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GENI and Optical Networking GENI - ‘Global Environment for Networking Innovations’ Dr Paul A Morton, Senior Advisor, The National Science Foundation

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1 GENI and Optical Networking GENI - ‘Global Environment for Networking Innovations’ Dr Paul A Morton, Senior Advisor, The National Science Foundation

2 Outline The need for GENI What is GENI? GENI and Optical Networking –Optical Networking Research –The GENI Facility Participation in GENI Summary

3 The Internet A Transforming Infrastructure Education Communication S&E Research Information … … Entertainment Business Convergence on The Internet ‘Future Internet’

4 The Internet is great at what it does, but.. –Security is weak –Availability/Reliability is an issue –Instrumentation is weak –Predictability is weak –Manageability is an issue Our Critical Infrastructures Cannot Rely on it! –Mobility is not well supported –Sensing is not well supported –Scalability is an issue Persistent problems not solvable by incremental improvements to the current Internet –New Paradigms may prove more powerful, providing the basis for a superior Future Internet

5 Future Internet? New Paradigms? Protocol and Network Architectures? Distributed Systems and Services? Applications And User Requirements Disruptive Technologies Network Capabilities using ‘clean-slate’ approach Internet Architecture Limitations

6 Scope of ‘GENI’ Research Security Privacy and Accountability Mobility Availability & Reliability Manageability Economics Crisis Management Developing World Theoretical Foundations Applications & Human Interaction Language and Speech The iGeneration Data Plane Performance Scaling Control Plane Real-Time Systems Optical and Wireless Networking Self Organized Networks Sensor Networks Experimental Facility to Validate Research GENI

7 What is GENI? A Nationwide Programmable Facility for Research into Future Internet Technologies Using a ‘Clean-Slate’ Approach – ‘Out of the Box’ Thinking Strong Coupling with Physical Technologies – Wireless Networking – Optical Networking

8 GENI: The Physical Network Large-Scale Facility of Networked Systems –Reasonable Representation of the Internet’s Complexity –A Nationwide Optical Network ~ 200 Universities –Clusters for Processing/Storage –Wireless Access Networks Mobility, Location Awareness –Sensor Networks –Connected to a large number of User Communities Partnerships to Extend GENI within the US –Add Technologies and Users Federation to Extend GENI on a Global Scale

9 Core Nodes Schematic GENI Network Mobile Wireless Network Edge Site Sensor Network Edge Nodes Federated International Facility

10 Programmability All network elements programmable via open interfaces and/or downloadable user code Programmable Sensor Node Open API Radio platform Programmable Edge Node Programmable Core Node GENI Control & Management Plane

11 Slicing and Virtualization Mobile Wireless Network Edge Site Sensor Network - share resources to support many simultaneous experiments

12 GENI Design Principles Physical network ‘substrate’ –building block components –elements / nodes / links / subnets Software control & management framework –knits building blocks together –allows many parallel experiments (slices) –creates arbitrary logical topologies (virtualization) Programmable for ‘Clean Slate’ research Instrumented for accurate analysis Flexible and Phased Design –Support Technology Introduction during GENI Lifetime

13 GENI Status? Still in the Formative Stages ‘GENI Science Plan’ under revision GENI Facility ‘Conceptual Design’ almost complete Next stage looking to broaden participation –Look for ideas from interested parties –Stronger coupling with ‘Physical Layer’ Communities Optical Networking Wireless Networking –Stronger coupling with Internet Applications –Social and Behavioral Issues –Economic issues

14 Construction & Operations Snapshot of GENI Activities 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010... | | | | | | Pre-GENI Planning Activities GENI Planning Group: GENI Design PDR Conceptual Design Preliminary / Final Design Construction/ Operations Calendar Year Development of Relationships: GSC, GPO, Cross-Agency, Industrial, International) CDR GPO: GENI Design GPO FDR GSC MR GENI Planning Group: Key Academic Researchers Working Groups (~50 total) GENI Science Council Broad Academic & Industrial Group - Community Proxy GENI Project Office Management of GENI Design Construction & Operation Initial Merit Review Feb 2006 Conceptual Design Review Preliminary Design Review - Date TBD Final Design Review - Date TBD Construction ~ 5 Years Operation ~ 10 Years

15 GENI and Optical Networking Clearly differentiate three areas: –The GENI Facility –Optical Networking Research for the Future Internet –Optical Technologies that will impact the Future Internet Developed externally, included into GENI when mature The GENI Facility will allow research into Optical Networking and allow the inclusion of new Optical Technologies as they mature during the GENI lifecycle

16 Optical Networking Research Tight Integration of Physical Layer with Higher Layers Provide a Dynamic Optical Networking Plane –Dynamic Optical Switching/Routing Fiber Switching Wavelength Switching (WDM) Sub-Wavelength Switching - O/E/O, Optical Burst/Packet Switching? ‘All’ Optical Networking –Combines Transmission Issues with Optical Switching/Routing Data Rates/Modulation Formats effect Network Design –Feed Information to Higher Layers (conditions) New Optical Networking Paradigms? –Non-SONET/SDH? Non-Telecom? e.g. Multicast, rate adaptive… Control Plane and Management Quantum Key Distribution - at Network scale

17 Physical Technologies Computing Storage Communications 2 to 3 Orders of Magnitude Scaling Required Processing, Capacity, Routing/Switching From tera to peta (exa?) (flops, byte, bps) Access Technologies, Mobility ECONOMICALLY (no cost scaling!) Sensor / Display (I/O) Technologies

18 Optical Device Technologies Photonic Integration - KEY to Economic Scaling –Very dense and inexpensive O/E/O –High Functionality PICs: Optical Switching, Routing, … –Silicon photonics Integration with CMOS, Manufacturing Infrastructure Sharing Microstructured Optical Fibers –Customizable optical properties (transmission/all optical networks) Will a new technology cause a fundamental paradigm shift? GOAL: Flexible GENI design; supports introduction of New Technologies as they mature

19 The GENI Facility Mobile Wireless Network Sensor Network Federated International Facility Core Nodes

20 ‘Alien’ Wavelengths Example Flexible Core Node Design Fiber Switch WDM Terminal ROADM Prog. Circuit Switch Prog. Packet Switch Prog. Framer Physical Layer Experiments? OXC WDM Signals Single Wavelengths 1310nm ‘Short Reach’

21 Community Participation… Optical Networking Community Participation –Feedback on the GENI Research Plan –Feedback on GENI Designs see Looking for New Ideas –Alternate approaches, New Paradigms, New Research topics Looking for Partnerships –Industry, Organizations, Municipalities… –Add New Technologies and User Communities Access Systems (optical, wireless), Cellphone provider… International Partnerships, Federation –Work Together in GENI Definition and Design Process –Share GENI Designs, Develop a Global ‘GENI capable’ Network Contact me to get involved:

22 Summary GENI plans to help reinvent the Internet so it can: –Retain its strengths, plus be secure, robust, manageable, … –Support innovative new technologies: wireless, sensors, optics –Scale economically to meet future requirements GENI will facilitate novel research … unconstrained by design of current Internet … at scale, with real user communities … in a broad range of research areas Optical Networking plays a Major Role in GENI –Key part of the GENI Facility –‘GENI’ Research on Optical Networking –Optical Technologies that feed into GENI when mature Optical Networking Community Participation is Vital to GENI

23 Thank You!

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