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16 th South Pacific Nurses Forum 21.11.2012 WORKING TOGETHER “EXCELLENCE WOVEN INTO EXCELLENCE” By Sr. Seilini Soakai.

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1 16 th South Pacific Nurses Forum 21.11.2012 WORKING TOGETHER “EXCELLENCE WOVEN INTO EXCELLENCE” By Sr. Seilini Soakai

2 Presentation Outline The only Kingdom in the Pacific and its Population Nursing Background in Tonga Initiate of the NB-IST Project Overview of NB-IST Project in Tonga Project Outline Conclusion


4 WHERE? In The Pacific

5 The Islands of Tonga Tongatapu Vava’u Ha’apai ‘Eua 2 Niuas 176 scattered islands

6 Population of Tonga in 2011 Total Population – 103,879 Population Distribution Tongatapu – 77928 Vava’u – 14118 Ha’apai – 6568 ‘Eua – 4867 2 Niuas - 1398

7 Ministry of Health Structure Minister of Health Administration Health Planning and Information Public Health Division Medical DivisionNursing Division Dental Department Director of Health

8 Nursing Structure Chief Nursing Officer Clinical Nursing (Matron) 203 Nurses Reproductive Health Nurses Senior Public Supervising Sister 48 Nurses Queen Salote School of Nursing Principle 11 Staff + 96 Students Non Communicable Diseases Supervising Sister 20 Nurses

9 RHNs and CNs Distribution IslandsNo. Hospital No. of RH stations in each Island No. of RHNs In each Island Number of Clinical Nurses in each Island Tongatapu11530203 Vava’u18820 Ha’apai17710 ‘Eua12210 2 NiuasNone212

10 JICA Initiative Project “Strengthening the Need-Based In-Service Training for Community Health Nurses” Implemented in:  Fiji  Tonga  Vanuatu

11 Concept of the project A Model NB-IST for CHNs in Central Div. Fiji National Program Scale up Tonga Vanuatu Adaptation Pacific Global

12 Regional Training on NB-IST in Sigatoka August 2012


14 The project for Strengthening the Need-Based In-Service Training for Community Health Nurses Technical cooperation project MOH-Tonga and JICA Feb 2011 – Jan 2014

15 Management system of the project JCC Project Director Project Manager Working group(s) Japanese advisors Project team

16 Joint Coordinating Committee in Tonga Project Director :- Director of Health Project Manager:- Chief Nursing Officer 3 Coordinators:-  Senior Public Health Supervising Sister  QSSN Principal  Matron Japanese Advisors

17 Project Outline Quality of community health services improves in Tonga The mechanism of the NB-IST is strengthened S&C Information sharing NB-IST Supporting system Overall goal Project Purpose Expected Outputs M&E

18 Supervision and Coaching A series of day-to-day capacity building activities that are conducted by a direct supervisor through identifying the difficulties/uncertainties in daily practices and timely providing appropriate advice and possible solutions

19 MOH CNO & 3 senior officers Nurses @ Health Center, RHC, Hospital Supervision & (Coaching) Training needs Previous Supervising System

20 NB-IST Impact on Supervising System * Enforced the Supervisors to improve the way they supervised *Supervise in a regular basis *Standardize by using the tools that have been developed

21 Training needs NB-IST Model Nurses @ Health Center, RHC, Hospital Supervision & Coaching Training needs Nursing Supervisors (nursing sisters, SSN, senior sisters) Provide training course Discussions Competency Assessment MOH CNO IST coordinators

22 Previous Trainings StructuredFor the purpose of disseminating new policies / directives and standardizing the capacity of the MOH staff members as a civil servant (eg. Induction training, PSC Code of Conduct) Program base ISTPlanned along with specific technical subject(s), ad-hoc (eg. EPI,HIV)

23 Upgrade In-service Trainings for Nurses  Structured  Program-base IST  NB-IST

24 Need Based In-service Training Training should be based on the Identified needs Needs identified through Supervision, Coaching and Competency Assessment

25 Competency Standards for Competency Assessment It is only a BENCHMARK Passing mark to practice as a nurse It is the floor but needs to get to the ceiling THAT IS EXECELLENCE WOVEN INTO EXCELLENCE

26 Excellence Woven Into Excellence NB-IST is ex-tented to all nurses in Tonga, aiming for EXCELLENCE to be WOVEN into all nurses in Tonga through their daily activities Nurses need to increase weaving excellence into their nursing care from each level to a higher level until they get to Excellent

27 NB-IST is an Ongoing PROCESS, therefore, “Excellence Woven Into Excellence” is also a never ending PROCESS for ALL NURSES in order for us to give the BEST QUALITY CARE TO OUR PEOPLE.

28 Aim HIGH and DO your BEST then GOD will DO the REST for We can do all things through CHRIST who STRENGHTHEN us. Phillipians 4:13 MALO ‘AUPITO

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