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Lakeside Elementary Curriculum Night September 10, 2014.

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1 Lakeside Elementary Curriculum Night September 10, 2014

2 PBL by 5 th Grade Learners

3 ELAR instruction consists of reading, language, writing, and spelling. Our main goal is to develop confident, excited readers. Learners will read independently in class and should also be reading at home daily, as well. “Book club” type discussions about complex texts will be used to help strengthen learners’ interpretation and reflection skills. “Write from the Beginning and Beyond” will focus on educator modeling to support and encourage learners to write with a variety of purposes. Spelling lists will be tailored to individual skill levels, and word study will focus on spelling and word patterns.

4 Our study will focus on American history. We will also explore our government and seek to understand the rights and responsibilities of U.S. citizenship. Geography skills will be woven into instruction also. “History Alive” curriculum will be used to provide students with a hands-on approach to EXPERIENCING history rather than just reading about it. A variety of activities such as simulations, projects, and research stations will help immerse students in the past.

5 Learners will be challenged in math to use critical thinking and logical and reasonable problem solving. Over the summer learners sometimes lose quick and accurate recall of math facts, which can often result in labored and inaccurate computation. It is VERY important for learners to practice and master operational math facts. Math instruction will be tailored to meet each learner’s unique learning style and speed. Instruction will be provided in varied forms, such as whole group, small group, and one to one instruction. Learners will make personal connections with how we use math in the real world. Learners will keep an organized math journal that summarizes key vocabulary and captures study notes and warm-up work. This journal is an excellent study companion for learners when preparing for assessments.

6 Learners will attend science class every day. Learners will be required to apply knowledge at a higher level than merely fact recitation. Science will be taught with a variety of instructional strategies including hands–on investigations with FOSS kits, demonstrations, songs, videos and the use of an online “techbook” and related resources. Most learners will find it necessary to study a couple of days in advance to be successful on tests. Learners will keep a science journal throughout the school year. It is important that they have this tool in class with them daily. This notebook is a great study companion for unit tests and the STAAR test.

7 Technology Objectives are woven into content area lesson plans Used for varied purposes – research, product creation, and practice – within each content strand Learners will utilize a variety of hardware and software, including several interactive tools to enhance learning experiences

8 District course tests District benchmark assessments STAAR - reading, math, and science exams Learner-led parent conferences (Friday, 10/10)

9 Daily work will be weighted at 55% Tests and major projects will be weighted at 45% Mid-term progress reports will be sent home only to students who have a subject grade of 74 or below

10 Homework and occasional outside projects will be assigned Students should write down all assignments in their planner/ agenda daily and also check Edmodo for clarification of directions and to access support resources Please contact the content area teacher with any concerns you may have

11 Edmodo

12 Points are deducted and students must attend study hall for not returning homework on time Parents will be notified if the work is not completed during study hall 1 Day late = 5 points off, 2 Days = 15, 3 Days = 30 off If after parent notification the assignment is still more than 3 days late, it will automatically receive a grade of zero

13 Daily work with a grade below 74% will be re-taught for understanding, but the grade will not be changed Failing grades below 74% on tests allow for the material to be re-taught, and then an alternate form of the test will be taken The two test grades will then be averaged, with the final grade not exceeding 74%

14 Students may not arrive at school before 7:30 Students arriving before 7:45 should wait in the cafeteria until dismissed to their classrooms Classes begin at 7:50. Repeated tardies are considered a violation of the CISD Student Code of Conduct. Dismissal from school is at 3:05.

15 Please make sure your student is aware of any change in after school plans. Send a note to your child’s homeroom teacher informing them of these special dismissal plans. Should an emergency occur, please contact the school office in order to pass along the message (214) 496-7600

16 Birthday treats are enjoyed with homeroom classmates only. Please package or cut these into individual servings so they can be shared quickly. Napkins, plates, or other necessities are appreciated. Due to quite a few food allergies please avoid nuts in any treats and consider healthy alternatives.

17 All 5 th grade educators have the same rules and consequences that were developed and agreed upon with the assistance of our learners. The same incentive program is also in place. Expectations, possible consequences and rewards were outlined in a separate letter that was sent home previously.

18 We look forward to having so many of you help this year as part of our classroom activities, holiday parties, Field Day, 5 th Grade Celebration (tentatively set for June 3), and field trips to Sky Ranch (November 3-5) and Enterprise City (May 27). Remember, you must have a criminal history background check on file. These should be completed online- see Lakeside website.

19 5A- Jennifer Durrett @MrsDurrettRocks 5B- Kelly Fischetti @FischettiLS 5C- Dan Thompson @dantthatsme 5D- Melissa Warren @MrsLearnalot Newsletters will be sent at the end of each week Check out our web pages, student planners and Edmodo for news and other important information

20 Date:Monday, November 3 – Wednesday, November 5, 2014 Cost:Approximately $225 per student / Chaperones will attend for a reduced fee. Payment and forms will be due no later than Wednesday, 10/22. What’s next? * Chaperone volunteer forms will be sent home on 10/3 and will be due back by 10/7 by 8:00 AM to child’s HR teacher. No late forms will be accepted. * Background check must be completed to be considered. * Chaperones will be notified no later than 10/8. * Sky Ranch Parent Meeting will be held on Wednesday, 10/15 at 6:00PM in the Lakeside café. * Please attend to receive all needed information.

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