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Structural-safety Alastair Soane November 2011 Structural-safety incorporating CROSS and SCOSS.

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1 Structural-safety Alastair Soane November 2011 Structural-safety incorporating CROSS and SCOSS

2 Ronan Point 1968

3 Milford Haven 1970

4 SCOSS collects data from public sources on failures consider whether unacceptable risk exists publishes Alerts help to influence changes to improve structural safety CROSS collect confidential data on concerns provide comments in relation to these concerns maintains a data base of reports and publications promote a positive attitude to learning from experience

5 Confidential reporting

6 Sponsors Institution of Structural Engineers Institution of Civil Engineers Health and Safety Executive Supporters UK Bridges Board Highways Agency British Parking Association Department of Communities and Local Government DRD Northern Ireland Local Authority Building Control Scottish Government Building Standards Division


8 normal operations incidents injury fatal incidents precursors diagram courtesy of ASRS Pyramid of risk HSE or other authorities CROSS Precursors should be reported internally and can be reported to CROSS

9 Operating system analysis and comments Reports newsletters and data base influence and change reporting from firms encouraged reports are confidential identities are removed analysis and comment by expert panel

10 Reporters

11 Examples from building control 29 defective submissions 10 dangerous – 9 from sole practitioners – 13 from small practices – 5 from medium sized practices – 2 were from “top” practices

12 Reports by sector

13 Blind bolts Steel frame collapse Staircase collapse Winch failure on offshore rig imported products

14 British Waterways 8 tonne counter weight hidden fixings

15 Pre-stressed tanks cable corrosion

16 Acoustic Ceiling Collapses fixings

17 Public art not enough engineering

18 Proprietary roof system 2011 failure at support more data needed

19 River Crane bridge scour

20 SCOTCROSS fatality due to falling masonry in 2001 legal recommendation for a survey started August 2005 – completed August 2007 1,186 reports from 25 LAs 12 injuries from falling debris abundance of statistical data

21 Masonry façade degradation form of construction, age, and weathering

22 Typical concerns Figure 2 Unsafe pediment Figure 3 Decaying stonework Figure 4 Dangerous slates Figure 5 Cracked stonework age and weathering

23 Distribution of reports January 2007

24 Snow load collapses 2010/11 depth of ice and snow

25 Water ballast for temporary structures reliance on non- structural components Concrete ballast

26 Wind turbine in Wyoming February 2011 -48 degrees C

27 LPS structure demolition 2010 lack of robustness

28 Exploding concrete unexpected chemical reaction

29 Degradation of 1960s MSCP form of construction, age, salt, lack of maintenance

30 Analysis of very tall buildings Unusual and complex structures – use of correct model – appropriate boundary conditions – experience of modellers Identification of risk – progressive and disproportionate collapse – global and local buckling concern about quality of analysis

31 Timber frames during construction acceptable risk?

32 Structural-safety International Engineers Australia close to joining the scheme Co-operation with ABC Meldpunt in Holland BCA in Singapore are interested Malaysian authorities have made enquiries CEBC are planning an EU wide defects reporting system and are monitoring CROSS concept is for an International Group of organisations who run similar programmes to share information through a common data base.

33 Twente stadium roof 2011 bracing incomplete

34 Cologne records office collapse of adjacent cut

35 Results from CROSS BSI and CFA review of fixing standards CIRIA review on major events in construction safety Highways Agency have embedded CROSS procedures DRD Northern Ireland have followed suit Evidence submitted to Building Regulations for England on robustness and other matters Scottish Government’s review of hazards from older buildings BSI looking at snow loading BSI looking at shear concerns in concrete

36 Birmingham TV screen 2006 inadequate temporary structure

37 Ground supported stage structure

38 Indiana Stage roof 2011

39 SCOSS current top concerns Falsified documentation Quality of some imported steel components Temporary stage roofs Bolted fixings Robustness Fire and construction methods

40 Benefits Learn from the experiences of others Source of practical information Identification of pre-cursors to failure Tool for influencing regulations and codes Potential for avoiding or reducing failures Economically sound Ethically sound

41 The programme depends on receiving reports from individuals, firms, and regulatory bodies. You can participate by sending concerns in confidence to:

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