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Jeopardy Game The Rock Cycle.

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1 Jeopardy Game The Rock Cycle

2 The Rock Cycle Igneous Rocks 10 pts 10 pts 10 pts 10 pts 20 pts 20 pts
Metamorphic Rocks Sedimentary Rocks 10 pts 10 pts 10 pts 10 pts 20 pts 20 pts 20 pts 20 pts 30 pts 30 pts 30 pts 30 pts 40 pts 40 pts 40 pts 40 pts 50 pts 50 pts 50 pts 50 pts

3 Question 1 Rock A solid material made of one or more minerals
Check Answer

4 Question 2 Rock Cycle A model that shows how one rock can change to another rock. It repeats over and over. Check Answer

5 Question 3 Sedimentary Rock
_________ rock is formed when sediment is compacted and cemented together. Check Answer

6 Question 4 Igneous __________ rock is formed from the cooling of magma. Check Answer

7 Question 5 Metamorphic ______ rock is formed when another rock is changed by heat and pressure. Check Answer

8 Question 6 Lava Magma that reaches the surface through a volcano is known as ________. Check Answer

9 Question 7 Intrusive Magma trapped below the surface that cools at a very slow rate creates _______ igneous rock. Check Answer

10 Question 8 Extrusive Magma that shoots out of a volcano as lava cools very quickly on the surface to form _______ igneous rock. Check Answer

11 Question 9 Intrusive and extrusive
Igneous rocks are classified in 2 ways. ______________ Check Answer

12 Question 10 metamorphic Igneous rock that goes through heat and pressure will form ______ rock. Check Answer

13 Question 11 Heat and pressure
_____________ and ______________ result from one layer of rock pressing on another, which eventually forms metamorphic rock. Check Answer

14 Question 12 magma If the temperature is hot enough, rock may melt to form ________. Check Answer

15 Question 13 Marble Which of the following is metamorphic?
Sandstone, Granite, or Marble? Check Answer

16 Question 14 True True or False? Metamorphic rock can be placed under heat and pressure to form other metamorphic rock. Check Answer

17 Question 15 Gneiss, Marble, Schist, Slate Name two metamorphic rocks.
Check Answer

18 Question 16 Sediment Sedimentary rock is formed from ______.
Check Answer

19 Question 17 fossils ______ form in sedimentary rock, which tell about life conditions in the past. Check Answer

20 Question 18 Shale Which of the following is sedimentary?
Basalt, Shale, or Slate? Check Answer

21 Question 19 cemented Sediment is compacted and _____ together to form sedimentary rock. Check Answer

22 Question 20 Conglomerate, Limestone, Sandstone, or Shale
Name two sedimentary rocks. Check Answer

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