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General Body Meeting May 14, 2009

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1 General Body Meeting May 14, 2009
Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. Cincinnati Alumnae Chapter “Ohio Chapter of the Year!” General Body Meeting May 14, 2009 CACDST Goals: Impactful social action programming that mobilizes the chapter Contributing $30,000 over the next 5 years to our chapter scholarships and programs Reclaiming at least 50 sorors over the next 5 years Enhancing our internal policies and procedures for better chapter effectiveness Increasing chapter visibility within the community and the sorority. Regional Goals: 200 delegates at DDNC 100% Chapter Compliance 7000 Members by June 30, 2009 200 DIDs (Delta Internal Development workshops) 8 State Meetings (e.g., Delta Days, Statewide Founders Day, Training Clusters, etc.) Launch a State Program Initiative for all 8 states Submit 4 articles from the Midwest for the Delta Journal 100% attendance by chapters at the Regional Conference Full slate of candidates for 2009 Regional Conference

2 House Keeping Reminder
Ohio Chapter of the Year!” General Body Meeting May 14, 2009 ORDER OF BUSINESS Meeting Call to Order Adoption of the Agenda Nominating Committee House Keeping Reminder Minutes of Previous General Body Meeting – Read Silently Correspondence Officer’s Reports President 1st Vice President 2nd Vice President 3rd Vice President Financial Secretary Treasurer Appointed Officers Reports Parliamentarian Committee Reports Ways & Means /Golf Outing Social Action Delta Academy Unfinished Business Soror Marcia Fudge’s donation request New Business Announcements June Mtg to be held at Columbia Center Ritualistic Closing Note: Italic and shadowed items are reports containing recommendations and will require action

3 General Body Meeting Minutes April 2009
The April meeting was called to order at 10:15 am, College Hill Presbyterian Church. A quorum was present with___ financial members and ___ non-financial/ visiting sorors. Sor. Nancy Moody moved to adopt the agenda. The motion was seconded. Motion passes. The March General Body Meeting minutes were read silently. Motion to approve the minutes by Sor. Marie White. Seconded. Motion carries. Correspondence Sor. Charlotte McKenzie gave her report. Invitation to several events around the city. Requests to be covered under new business. President Sor. Veronica Chapman gave her report. Local and Regional updates. Violets to sorors on successful programs over the past month. 1st Vice President Sor. Tina Welch gave the report. Highlights from the program events over the last month. Review of chapter program and proposals for ‘09-10 sorority year. 2nd Vice President Sor. Veronica Chapman gave the report. Violets to Soror Integration committee for sisterhood month. Reminder on MW regional conference registration. Time to submit nominations for violet and fortitude awards, due by May 14th sorority meeting. New member orientation on 4/22 at 6:30 Xavier Univ. Armory. Rho Xi requesting financial help for the MW regional conference. Recognition of visiting sorors and April birthdays. 3rd Vice President Sor. Vickie Fairley gave her report. Informational.

4 General Body Meeting Minutes April 2009 ….continued
Financial Secretary Sor. Ligaya West gave her report. Up to 127 members. At 75 members for ’09-10. Treasurer Sor. Gayle DeBrossard gave her report. Review of the proposed budget for ’09-10 sorority year. Appointed Officers Nominating Committee: Sor. Jackie Turner gave her report. Recv’d 8 applications. Elections to be held at the May meeting. Slate presented to chapter. Slate includes: President - Tina Welch; 1st Vice President – Danelle Carter; 2nd Vice President – Gail McCullom; 3rd Vice President – Shawnda DeRamus; Treasurer – Gayle DeBrossard; Financial Secretary – Ligaya West; Corresponding Secretary – Kim Hull; Nominating Committee Chair – Charlotte McKenzie. Sor. Shonda Daniels was nominated from the floor for Recording Secretary. Accepted. Sorors Stacey Fulgham, Reynell Frazier, Ashani O’Mard, Ronnise Handy, Cheryl Lett and Kristal Fears nominated from the floor for nominating committee members. Accepted. Sor. Rose Kearney moved to close the nominations. Seconded. Motion carries. Sor. Wanda Owens moved to approve the slate. Seconded. Motion Carries. Committees Ways and Means: Soror Lisa Rowell gave her report. Asking Sorors to bring items for golf bags to May meeting. Currently at 18 hole sponsors and 5 teams. Looking for more items, sponsors and golfers. Committee meeting 4/26 3pm at Donatos. Scholarship: Sor. Kim Hull gave her report. 4 students identified as winners and will be presented at Golf Outing and June luncheon.

