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“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food” ― Hippocrates Presented by Sayer Ji, Founder of NANP Annual Conference Tuscon, AZ, April 27th.

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1 “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food” ― Hippocrates Presented by Sayer Ji, Founder of NANP Annual Conference Tuscon, AZ, April 27th

2 The Return To The Thing Itself Etymology of Food = nourish = suckle, support, preserve Food = that without which we can not live (the molecular of our body is woven from food); it holds our genetic/epigenetic infrastructure together At least 100,000 food compounds identified Sacred/sacren (to make holy) Holy/whole/health/heal

3 Etymological origin of Health: Whole, Holy, Heal The Root Meaning of Health

4 Etymology : Latin ars medicina, ‘the art of healing.’ Asclepius, Greek god of medicine. The Return To The Thing Itself Are pharmaceuticals medicine? Etymology : "Pharmaceutical" derives from the Greek term "pharmakeus" which refers to "a drug, spell-giving potion, druggist, poisoner, by extension a magician or a sorcerer." A pharmakós

5 Only what is measurable/visible is considered real Disease as biometric deviation/visible lesion The Death of a Healing Art

6  Not a single disease caused by a lack of a chemical/drug/xenobiotic  Many diseases precipitated by a lack of nutrients and/or inadequate nutrigenomic energy/information (e.g. non-ancestral diets)  Vegetable/fruit deficiency and/or chemical poisoning is being treated with chemotherapy  The disease model is broken. Food is not medicine, ideally; rather, that which makes medicine unnecessary Coming Full Circle

7 The Original RX (Latin “recipere”)  Recipes/cultural dietary patterns – are epigenetic inheritance systems  The oral/brain circuit – the inbuilt wisdom of the senses/’intuition’  Green tea – a medicine that turned into a beverage  Self-medication through psychotropic foods 1580s, "medical prescription," from Middle French récipé (15c.)

8 23,000,000 Million Studies Information at the Speed of Light

9 The Finger Pointing at the Moon is not the Moon The Limits of Our Knowing

10 COMPLEX SIMPLIFIED Food Science (Fiction)

11  Caloric Content  Macro-/Micro-nutrients The infinite complexity of food reduced to 2 dimensions: “matter” and “energy.” Reductionism’s Original Sin The world’s first ice-calorimeter, used in the winter of 1782-83

12 The Infinite Complexity of Food Take a ‘nutrient’ out of the context of Food and it becomes ‘chemical like’

13 Real Food Is Whole Food

14  Vitamin C ‘activity’ is not reducible to Its chemical structure  Whole food is bound to lipids, sugars and proteins Philosophy of Nutrition USP isolates may cause cannibalism of cofactors

15 The “nutraceutical” model  Monochemical/isolates (semi- synthetic)  Palliative  Modeled after similar economics and placebo dynamic.  Reductionism/positivism/myopi a Pharma Envy?

16 The Intelligence of Food Intelligere "to understand, comprehend," from inter- "between" (see inter-) + legere- "choose, pick out, read” Food as the ultimate nutritional delivery system Gut-Food dialog (metabolome)

17 How Do We Measure What’s Really Important? “Nutrition Facts” – Molecular Weight Reductionist Tendencies

18 177 actions; 600+ diseases [GreenMedInfo Turmeric Database] Example: Selective Cytotoxicity The Intelligence of Food

19 NOT Food Information But….

20 Food As Information Cells share the same genome The epigenome is what differentiates cells (post-genomic era) Secondary overlay (Metazoa 2.0) which represses immortality in exchange for terminal differentiation Accomplished through inherited epigenetic data, but also through ‘epigenetic inheritance systems,’ related to diet, cultural patterns, microbiome, psychogenic patterns.

21 Food As Information Reversibility Transgenerational Larmarkian Fragility Environmentally driven Germline subcontracted Mind-body connection

22 Food As Information Epigenetics

23 Rice MicroRNA Regulates Expression of Mammalian Genes We Are What We Eat Plant miRNAs in food (rice) can regulate the expression of target genes in mammals. [Nutrigenomics] Plant miRNAs in food (rice) can regulate the expression of target genes in mammals. [Nutrigenomics] MicroRNA : small, non- coding RNA molecule found in plants and animals that mediate the post- transcriptional silencing of an estimated 30% of protein-coding genes in mammals.

