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1 2012

2 Welcome to Current Audio!
Let’s grow together!

3 History Established in 2008
World HQ in Southern California with warehouses in CA,FL and UK Unique perspective of product design due to knowledge derived from 30 years of installation experience Revolutionized speaker industry via best in class designs, installation process and features 17 patents and patents pending Design team was integral in developing the majority of architectural speaker technology found throughout the industry today Inventor of FastLoc and 3D FIT systems Voted best architectural speaker in EU by SVI Magazine 2 out of the last 3 years, (2010 and 2012), Voted 3rd best in 2011

4 Our Team We have assembled the finest team in the industry
Each member is world class in their experience By hand picking our team, we were able to create synergies beyond our expectations We have the best audio engineer in this industry We came from an environment where we were the best of the best in integration We have a keen understanding of the business as a manufacturer, in addition to the integration and distribution expertise that we bring to the table All of this leads to Current Audio having the best products in this industry and a team that will work to ensure the success of our partnership.

5 Sean McDermott President & CEO Founded AES in 1982
Worked with IBM to develop their Structured Wiring System Top 5 CEDIA Integrator CE Pro Top 100 Owner, Top 10 Microsoft’s 2007 Pinnacle award winner National Small Business Man of the Year (SBA) – 2000 2011 Young Turk of CE

6 Ron Maurer Executive Vice President
Designed Speakers for a Who’s Who of the industry over the last 30 years Pioneered Manufacturing for SpeakerCraft, NHT, Boston, Polk Audio, most recently at Sonance for 12 years Designed technology for the Hubble Space Telescope, Mazur Atomic Clock & surgical instruments Invented the majority of architectural speaker technology found throughout the industry today Inventor of FastLoc & 3D Fit systems

7 Rich Apgar Chief Technical Officer VP of Advanced Electronic Solutions
Founder of Alarm Center Distribution President – All Secure Custom Home Electronics CEPro Top 100 Owner, Top 10 Great Uncle invented the paper cone speaker

8 VP of Business Development
Hal Truax VP of Business Development 31 Years in the CE industry Launched AVAD/Current Audio partnership Founded Ultra link CI in 1981 Started Good Guys Custom Installation, (73 Big Box CE stores on west coast) Hired and trained over 150 installers on the “how to’s of C.I.” Trained over 1500 associates on how to sell custom installation Distribution Centric Approach

9 National Sales Manager
Shannon Riffle National Sales Manager Managing Partner at Audio Etc. for 5 years SpeakerCraft Sales Manager for 10 years Extensive experience in National Buying Group and Key Account Management

10 Julian Young-World Marketing Associates
Director for WMA—Current Audio’s EMEA Manufacturers Rep 30 years audio expertise 20 plus years managing EMEA accounts Has a distribution friendly approach to business Great with both residential and commercial aspects Contact:

11 Our Guiding Principles…..
MISSION Our Guiding Principles….. Have Fun & Smile: Do I need to explain? Fearless: Take risks and prosper! People: Always have the best Team: We can’t do it alone! Lead by example: Act with Integrity! Innovate: Or be left behind Learn from our customers: We listen and adjust Educate our customers: If you grow, we grow Remain Humble: Help others Profitability: Deliver sustainable profits for our dealers Eco-Friendly: Focus our company, suppliers, and create sustainable product and practices

12 We are unique to the channel!
Here’s Why… Integrators building products for Integrators Superior Aesthetics Innovative Design Patents Excellent Sound Quality Increase Operational Efficiencies which = Greater Profits for you!

13 INNOVATION FIT products with, - 3DP - Three dimensional positioning
- PPL - Positive positioning lock. FastLoc Grills - Smallest exposed plastic bezel in the industry. Diffraction-less pivoting tweeters

14 I already have too many Speaker brands!
Commodity Driven Brands Boston Acoustics Klipsch Polk Proficient Jamo Market Share Brands Sonance Niles SpeakerCraft B&W No…. you have the wrong Speaker brand!

15 The common big brand flaw.
Today at eBay Boston Acoustics = 922 Klipsch = 2108 Polk = 2332 Proficient = 88 Jamo = 261 Quantities on line vary daily Today at eBay Sonance = 325 Niles = 767 SpeakerCraft = 488 B&W = 132

16 We are the clear choice. Today at eBay Current Audio = 0

17 CE-Pro – June issue!


19 FastLoc™ Grille System
FastLoc™ grilles attach like a lid on a jar. FastLoc™ grilles turns a 10 minute install in a 15 second job.

20 FastLoc™ Grille System
Only a 1/8” Grille Bezel Reveal Smallest in the industry! Comes in all sizes and shapes! Ceiling, in-wall & LCR’s Grille installs in seconds and conforms to the wall or ceiling.