5 General Body Meeting Minutes April 2009 ….continued
Committees (cont’d) Delta G.E.M.S: Sor. Stacey Fulgham gave the report. Social Action: Sor. Deatria Walker gave her report. Update and agenda for DDACH April 28th and 29th. Violets to the committee. Membership Intake: Sor. Veronica Chapman gave the report. Initiation tonight at the Columbia Center at 6pm. Unfinished Business Request from Rho Xi for help with their lodging for the MW Regional Conference. Motion to donate $200 and pass the hat for the additional $50 by Sor. Shawnda DeRamus. Seconded. Motion Carries. New Business Soror Marcia Fudge is seeking financial support of at least 1000 donors by July 1 for her candidacy in Ohio’s 11th Congressional District. Motion to donate $100 by Sor. Ligaya West. Seconded. Discussion. Tabled until research can be done on whether or not we can donate to a political campaign. Walnut Hills High School Black Alumni Network (BAN) is seeking financial support for their inaugural Souvenir Book that will support the Academic Bridge Program and the BAN programs, including scholarships. Motion to donate $60 Half page ad by Sor. Jackie Turner. Seconded. Motion carries. Queen City Chapter of the Links requesting support for their Mother’s Day Luncheon. Motion to take a full page ad for $100 by Sor. Shawnda DeRamus. Seconded. Motion carries.

6 General Body Meeting Minutes April 2009 ….continued
Announcements Sorors can dress down for the May meeting as we will be working on the Golf outing bags. $88 collected for the Rho Xi delegates for MW regional conference. Reminder to bring used cell phones to initiation for Delta Academy. Sor. Stacey Fulgham moved to adjourn. Seconded. Motion carries. Meeting adjourned at 12:15 pm followed by the Ritualistic Closing. Stacey Fulgham Veronica Chapman Recording Secretary President

7 Correspondence Report May 14, 2009
Greetings Sorors. Please review the guidelines listed below that will help in our correspondence process. All committee meetings, updates, announcements, etc. that you would like included in the upcoming CAC Weekly Update should be submitted each week, no later than Sunday, 5:00pm to You must write your own submission in its’ entirety. This will insure inclusion of any early week meetings, as the Update will be ed during the early part of each week. If you have an exception/emergency, feel free to call Please submit your info in the format as you would like for it to appear in the update. Your info should be inclusive but brief, in STANDARD TYPE AND FONT. Include pertinent info such as date, time, location, contact person, , phone number, etc. Only minor editing will be done. Keep in mind that NOT EVERY FLYER/ATTACHMENT CAN BE INCLUDED. Therefore, submit your info as bullet points that can be included in the body of the update or send an attachment that is small in capacity. Please UPDATE YOUR CURRENT ADDRESS, , PHONE NUMBERS, ETC. with our Sergeant at Arms as you sign in for the Chapter Meeting. Also, if you have information that is currently not on file for another Soror, please provide it to us. We need correct information so that we can keep you in the communication loop of CAC. Your suggestions and comments are welcome. Remember, ALL SUBMISSIONS SHOULD ONLY BE SENT TO THE CHAPTER ADDRESS: Thank you Sorors! Correspondence: Welcome greetings via from Soror Octavia Matthews to all of the Neophytes. Thank you card from the family of the late Soror Marlene Bright. The Ohio Commission on Minority Health has announced the availability of requests for proposals (RFP). Call or for information. UMADAOP Statewide Conference will take place August 20-21, Registration opens June 1. Soror Jessica Williams-Norton has announced her interest as candidate for Member of Regional Nominating Committee. VIP Invitation received from Soror Soraya Williams Farver (Detroit Alumnae), candidate for Midwest Regional Director. Alicia Reese and family present “The Dream Is Real Family Fest” on May 22-24, For info call or

