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The Compare-Contrast Essay

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1 The Compare-Contrast Essay
Which short story is more dystopian?

2 The Compare-Contrast Essay
Pick 2 of the 3 short stories we’ve read in the dystopia unit so far: “The Sniper” by Liam O’Flaherty “The Lottery” by Shirley Jackson “Harrison Bergeron” by Kurt Vonnegut Jr.

3 The Compare-Contrast Essay Continued…
Your task is to decide which of the two more accurately displays a dystopian world Your essay should make reference to 3 dystopia elements, a different one in each paragraph Refer to your “Dystopia: Characteristics and Definitions” handout

4 Format of the Essay 5 Paragraphs:
Introduction – includes texts to be examined, thesis statement, and essay plan Body #1 – 1 comparison or concession between the two texts Body #2 – 1 contrast between the two texts Body #3 – 1 different contrast between the two texts Conclusion – wrap up your essay by re-stating your thesis and comparisons/contrasts

5 Things to keep in mind: Don’t loose sight of your thesis! This should be woven throughout your essay in a point/proof/explain method, similar to previous essays Remember to use examples from the texts to support your claims Use MLA format correctly in page setup, quotations, citations, and Works Cited page

6 Process Essay Outline – due Thursday, November 22, at the end of class
Peer Edit – Rough Copy due Friday, November 30 Good copy – due Thursday, December 6

7 Final Reminders Refer to your essay handout for rubric and additional information Your teacher is always here for you! Seek extra help WELL BEFORE all deadlines if you need it This presentation will be posted on the course website for your reference (

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