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2 BACKGROUND “Nuwaubu” comes from the Arabic “Nubua,” meaning “prophethood” and “Nebuwah,” Hebrew for “prediction” Founded by the followers of Malachi York Some of York’s followers consider him a Messiah York has encouraged this idea that he is the Messiah sometimes and discouraged it other times Claims to be an angelic being from the planet Rizq sent to break the spell of Leviathan, or the spell of sleep Leviathan is a giant force of sex and spirit that keeps people from knowing who their God is and how they can regain His forgiveness

3 BACKGROUND Nuwaubianism began operating as a Black Muslim group in New York in the 1970s Has gone through many changes since then Eventually, the group established a headquarters in Georgia’s Putnam County in 1993 Has racist and black nationalist undertones “White people are the devil. They say the Nuwaubians are not racist – bullcrap! I am. He might not be; that’s his prerogative. I am. White people are devils — always was, always will be.”- York from a lecture

4 BACKGROUND God is known as Anu Has 720 degrees of reality 360 degrees of a spiritual state 360 degrees of a physical state

5 BACKGROUND The Anunnagi or Anunnaki (Those Who Came Down to Earth From Anu) are coming to Earth to lead us to our true home in and beyond the stars Travel through our galaxy using a planet ship named Nibiru Nibiru is located in Orion currently, and came from the planet Rizq 144,000 chosen ones will be picked up by Nibiru Nibiru will rapture them between August 12, 2003, and June 26, 2030 Have been genetically encoded to have their DNA ‘explode’ when Dr. York releases his scrolls and spreads the truth

6 INFLUENCES Astara Rosicrucians Freemasons Shriners Moorish Science Temple of America Mirza Ghulam Ahmed Rashad Khalifa Zecharia Sitchin David Icke UFO mythology Patriot mythology Pseudoscientific urban legends (i.e. Area 51) Conspiracy theories

7 HIGHER SENSES Humans originally had four higher senses 1.Telepathy 2.Clairvoyance 3.Intuition 4.Psychometry Enabled us to communicate with the Anunnaki Barathary glands (which cause these senses) were removed from our brains Chosen ones will have their barathary glands replaced

8 THE SEVEN PLANES (OR SEVEN HEAVENS) The planes are distinct moods of vibration that are woven together to the point that one cannot be distinguished from another Physical or material plane – Carnal desire Plane of force – The force between voluntary and involuntary actions Spiritual plane – Emotions are manifest Mental plane – Angelic abode; thoughts are formed Plane of Divine Truth – Guardian angels Plane of Divine Reality – Spark of Life The Bosom of God – Eternal bliss Elevation to any plane higher than the spiritual plane requires physical death.

9 CONCEPTION OF THE SOUL Each person has seven clones, which can be different in temperament and personality from that person Clones are in tune with each other unconsciously and linked etherically Anything that happens to one of a person’s clones is felt by that person People who look and act like each other can actually be clones, like Kevin Costner and Mark Harmon We are living souls; our bodies are simply temporary temples for our souls

10 DEATH Multiple types of death Economic death Linguistic death Nominal death Historical death Unity death Spiritual death Citizen death Mental death Physical death A person can be resurrected from any of these except for physical death Death is the door which takes a person from one stage in life to the next stage of higher life

11 DISPOSAL OF THE BODY Prophet contradicts himself often, no real information about this Ideas about the body The physical body recycles into the ground The body is given flesh in the womb by the mother breathing in the dust of recycled bodies of people who have physically died

12 LIFE AFTER DEATH Applies only to the 144,000 chosen You earn it through your actions in life on Earth Throughout your life, two angelic beings follow you and record every action On the Day of Judgment the book of your deeds will be opened Each person will have to account for their every action If a person was very spiritual, their soul will instantly pass through the seven planes, or even bypass the planes and go to the heavens or other galaxies from where their being originates Includes the Day of Standing, the Day of Judgment, and the Last Day: Walk the Filament. You cannot take anything with you into the afterlife Life in this world is a short stop for rest on a long, hard journey Life after death is everlasting with the Anunnaki

13 HEAVEN AND HELL The devil fools people into thinking there is a physical heaven and hell In reality both exist within us Heaven is mastering desire and moving through the planes Hell is being overcome by desire Exists in a sub-plane of the physical plane where there is no earth except for scenes which are filled with the desires of each individual A second chance to burn out the desires and begin ascending through the seven heavens towards union with God

14 REFERENCES York, Malachi Z. n.d. Is There Eternal Life After Death? No publishing information. York, Malachi Z. n.d. The Man From Planet Rizq. No publishing information. York, Malachi Z. n.d. The Holy Tablets. No publishing information.


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