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Aspect Oriented Programming - AspectJ Radhika Rajput.

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1 Aspect Oriented Programming - AspectJ Radhika Rajput

2 Passive task like logging, transactions, security, caching etc Cross Cutting Concerns / Core Concerns Separating from business logic

3 Inheritance : Brittle Delegation : Cumbersome Aspect Oriented Programming

4 AOP AOP is a technology for separating crosscutting concerns into single units called aspects. Encapsulating crosscutting concerns. AOP builds on top of other programming paradigms: object-oriented, procedural or functional. It does not replace them AOP just saves you writing extra code

5 Define the common functionality and use it without modifying the underlying code to use the new feature. AOP : Modularize into Aspects, thereby creating a cleaner and decoupled code. With Aspects in place objects, AOP takes care of passive cross cutting concerns.


7 Aspect-Jargons Joinpoint : A joinpoint is a candidate point in the execution of the application where an aspect can be plugged in. Advice : It is the actual implementation of our aspect. Pointcut : A pointcut defines at what joinpoints advice should be applied.


9 Weaving Weaving is the process of applying aspects to a target object. Aspects are woven into the target object at the specified joinpoints. Compile time Classload time Runtime

10 AspectJ - Observer Pattern Observer Pattern Which objects are Subjects and which are Observers ? When should the Subject send a notification to its Observers ? What the Observer should do when notified ?

11 References : oriented_programming oriented_programming framework/docs/current/spring-framework- reference/html/aop.html /index.html /index.html

12 Thank you

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