8 Correspondence Report continued…..
Request/Ads/Donations: Soror Soraya Williams Farver is seeking donations for her candidacy as Midwest Regional Director. No set amount on donations. Cincinnati Queen City Alumnae Chapter will celebrate their 20th Anniversary Celebration June 12-14, Their Program Booklet features ads for Covers/$100; full page/$40; half page/$30; quarter page/$20; eighth page/$10. Photo with ad for an additional $10. Deadline is May 15, 2009. Submitted in the spirit of Delta, Charlotte McKenzie Corresponding Secretary

9 Presidents Report May 14, 2009 Sorors,
As we wind down another awesome year and celebrate 50 years of service to the Greater Cincinnati community, I could not be more proud of this chapter. We have worked together in a sisterly manner to bring some wonderful programs to our community. Thanks to you for all that you do! Local Updates  Welcome to our 18 new Sorors, inducted April 18, Violets to Soror Gail McCullom and the Minerva Circle for a beautiful Membership Intake Process and Initiation Ceremony. Thanks you for your support and attendance during Soror Elsie Brown’s Omega Omega Service. It was a beautiful service and a fitting tribute to Soror Elsie Brown, the matriarch of our chapter. Violets to the over 130 Sorors who were in attendance. Sorors were well received during the AKA Public Meeting. Violets to the Social Action Committee for another wonderful Delta Days at City Hall. We had a great turnout from our City Leaders and we’re already working on ways to partner. Violets to the nominating committee for coming up with our Slate of Officers. Violets to Delta Academy, Delta GEMS and our Scholarship Committee for their recent programming. We need your support for our final major event of the year. We need to you volunteer to assist during that day and we could still use more golfers and hole sponsors. State Updates Participated in State of Ohio President’s Call Monday evening. Looking to schedule MIT Training for Saturday, September 11th. Yours in Delta, Veronica L. Chapman

10 First Vice President Report
Spring is here and we are wrapping up the sorority year with some tremendous programming, below are some of the program highlights from the past month: Delta Days at City Hall, Advocacy in Action-Renewing Our Purpose”, on April 28th and 29th Delta Academy, wrapped up their popular education component Lights! Camera! Action! , on May 9th Delta GEMS, Overnight College Retreat, Miami University, Oxford Ohio, on April 25th and 26th Delta Academy and GEMS, participated in the March of Dimes Walk for Babies, on April 26th Scholarship Committee, awarded 4 scholarships We have some great things planned for the remainder of the sorority year. Below is some key information regarding each program and upcoming activities: Dr. Betty Shabazz Delta Academy - Young ladies grades 5th through 8th, focus on math/science, closing ceremony and presentation of their Lights! Camera! Action! Project, Saturday, June 13th, College Hill Presbyterian Church, 12pm – 3pm. The Academy would like to thank the sorors who donated cell phones as contribution towards the annual March of Dimes Walk for Babies. Delta Academy II: Delta G.E.M.S. (Growing and Empowering Myself Successfully) – Young ladies grades 9th through 12th, focus on self esteem and leadership, End of the Year Celebration/Fun Activity, Saturday, May 23rd, 12pm – 4p. Scholarship Committee - Presenting 4 scholarships in the amount of $2,300 to the 2009 scholarship recipients at the Golf Outing, Saturday, May 16th, 6pm. The scholarship recipients are: Kimaya Hudgins- Princeton; Malaika McCoy- Seven Hills; Ciera Brooks- Roger Bacon; and Diamond Austin- Withrow High School. 10

11 First Vice President Report
Debutante Cotillion - Young ladies that are High school Juniors and Seniors, focus on developing and enhancing the debutante’s personal, educational, cultural, spiritual, and social lives. Currently planning the year end Senior send off and picnic. Social Action committee - Collaboration with community partners to enhance the political and social awareness of the Cincinnati community residents. Thanks to the sorors who attended Delta Days at City hall and we are looking forward to collaborating with the city on several potential projects. The committee will be presenting their final report at the June sorority meeting. Physical and Mental Health Committee – will be focused on Stroke and Stroke prevention in addition to Breast Cancer Awareness, and Heart Disease. We are looking forward to a Stroke Awareness presentation. Financial Fortitude Committee – will focus on home ownership and preventative maintenance. The revised 2009/20010 program proposal are attached for your review and approval. The chapter calendar is posted on our website, We are excited about our programs and we invite you to participate. Yours in Delta Tina A. Welch First Vice President

