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The Waldorf Connection Teleseminar June 24, 2010 Jennifer Tan, MA.

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1 The Waldorf Connection Teleseminar June 24, 2010 Jennifer Tan, MA

2 Thank you all for listening. Join me on our adventure through planning handwork in your home! “Children who learn while they are young to make practical things by hand in an artistic way, and for the benefit of others as well as for themselves, will not be strangers to life or to other people when they are older. They will be able to form their lives and their relationships in social and artistic ways, so that their lives are thereby enriched. Out of their ranks can come technicians and artists who will know how to solve the problems and tasks set us by life.” – Rudolph Steiner, Handwork Indications

3  Holidays and Celebrations  Tie-in with curricula and blocks  Look at yearly Waldorf chart  Purchase Supplies  Schedule weekly handwork time

4    Online tutorials and blogs  Classes at yarn shops, parks/rec, colleges  Amazon Book Shop   Living Crafts magazine  Curriculum, such as Earthschooling

5 Handwork in the Dell eBook verses, songs, stories spin, knit, crochet, weave knitted & crocheted gnomes (simple) how to set up the handwork room articles about handwork in Waldorf education chart featuring year-by-year types of projects and handwork

6 Dyeing Fun with Children eBook A wealth of information on dyeing with natural ingredients, powdered drinks mixes, gelatin desserts and more! Wonderful resources for families who want to get started with dyeing yarns, silks, eggs, fabrics at home. Written by master dyer Bjo Trimble of Griffin Dyeworks and published by Syrendell.

7  Weaving on a Loom: table runner  Natural Dyeing: silks, yarns, fabric  Felting: ornaments, animals, balls, clothing  Woodworking: sandbox, playhouse, play stands, sailboats  Sewing: curtains, quilting, embroider towels  Knitting/Crocheting: blanket, pillows, washcloths  Glass: stained glass ornaments, pebble bowls Make Family Projects!

8 Learn at least one new craft each year Read books, patterns, blogs Create songs, verses, stories Do, do, do! Model and work alongside Learn Handwork Yourself!

9 Sewn puppets for plays Glass fused into magnets or jewelry Felted Advent wreath, Menorah or Kwanzaa candleholder Handspun/dyed yarn, crocheted or knitted into scarves Whittled, carved, sanded candleholders, animals, frames Finger crocheted bookmarkers, spiral paths, birthday rings Ukrainian or natural egg dyeing Window stars for holidays, seasons, birthdays Soaps, oils, lotions, aromatherapy products for home and gifts Felted balls for games, math, garland Polished stones for rock classifying and jewelry Woven placemats for special dinners and holidays Origami animals for storytelling Woven baskets with reeds, pine needles, cane Metal forging, copper chasing, soldering stained glass Leather (sewn, stamped) belts, shoes, bracelets Ceramic bowls built by hand or on the wheel

10 Learn and love the handwork before teaching it to children! Take classes, look at YouTube, take private lessons. Look at Waldorf recommendations for type of handwork per grade level, and relate to blocks and child’s interests. Schedule handwork time each week. Remember that some projects will take much longer than you plan for! Work on “Family Projects” together regularly. Start holiday and gift projects early! Get involved in swaps and exchanges to get ideas from other crafty parents. Have a room or area set up with materials that are easy-to-reach and use. When a project is in sight, it will get worked on! Sing, say verses, share stories, play games, or play music in the background while doing handwork. Come follow my blog, get one of my eBooks, come take a workshop, and email me, any time!

11 All teaching must take an artistic form. --Rudolph Steiner Ravelry: gyi Facebook: Syrendell Amazon:

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