21 Labor Saving Innovations
Fast-Loc Grilles – Install in seconds with a turn of the hand PPL - positive positioning lock for FIT Speakers – Eliminates movement due to vibration. Installation Handles – Allows for installer to confidently handle the speaker during installation Gold plated constant tension connectors, allows for “quick connect” Standard grills Install faster due to tooling improvements

22 SKU Assortment Best, Better, Good assortment In-Wall In-Ceiling LCR’s
Outdoor Speakers Rocks Subwoofers Amps Accessories Pro Series

23 Model Number Breakdown
First 1 to 5 letters designate type of speaker/product FIT = Focused Image Technology - FIT650FL CS = Ceiling Speaker - CS650 DT = Dual Tweeter-CECS65DT DB = Dipole/Bipole-CS650DBFL CECS = Contractor Edition Speaker - CECS65 WSLCR = Wall Speaker LCR - WSLCR650FL WS = Wall Speaker - WS650 OC = Outdoor Cabinet -OC65 OR = Outdoor Rock - OR6S FLSUB = Floor Standing Subwoofer-FLSUB10 BC = Back Cans-CS65BC ILS =In Line Surge-ILS120 AMP = Amplifiers

24 Model Number Breakdown
First 2 to 4 numbers designate driver/product size 80 = 8” woofer 65 = 6.5” woofer 525 = 5.25” woofer 1270 = 12 X 70 watt amplifier

25 Model Number Breakdown
Last digit indicates speaker driver material/configuration 4 = Woven carbon fiber cone, butyl rubber surround, 1” pivoting ceramic coated aluminum ferrofluid cooled dome tweeter with adjustable 8,6,4 ohm crossover 2 = Aluminum cone, butyl rubber surround, 1” pivoting aluminum ferrofluid dome tweeter with adjustable 8,6,4 ohm crossover 1 = Injection molded carbon fiber cone, butyl rubber surround, 1”pivoting aluminum ferrofluid dome tweeter with adjustable 8,6,4 ohm crossover 0 = Metaplex composite cone, butyl rubber surround and 1”pivoting silk ferrofluid dome tweeter with fixed 8 ohm crossover

26 FIT Series Applications
When to use FIT, (Focused Image Technology) FIT is the ideal choice when configuring an in ceiling home theater Aim able woofer lets you put the sound exactly where it is needed Difractionless pivoting tweeter allows the high frequencies to be precisely directed, while remaining undistorted Locking basket feature, (PPL), ensures sound will stay aimed correctly for the life of the install 25 degrees of adjustability means that the speaker can be placed closer to the perimeter and still have the sound aimed to the listening area

27 FIT Series-FastLoc™ Grilles
8” Pivoting FL - $ $ Ea Woven Carbon Fiber Aluminum Woofer Aluminum Tweeter Molded Carbon Fiber 3D Woofer System FastLoc™ System 6.5” Pivoting FL - $ $ Ea MetaPlex Composite Cone FIT804FL FIT802FL FIT801FL FIT800FL FIT654FL FIT652FL FIT651FL FIT650FL

28 FIT Series-Standard Press Fit Grilles
6.5” Pivoting – $ $ Ea. Woven Carbon Cone Aluminum Cone Aluminum Tweeter Molded Carbon Fiber Cone MetaPlex Composite Cone 3D Woofer System Standard Press Fit Grilles FIT654 FIT652 FIT651 FIT650

29 CS Series Applications
When to use CS Series The CS Series is the best choice when needing stereo sound delivered from the ceiling. Install CS speakers in a room where you need 2 channel stereo music The CS speakers are a perfect choice for whole house distributed audio, where quality of sound is important Available in FastLoc and standard press fit grills We even have a dual voice coil, dual tweeter model that allows a stereo image to be delivered from one ceiling speaker—perfect for long hallways, large kitchens or Great Rooms.

30 CS Series-FastLoc Grilles
CS804FL CS802FL 8” 2-Way Coaxial - $ $ Pr. Woven Carbon Fiber Cone Aluminum Cone FastLoc Grilles 6.5” 2-Way Coaxial - $ Pr. CS654FL

31 Dual Tweeter CS Series-FastLoc
CS800DTFL 8” Dual Tweeter- $ Ea. Dual Stereo Input MetaPlex Cone FastLoc Grilles 6.5” Dual Tweeter - $ Ea. CS650DTFL

32 CS Series – Standard Press Fit Grilles
8” 2-Way Coaxial - $ $ Pr. Woven Carbon Fiber Cone Aluminum Cone Injection Molded Carbon Fiber 6.5” 2-Way Coaxial - $ – $ Pr. MetaPlex Composite Cone 5.25” 2-Way Coaxial - $ Pr. Molded Graphite Cone Titanium Coated Tweeter CS654 CS652 CS651 CS650 C501

33 CECS Series Applications
When to use CECS CECS is the perfect choice where price is the only consideration Our CECS series offers great performance in tight budget situations Great for distributed audio—background music applications Priced to help win bids when scrutinizing pennies

34 CECS Series 8” 2-Way Coaxial - $215.00 Pr.
Talc Filled Polypropylene Butyl Rubber ¾” Silk Dome 6.5” 2-Way Coaxial - $ Pr. 6.5” Dual Tweeter - $ Ea. Dual Input Stereo Dual Tweeter CECS65 CECS65DT

