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ORGANO PLUS Organic Fertilizer / Soil Conditioner

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1 ORGANO PLUS Organic Fertilizer / Soil Conditioner


3 What is Organo Plus? Organo Plus is an Organic fertilizer & soil conditioner Manufactured from poultry manure. Contains: 40% - 60% stable organic matter 5% - 6% Nitrogen 4% - 5% Phosphate 4% - 5% Potassium Mg, Ca, Fe, Mn, B, Zn and Mo Emphasis is on quality, stability and nature of organic material.

4 Why Poultry Manure? Poultry Manure is the most nutrient-dense manure available Poultry Manure (%) Cattle Manure (%) Nitrogen (N) 6 0.25 Phosphate (P) 4 0.15 Potassium (K) 3

5 Stages of Manufacturing
Composting Blending Pelletization Heat Treatment Packing

6 Composting Composting is a biological process undertaken by nature itself.

7 Successful Composting Process depends upon:
Carbon:Nitrogen ratio b/w 15 & 25 Moisture Content of 40% ~ 60% 30% Free Air Space for Aerobic Activity pH between 5 ~ 12

8 Composting process continues for a minimum of 6 months

9 Advantages of Composting
Food & Health safety issues are addressed – prolonged high temperatures reduces pathogen numbers. Better control of weed seeds and pests - high temperatures reduce weed seeds. Composting degrade most genetically modified and pharmaceutical materials. Stabilizes Organic Waste and converts nutrients to Plant available form.

10 Inactivation Temperatures of Pathogens
Common pathogens present in life stock manure Pathogen Inactivation Inactivation Temperature Time (0C) Campylobacter – causes …………… Hours Gastroenteritis Salmonella – causes typhoid ……… to 2 days fever & gastroenteritis – can be fatal. E.Coli – present in guts of mammals … to 2 days causes intestinal and extra-intestinal diseases – can be fatal

11 After composting period of 6 ~ 8 months the compost becomes dark, crumbly odorless Organic Fertilizer.

12 BLENDING Nitrogen Phosphorous Potassium Ca, Mg, Sulfur, Zn, Fe, etc

Grass grows best on a ratio of 3 parts nitrogen 1 part phosphorous 2 parts potassium. NPK 9-3-6 Requires Sulphur & Magnesium for Dark Green Color and pest resistance. We blend & customize the Fertilizer for Turf, Vegetables, Fruit Trees etc.

14 After blending the fertilizer is converted to pellets

15 Why Pelletizing? Increases Bulk Density which:
Reduces transportation cost. Ease of application and proper dosage. Generates less dust during application. Slow release of nutrients avoids wastage. Pelletized compost contains 15% moisture and a solid content of 85%, whereas ordinary compost contains 50% moisture & 50% solid content.


17 Why Heat Treatment? Reduces disease-causing pathogens
Reduces moisture content Makes it safe for household use

18 PACKING Available in 50 Kg woven bags.
Can be stored for a period of 1 year and more. Also available in fine form for application for Greens area of Golf Course.

19 QUALITY CONTROL Quality control is a continuous process which begins from the selection of raw material to the final stage of packing and is monitored throughout in our in-house state of the art laboratory

Lawns Application……… gm/Sq. meter ~ 300 gm/Sq. meter Vegetables gardens and flower beds………………. 150 gm/Sq. meter ~ 300 gm/Sq. meter Ornamental Roses and Shrubs…………………… 100 gm/Sq. meter Fruit Trees……………… gm ~ 3 Kg / plant One Fist Full contains 40 ~ 45 gm

21 Customers DHA Country & Golf Club, DHA, Karachi
Habib University Foundation, Malir, Karachi Getz Pharma (Pvt) Limited, Korangi, Karachi Residential Projects (10 No.)

22 Approved & Specified by
Landscape-Architecture Studio, Arch. Komal Pervez NESPAK - National Engineering Services Pakistan Najeeb Omar Associates Landscape Consultant – Sohail Abdullah Landscape Consultant – Jaffer Habib

23 Distributed by Matrixx Company Address: F-37/A, Block 4, Clifton, Karachi-75600, Pakistan

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