24 RNA Interference Systems Food As Mis/Dis-Information There are thousands of RNA/genome homologies in major food and feed crops Biotech corporations are focusing their efforts on RNA-based gene suppression (gene silencing) technologies Monsanto Dow Syngenta

25 Food As Information The Central Dogma Overturned Another example: Retroviruses (reverse transcriptase)

26 Hint: It takes a massive amount of Inform-ation! Protein Folding Mysteries

27  Levinthal Paradox: There is not enough time in the universe for a polypeptide to pass through all the degrees of freedom available to it to reach its native folded state. But someone how it does, and in milliseconds! The Protein Folding Mystery

28 Günter Blobel is a German American biologist and 1999 Nobel Prize laureate in Physiology for the discovery that proteins have intrinsic signals that govern their transport and localization in the cell. Food as a “Delivery System”

29 The protein folding problem is to predict the three-dimensional structure of a protein based on the sequence of the amino-acids that constitutes it. No Bottom Up Explanation

30 Food As Information The biospheric ‘womb’ which birthed our species contained Intricately woven relationships between the environment, the microbiome, the metabolome, the epigenome and genome. Modern techniques: agrochemical dependent GM farming, Irradiation, stress-free food production, etc., have radically altered this supportive ‘embrace,’ rendering us untethered. Issues such as ‘biopollution’ or the extinction of microbial strains of food importance in the soil and food grown within it exemplifies how we are at a tipping point.

31 Food As Information Nutrigenomics Nutritional genomics, or nutrigenomics, is the study of how foods affect our genes and how individual genetic differences can affect the way we respond to nutrients (and other naturally occurring compounds) in the foods we eat.

32 Nutritional Transcriptomic Effect : Bioactive food components can alter the genetic expression of a host of cellular events Food Affects Gene Expression The world’s first ice-calorimeter, used in the winter of 1782-83

33 How Could This Be? 175 physiological actions [GreenMedInfo] Curcumin The Mystery of Curcumin

34 Curcumin Aboreal frugivores (eyes; opposable thumb) developed features To accommodate fruit-bearing trees Interdepenence

35 The concept of xenohormesis—the process by which one organism benefits from the stress response of another

36 The Poetry of Nature

37 Curcumin Research indicates it may be beneficial for 600 diseases Amazing Benefits of Curcumin

38  Genistein, Curcumin  e.g. Cystic fibrosis; CFTR gene product misfolded; corrected/rescued Source: Corrective Potential

39 Natural Compound Prevents Breast Cancer Gene (BRCA1) Malignancy BRCA-1 promoter hypermethylation and silencing induced by the aromatic hydrocarbon receptor- ligand TCDD are prevented by resveratrol in MCF-7 Cells." J Nutr Biochem. 2012 Oct ;23(10):1324-32. Epub 2011 Dec 23. Preventive Potential

40  The gut bacteria as a ‘fully formed organ.’  The gut bacteria as the ‘live bridge’ to environmental/planetary health  Produce B-group vitamins; antibiotics; immunomodulatory compounds The “Meta Organism”

41 Lactobacillus strains identified within fermented foods like kimchi have been found to break down toxic compounds such as organophosphorous pesticides, glyphosate, bisphenol A. Additive Potential

42 Our inability to digest certain ‘foods’ is attenuated through commensal bacteria. They make it possible to ‘be human’; survive certain foods Additive Potential

43 Replacement Enterodiol/enterolactone Metabolome : the complete set of small-molecule metabolites to be found within a biological sample, such as a single organism

44  SNPs – Methyl Cycle  Folate – active form 5- methylenetetrahydrofolate Complementary Potential

45 Gut epithelial: 5 days Muscle cell of ribs: 15 years Cells from cerebral cortex and visual cortex: Don’t renew Skin cells: 14 days Red blood cells: 120 days Skeletal system: 10 years Regeneration: our default mode

46  Heart - neocardiogenic  Brain - neuritogenic  Skin – re-epithelization  Pancreas – beta cell regeneration Regeneration: our default mode

47 Nocebo/Placebo Dynamics Your ‘subjective’ experience of food, is as real in a nutrition sense as the ‘objective’ or molecular composition of your food (phenomenology vs. chemistry). The placebo effect, based as it is in giving oneself permission to heal via a proxy authority figure or belief in a ‘magic bullet,’ is the subtext of healing through nutrition. Related issues: Orthorexia, Fear of Mortality, Joylessness. Experience vs. ‘Evidence’

48 Food: that which makes ‘medicine’ unnecessary The Goal….

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