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BELLWORK What was the New Deal?

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1 BELLWORK What was the New Deal?
What was the difference between the PWA and the CCC? What is the FDIC? What are fireside chats? (pg. 459) In your opinion, was the New Deal successful? Why or why not? THINKER: FDR was often criticized as being a socialist by his opponents. Why do you think that is?


3 New Deal Opposition Although the New Deal was very successful, FDR’s programs faced some opposition. You will read pages and complete the graphic organizer. Explain why each person/group opposed FDR’s New Deal legislation.

4 Southern Tenant Farmer’s Union
Union of farmers fighting for better working conditions. Few landowners complied with the AAA and evicted farmers Now, they became unemployed AND homeless Argued that FDR took no action

5 Father Coughlin Fundamentalist priest with his own radio show
Appealed to people’s fears/prejudices instead of reason Said FDR was not changing financial system Also blamed Jews for banking problems

6 Senator Huey Long Took control of Louisiana’s government by appointing his followers Opposed FDR because he wanted to redistribute wealth even more Appealed to the working/low classes Assassinated

7 Conservatives FDR was interfering too much with private businesses
Believed the government needed to stay out of business FDR was spending too much on relief Argued FDR had lack of experience, and was turning the U.S. towards socialism.

8 Supreme Court Overturned NRA & AAA because it gave too much power to the Executive Branch Checks and balances Said taxes were not a good way to regulate agriculture (like AAA)

9 Conflict over the Judicial Branch
During FDR’s first term, the Supreme Court had struck down several components of his “New Deal” economic programs. So…… In 1937, FDR proposed the “court-packing plan” (Judicial Procedures Reform Bill of 1937). This would allow him to: Add more justices to the Supreme Court Personally appoint the justices Obtain favorable rulings for his New Deal Legislation Wanted to establish a pro-New Deal majority in the Supreme Court Why do you think this bill received so much opposition? Opponents viewed this as an attempt to stack the court in his favor: not fair & would give executive branch too much power Overturned because of unpopularity Considered his biggest source of opposition throughout entire presidency


11 America the Story of Us: Bust
Covers several topics during the Great Depression: Bank Runs Dust Bowl Hoover Dam Mt. Rushmore Rise of Nazi Germany Answer the 16 questions on this worksheet!

12 Unit 5 Review Game: Slate & Race
A question will appear on the board and you must race to answer it. You may use your notes and book. Once you write the answer on your slate, hold it up so I can check it. First five CORRECT responses will get a point. Top two teams get 5 points of extra credit on their test!

13 In the 1920’s, people used ___________ to purchase items they normally could not afford.

14 The Dust Bowl was a combination of which two factors?
Drought and Bad Farming Practices

15 Why did conservatives criticize the New Deal?
It was too involved in private businesses

16 What event caused FDR to get the most opposition?
His attempt to “pack” the Supreme Court

17 What program did President Hoover create to stabilize banks with government aide?
RFC (Reconstruction Finance Corporation)

18 Which New Deal program gave men environmental jobs?
CCC – Civilian Conservation Corps

19 Which law was passed to eliminate fraud in the stock market?
Truth-in-Securities Act

20 Making high risk investments in the hopes of large returns.

21 This high import tax encouraged U. S
This high import tax encouraged U.S. citizens to “buy American” and protect U.S. products from foreign competition. Hawley-Smoot Tariff

22 Who appealed to people’s prejudice and opposed FDR for not changing America’s financial system?
Father Coughlin

23 Which law prohibited banks from investing in the stock market?
Glass-Stegall Banking Act

24 Which group opposed the New Deal because it caused farmers to become homeless and unemployed?
Southern Tenant Farmers’ Union (STFU)

25 List three of President Hoover’s ideas on government.
Prosperity starts at the top and trickles down, state/local governments should handle relief, government should have minimal involvement in business

26 This is when you purchase a stock with a portion of your own money, while the rest is borrowed or loaned. Buying on margin

27 TIE-BREAKER FDR’s New Deal Legislation was characterized by relief, recovery, and reform. List one program from each category!

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