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Concho Indians By: Krysten Collins.

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1 Concho Indians By: Krysten Collins

2 Cultural Region They lived in the Puebloan Cultural Region with the Jumanos and Tiguas. This is the Puebloan Cultural Region also know as the Mountains and Basins.

3 How Did They Acquire Their Food?
They got their food by hunting, fishing, gathering, and farming. Men hunted using bows and arrows and they also set nets for fish. Women and children gathered food. Indians near the Rio Concho River farmed mostly.

4 What Did They Eat? They ate deer, rabbit, and bird meat.
They gathered nuts, berries, roots, and also cactus fruit called tuna. (The tuna was like a fig.) They also ate different types of fish.

5 Shelter They lived in huts that seemed to have a wooden framework covered by skins or grass. They weren’t strong because the Conchos moved a lot.

6 Clothing They wore very little clothing. They wore breach clothes in the summer and capes made out of rabbit fur in the winter. Made sandals out of plant fibers. Grew cotton to make woven cotton cloth. They were often tattooed and painted their entire bodies. They also sometimes wore headdresses.

7 Q: When was medicine invented?
a) When regular humans became advanced in technology. b) Before Christ(B.C.) c) When Native Americans came to the New Land. d) B and C The answer is d.

8 Interesting Fact The Concho Indians used plants to make medicine. We thought that medicine was invented way after that but we were wrong. The Concho Indians were the first to make medicine.

9 Questions 1. True or False: The Conchos wore a lot of clothing.
2. The Conchos used plant fibers to make 3. True or False: The people that lived near the river gathered food. 4. The Puebloan Cultural Region is also called .

10 Thanks for Watching! Resources:
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