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Fiber Arts What does this mean? What materials can be used?

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1 Fiber Arts What does this mean? What materials can be used?

2 What is fiber art? "Any type of artwork which uses linear, pliable elements - fibers - as a major material." from

3 What are some different types of fiber? Plant-based Animal-based Synthetic

4 What are some different kinds of fiber art?

5 Making Textiles paper making macrame knitting weaving

6 Dyeing Textiles tie dye batik shibori

7 Turning Textiles into Functional Objects quilting clothing bags

8 Fiber Art for Social Justice AIDS memorial quilt

9 Basket Weaving

10 Paper/Book Arts paper making paper marbling paper making altered books handmade books

11 Fiber Art as Fine Art: Wall Hangings, sculptures, installations

12 Yarn Bombing More yarn-bombing:

13 Creative Crafts with Ms. Papot Foray into Fiber arts! Macrame Ojo de Dios Weaving Dream Catchers Finger Knitting, other student-lead technique Later: embroidery, fabric dyeing


15 Macrame - Originated with 13th century Arab weavers - Arabic word migramah, "ornamental fringe" - Uses knots to make a textile (rather than weaving or knitting) - Sailors / long voyages - Popular during Victorian times - Revived during 1960s (Hippie movement)

16 square knot spiral knot (half square knot)...and many others


18 Weaving Important to know: Uses a loom (a frame on which weaving is done) Warps – vertical (like filler cords) Wefts – Horizonal yarn that is woven in (like working cords) Shot – a woven row

19 Famous Weavings: The Unicorn Tapestries 1495–1505 (late Middle Ages) Wool warp with wool, silk, silver, and gilt wefts 7 scenes depict a hunt for the elusive, magical unicorn Commissioned to celebrate the marriage of Anne of Birittany to King Louis XII King Louis XII

20 The Hunt Begins

21 The unicorn is attacked / The unicorn jumps into the stream

22 The unicorn defends itself

23 The unicorn is killed and brought to the castle

24 The unicorn is in captivity and is no longer dead

25 What do you think the hunt of the unicorn symbolizes? Pagan interpretation Christian interpretation

26 Take a Break from Note-taking - Digest information - Continue / start Square knots, spiral knot samples - Begin weaving sample Remember to pick a specific color group for each sample! (Color Theory Notes)


28 Ojo de Dios - "God's Eye" Huichol people of Mexico (Wettchol) - Symbolized the power of seeing and understanding that which is unknown and unknowable - Four points represent elements earth, fire, air, and water earth fire air wat - Placed on altars to bring good luck / the gods' protection Christians - Popularized as a symbol for "one and only" God - Changed meaning "May the eye of God be upon you"


30 Jay Mohler, artist


32 Dream Catchers History (story)story Ojibwe tribe (Great Plains area - Michigan, Wisconsin, North Dakota, Minnesota) In past 50 years, adopted by many American Indian tribes Traditionally made from supplies such as red willow, sinew, nettle-stalk fiber

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