35 WSLCR Series Applications
When to use WSLCR Series WSLCR is the best solution for in wall Left, Center, Right Theater sound Unrivaled sound quality Dual 6.5” drivers and still fits between 16” on center stud construction FastLoc grilles for clean finished look and quick installation Bass and Treble controls to fine tune sound for any environment

36 WSLCR Theater Series WSLCR654FL – 6.5” 2-Way - $1050.00 Ea
FastLoc™ Grill System Installs in Standard 16” On Center Woven Carbon Fiber Butyl Rubber Surrounds 5-150 Watts WSLCR650FL – 6.5” 2-Way - $TBA.00 Ea MetaPlex Composite Cone 5-125 Watts WSLCR650FL WSLCR650FL

37 Dipole/Bipole Series Applications
When to use Dipole/Bipole Series Rear channel surround applications Perfect when combined with our WSLCR’s as the are “Timbre Matched” Switchable from Bipole to Dipole on the fly FastLoc grilles for clean finished look and quick installation Use the Bipole mode when a direct radiating or localized rear effects are required Switch to Dipole in a THX type of environment, where more of no localized rear effect is desired.

38 Dipole/Bipole – Ceiling Surround Speakers
CS654DBFL – 6.5” 2-Way - $ Pr. FastLoc™ Grill System Creates extended Surround field Woven Carbon Fiber Aluminum Tweeter Butyl Rubber Surrounds 5-150 Watts CS650DBFL – 6.5” 2-Way – $ Pr. Creates extended surround field Injection Molded Carbon Fiber Silk Tweeter MetaPlex Composite Cone 5-125 Watts CS654DBFL CS650DBFL

39 WS Series Applications
When to use WS Speakers Stereo listening or in place of TV speakers The WS are great for applications where stereo listening is desirable They can be used as Right and Left speakers for a Home Theater system with an existing center channel speaker Ideal for the listener with open beam ceilings and the wall is the only choice for speakers

40 WS Series – FastLoc Grilles
WS804FL WS801FL 8” 2-Way - $ Pr. - $ Pr. Woven Carbon Fiber Injection Molded Carbon Fiber Butyl Rubber Surround 5-150 Watts 6.5” 2-Way - $ Pr. - $ Pr. MetaPlex Composite Cone 5-125 Watts WS651FL WS650FL

41 WS Series – Standard Fit Grilles
8” 2-Way - $ Pr. - $ Pr. Woven Carbon Fiber Injection Molded Carbon Fiber Butyl Rubber Surround 5-150 Watts 6.5” 2-Way - $ Pr. - $ Pr. MetaPlex Composite Cone 5-125 Watts WS651 WS650

42 When to use OC and OR Speakers
Outdoor Applications When to use OC and OR Speakers Stereo listening outdoors The OC speakers come in 3 sizes, the 8” is ideal for large backyards that would be tough to fill with enough sound by using a smaller speaker The OC6.5 and 5.25’s are great for a more intimate outdoor setting. Deep, rich bass and clear accurate highs are delivered by each of these All OC speakers are weatherproof and have a lifetime warranty Use the OR Rock speakers when aesthetics are of the utmost importance. The OR series can be used as a single point stereo speaker by utilizing the dual tweeter and dual voice coil, It can also be hooked up as an individual right and left speaker. Weatherproof and comes with threaded inserts to allow speaker to be locked in place to deter thieves.

43 OC & Rock Series 8” 2-Way Black – $450.00 Ea.
OC8B 8” 2-Way Black – $ Ea. Mica Filled Polypropylene 1” Titanium Dome Tweeters Butyl Rubber Surrounds Lifetime Warranty 6.5” 2-Way White & Black – $ Pr. Same As above 5.25” 2-Way White – $ Pr. Same as above 6.5” 2-Way Gray & Sandstone – $ Ea. Stereo or Dual voice coil Solid finish OC6W OC5.25W OR6G OR6S

44 Subwoofer FLSUB10 - $725.00 Ea. 10” Mica Filled Polypropylene 175 Watt
Butyl Rubber Surrounds 25-250Hz Black Ash Cabinet 12” inch sub performance from a 10” product! FLSUB10

45 Pro Series OC8B-70V Indoor/Outdoor – $490.00 Ea.
8” 2 –way Poly Cone Dome Tweeter All weather Ported for deep bass OC65B -70V Indoor/Outdoor –$ Pr. 61/2”” 2- way Poly cone Ported for Deep Bass OC8B70V OC65B70V

46 Commercial & Accessories
25/70/100 volt Transformer-$25.00 Ea Converts 8 OHM to V SpeKap -$ Pk Protects speaker from debris R70VT

47 Commitment to Branding

48 Current Audio FIT Series Wins!
BEST In-wall / In Ceiling Speaker for 2010, 2011, & 2012!!! Voted on by the Trade! Contenders were… SpeakerCraft B&W Sonance Niles Kef Klipsch Polk And many others….

49 Thank You

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