12 Second Vice President Report
Violets to Soror Carmen Jett for planning and creating an opportunity for Sorors to bond at a happy hour held on Friday, May 8, There were several Sorors in attendance and our new initiates were able to meet other members of the chapter! Please contact me if you are planning to attend the regional conference in Charleston, WV. I can be reached at or If you are celebrating a 25-year or 50-year anniversary in Delta, please notify me TODAY. We will conduct our annual June luncheon immediately following our June sorority meeting on June 20, The meeting and luncheon will be held at the Columbia Center. To ensure an accurate count for lunch, please RSVP no later than Friday, June 5, You can contact me at or It’s that time of year again to recognize our dynamic Sorors for their contributions to the chapter. Please prepare to complete nomination forms for the Violet and Fortitude awards. All submissions will need to be received by May 22, Included in your packet are the nomination forms. Please send all forms to The criteria is listed below:

13 Second Vice President Report
VIOLET AWARD To be eligible for the Violet Award, one must be: Nominated by a member of Cincinnati Alumnae Chapter Over the age of 50 An active member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority for over twenty years A financial member of Cincinnati Alumnae Chapter in the current Sorority year Committed to the steadfast support of chapter projects and programs A representative of strength, wisdom and commitment to the Delta Nine Cardinal Virtues as evidenced through her conduct and demeanor FORTITUDE AWARD To be eligible for the Fortitude Award, one must be: Have consistent involvement in a broad spectrum of Chapter projects and programs Show commitment to and unsung support of Chapter projects and programs Promote sisterhood and unity within the Chapter Exemplify Delta’s Nine Cardinal Virtues through her conduct and demeanor Demonstrate outstanding leadership of a chapter project or program -OR- Be responsible for the conception or initiation of a project or program that fosters Delta’s public service goals Demonstrate perseverance and unrelenting dedication to a Chapter project or program in spite of adversities

14 Violet Award Nomination Application
Name of Nominee: Nominee’s Address: Nominee’s Place of Employment: Nominee’s Work Phone: Nominee’s Home Phone: Year’s involved in Delta Sigma Theta Sorority: Year’s involved in Cincinnati Alumnae Chapter: Does the Nominee know of your Nomination? Yes_________ No_________ Please provide a brief explanation of why you feel this nominee should receive the Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. Cincinnati Alumnae Chapter Violet Award. Attach a biography if possible. (Attach additional sheets if necessary).

15 Fortitude Award Nomination Application
Name of Nominee: Nominee’s Address: Nominee’s Place of Employment: Nominee’s Work Phone: Nominee’s Home Phone: Year’s involved in Delta Sigma Theta Sorority: Year’s involved in Cincinnati Alumnae Chapter: Does the Nominee know of your Nomination? Yes_________ No_________ Please provide a brief explanation of why you feel this nominee should receive the Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. Cincinnati Alumnae Chapter Fortitude Award. Attach a biography if possible. (Attach additional sheets if necessary). Sisterly, Danelle 2nd Vice President

16 Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Cincinnati Alumnae Chapter Third Vice President’s Report – May 2009
Greeting Sorors! Resources Management Committee updates are outlined below. Ways & Means Committee ~ Soror Lisa Rowell Our Third Annual Golf Outing is this Saturday– May 16th. Still accepting hole sponsors and goody bag items. Parliamentarian ~ Soror Esther Cash Mills Draft template for chapter policies and procedures ready for review. Electronic copy forthcoming. Placeholder set up committees that have not submitted input. Violets to Sorors Deloris Elliott and Carol Mundy for volunteering to support this effort! Historian ~ Soror Ebonie Byndon Working to archive chapter materials. Journalist ~ Lynadius Josept & Camille Woods Preparing for the next edition of our Minerva’s Pen Newsletter. Web Mistress ~ Soror LaCosta Mackey Moore Updating website! Click for happenings. Sharing info with new sorors regarding website procedures. Publicity ~ Soror Katelyn Jackson Coordinating publicity of chapter events and programs.

