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Trouble River by Betsy Byars

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1 Trouble River by Betsy Byars
Vocabulary Words

2 abandoned, empty, or vacant

3 desolate

4 Identifying with and understanding someone else’s feelings

5 empathetic

6 To wake from sleep

7 rouse

8 Flexible or easily bent

9 pliable

10 A flash or beam of light

11 gleam

12 A woven cotton fabric

13 muslin

14 with great care, cautious, careful or wary

15 gingerly

16 to go after something or strive to gain something

17 pursue

18 to challenge someone in power or to resist openly

19 defy

20 to flinch, usually from pain

21 wince

22 A current with a whirling motion, a whirlpool

23 eddy

24 to raise or lift

25 hoist

26 needing immediate attention, of high importance

27 urgent

28 a large group, mass, or crowd

29 horde

30 Not to be trusted or unsafe

31 treacherous

32 Showing doubt or unwillingness

33 reluctant

34 to burn with a hot liquid or steam

35 scald

36 a person who lives in a place, a tenant or resident

37 occupant

38 to leave a mark by pressing on something

39 imprint

40 eye glasses

41 spectacles

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