intrusion.) Marble (Metamorphic.) Limestone (Sedimentary.)

32 Contact Metamorphism Quartzite Intrusion of Gabbro Sandstone Quartzite
Small Intrusion Sandstone

33 Regional Metamorphism

34 Folding of Rock during Mountain Building


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