17 Audit ~ Soror Mary Coleman
Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Cincinnati Alumnae Chapter Third Vice President’s Report cont’d Audit ~ Soror Mary Coleman Maintaining our internal controls and financial structure. Custodian ~ Soror Sandra Wiggins Maintaining chapter properties and supporting chapter meetings and program activities. Chaplain ~ Soror Wanda Owens Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication, with thanksgiving, let your requests be made known to God. Philippians 4:6 Dial-a-Delta ~ Sorors Melba Morgan & Pearline Singletary Committee staffed and ready to serve. Sergeant at Arms ~ Soror Maurine Allen Maintaining a professional meeting environment Housing Management ~ Soror Glenda Wilkinson Coordinating our housing feasibility study. YID - Soror Vickie D. Fairley Third Vice President

18 Total Receipts $18413.00 Monthly Report April 2009 Receipts Income
Amount Cotillion: tickets Membership Dues Membership Intake: Odyssey fees 705.00 A.C.E.: Accommodations 88.00 Golf Outing: sponsorship & fees 600.00 Total Receipts $ 18

19 Monthly Report April 2009 Disbursements Expenses Amount Duplication
FedEx Kinkos 41.13 Website , Telephone Listing - August & September Cincinnati Bell 46.84 Meeting Location - February College Hill Presbyterian 100.00 Membership Intake: session materials Gail McCullom 90.57 Membership Intake: PI, Orientation, J Night 300.00 Membership Intake: gifts 360.00 Membership Intake: location for J Night and Initiation Junior League of Cincinnati 597.50 Membership Intake: Odyssey supplies Michelle Toney 378.09 Membership Intake: location J Nights Xenos Christian Fellowship 200.00 Ad/Donation: Jazz Luncheon Queen City Chapter of the Links Ad/Donation: Souvenir booklet Walnut Hills Black Alumni 60.00 Regional Conference: 1/2 page ad Charleston Institute Alumnae 250.00 A.C.E.: Regional Conference Rho Xi 288.00 Leadership: Midwest Region Retreat Doubletree Guest Suites 431.19 Physical & Mental Health: brochures Yvonne Coursey 25.03 Sisterhood: flowers Peachy's Blossom 103.24 19

20 Monthly Report April 2009 Disbursements Expenses Amount
Delta Academy & GEMS: Retreat food Candice Higgins 173.10 Delta Academy & GEMS: Retreat location College Hill Presbyterian 150.00 Delta Academy & GEMS: Water & supplies Camille Woods 24.62 Delta GEMS: Jan, Feb, March mailing and food 173.36 Delta GEMS: March mailing FedEx Kinkos 12.61 Delta GEMS: retreat seed money 500.00 Scholarship: mailing Kim Hull 13.02 A.C.E.: Regional Conference Rho Xi 288.00 Cotillion: sash for Ms. Deb Awards Signs & Graphics Inc 45.00 GRAND Total Expenses $ 20

21 Financial Roster 21 A E L S Adams-Davis, Sherri Ellington, Evelyn
Allen, Maurine Archable, Victoria Armour, Tanya Austin, Terricka B Baker, Erica Bankston, Karen Barnes, Donnia Barnes, Vanessa Benjamin, Tikica Berry, Sallie Black, Monica Bowen, Tina Boyce-Mathis, Angela Brooks-Higgins, Candice Brown, Elsie Brown, Marena Burton, Kyndal Byndon, Ebonie C Cargile, Lori Carter, Danelle Cash-Mills, Esther Chapman, Sheryl Chapman, Veronica Cleveland, Mary Cole, L’Tanya Coleman, Mary Collins, Ashani Collins, Tamia Cook, Angela Cornelius, Tamekka Coursey, Yvonne Crawford-Hemphill, Ruby D Dale, Marviette Davis, Betty Daniels, Shonda DeBrossard, Gayle Dees, Ashley DeRamus, Shawnda Dixon, Sheree E Ellington, Evelyn Elliott, Deloris Everett, Minnie F Fariley, Kedra Fairley, Vickie Fears, Kristal Ferguson-Booker, Sheila Foree, Marthella Frazier, Josephine Frazier, Reynell Fulgham, Stacey Fultz, Betty Fuqua, Jaekeia G Gayle-Rucker, Gracie Glaspie, Geraldine Glover, Frances Goodloe, Celestine Graham, Scharleen Green, Tamara H Handy, Ronnise Hardy, Krystal Hardy, Tywauna Heard, Danyelle Henry, Martha Hillman, Adrienne Hollinger, April Horton, Margaret Howard, Carla Hudson, Lucia Hull, Kimberly J Johnson, Ruth Jones, Kara Jones, Nikita Joseph, Lynadius K Kearney, Rose Kendrick, Crystal King, Angela L Leonard-Wilkinson, Glenda Lewis-Thornton, Jennifer Love, Melinda M Mackey-Moore, LaCosta Madry, Trina Marshall, Mikaela Matthews, Keianna McCray, Adrienne McCray, Jacquelyn McCullom, Gail McDonald-Gordon, Robyn McKenzie, Charlotte Meadows, Cheryl Merrida, Chemere Montgomery, Olivia Moody, Nancy Moore, April Morgan, Melba Morton, Stephanie Murphy, Eunice N Newberry, Lillie O Owens, Maya Owens, Vera Owens, Wanda P Paddio, Lillie Pankey, Danielle Pennington, Monetta Potter, LeQuita R Reed, Allene Reed-Jett, Carmen Rogers, Michelle Rogers, Shawana Rowell, Lisa S Sams, Vanessa Shands, Mardia Shirley, Virginia Faye Singletary, Pearline Smith, Alesia Stallworth-Lett, Cheryl Stewart-Tyson, Karla Story-Stewart, Michelle Strudwick, Casandra T Taylor, Nikki Thomas, Latania Thomas, Nikki Tillery, Irma Toliver, Ernestine Toney, Michelle Turner, A. Kamille Turner, Jacqueline Twitty, Rhonda V Veals-Pierre, Bennette W Walker, Beulah Walker, Deatria Walters, Lottie Ward, Gloria Watson-El, Jasmin Weber-Lashore, Akiliah Welch, Tina Wesley, Florence West, Ligaya Wheeler, Tisha White-Heisel, Regina White, Dorothy White, Marie Wiggins, Sandra Wills, Tiffani Winston, Tiffani Woods, Camille Y Young, Sylvia TOTAL 145 21

22 Treasurers Report

23 Treasurers Report ….continued

24 Treasurers Report ….continued

25 Treasurers Report ….continued

26 Treasurers Report ….continued

27 Treasurers Report ….continued

28 Proposed Budget 28 28

29 Proposed Budget 29 29

30 Proposed Budget 30 30

31 Proposed Budget 31 31

32 Proposed Budget 32 32

33 Proposed Budget 33 33

34 Ways and Means/Golf Outing Report May 14, 2009
The golf outing is May 16, 2009 at Walden Pond Golf Course. Sorors who will volunteer are asked to report to the course at 11:00 am. I have directions. We have a total of 60 golfers and approximately 42 Hole Signs, however I am sure we will get to the fifty mark that was planned. Violets to all Sorors for working hard on obtaining and especially the neophytes. We are also stuffing bags after the meeting and you are welcome to stay and help. Contact Soror Lisa Rowell at (513) and Respectfully Submitted: Lisa Rowell, Ways & Means Chair

35 Delta Academy Report May 2009
The Delta Academy program year is coming to an end! We have many accomplishments to celebrate – the most recent being participation in the Great American Clean-up April 25 and walking in the three-mile March for Babies April 26. You are invited to join us in celebrating another successful program year at the Delta Academy Closing Ceremony Sat., June 13 at the College Hill Presbyterian Church sanctuary. This is the last day to turn in March of Dimes donations/cell phones! Here’s an schedule for the event: Time – 11 to 3:30 p.m. (including set-up and clean-up) Start set 11 a.m. Soror and participant stroll practice at 11:15 a.m., then finish set up Appetizers/mingle/fill out feedback surveys from noon to 1 p.m. 1-3 p.m. – Closing Program – Welcome, March/Stroll Processional, Address from president/VP, Video Showing, Year in Review, Acknowledgment of Partners, Presentation of Certificates (highlight comments from peers and sorors), Special recognition awards, Closing/wrap up clean up – 3 to 3:30 p.m. Volunteers are needed: To participate in the March, processional Set up Clean up Bagging gift bags Working the door Year end wrap-up/0910 POW WOW: June 28, 4-7 p.m. at Candice’s house, 2574 Redstart Dr. Fairfield, OH. Chicken curry! For more information contact Soror Candice Higgins at (513) home, (740) cell, or In the Spirit of Sisterhood, Candice Higgins

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