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Levolor Accordia™ Cellular Shades

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1 Levolor Accordia™ Cellular Shades
Home Solutions Training Team 10/3/13


3 Levolor Accordia Shades
Exclusive Woven Fabrics Exclusive Woven Room Darkening Fabrics Exclusive Energy Shield Industry Leading Energy Efficiency Industry Leading Widths and Options Industry Leading Coordination

4 Construction - Standard
Headrail Cover to release Cordlock Lift Cord Cellular Fabric Bottomrail

5 Construction - Cordless
Cordless Motor Headrail Cellular Fabric Bottomrail

6 Fabrics – Cell Sizes Accordia Shades Unite Two Pieces of Fabric in a Series of Opposing Pleats Single Cell: This cell size is versatile and is appropriate for windows of any size (9/16” Cell Size) Double Cell: Two layers of cells create the most depth, color and the best insulation. (7/16” Cell Size) Double Cell Single Cell

7 Energy Efficiency R-Value
Measure a Shade’s Ability to Block Out Temperature Differences Higher R-Value Indicates a Better Insulating Shade Solar Heat Gain Coefficient Measure of Solar Energy Passing Into the Home Higher SHGC Allows the Sun to Heat a Room Energy ShieldTM – Clear Liner that Increases R-Value While Allowing Solar Heat to Warm a Room

8 Energy Efficiency Energy ShieldTM : Standard on Sheer Efficiency and Available on Top 8 Designer Colors and Top 16 Designer Textures Save Up To $ on Energy Bills Most Energy Efficient Cellular Fabric is Unique to Each Home and Region

9 Fabrics – Types Woven Non-Woven Sheer Efficiency Room Darkening

10 Woven Polyester Threads Dyed and Woven Together
Consistent Light Filtration Elimination of Mottling Truer and More Brilliant Color Increased Fabric Durability Three Exclusive Fabric Collections: Linen (8 Colors) Translucence (12 Colors) Designer Textures (35 Colors)

11 Non-Woven Polyester Fibers Bonded Together and Color is Applied to the Visible Side Durable Fabric Levolor Exclusive DustguardTM Prevents Dust and Maintains Pleat Energy Efficient Double Cell Three Fabric Collections: Designer Colors Double Cell (36 Colors) Designer Colors Single Cell (36 Colors) Classic (12 Colors)

12 Sheer Efficiency Softly Filters Light and Allows Solar Heat Gain to Aid in Warming the Home Allows Vision from Inside and Outside of the Window Single Cell Only Energy ShieldTM Standard 7 Colors

13 Room Darkening White, Laminated Film Used to Prevent Light from Passing Through Fabric Controls up to 99% of Light High Insulation Properties Single Cell Two Fabric Collections: Exclusive Woven Designer Textures (35 Colors) Designer Colors (30 Colors)

14 Options Available Corded and Cordless: Standard Bottom Up
Top Down/Bottom Up TransformationsTM Multiple Shades on One Headrail Continuous Cordloop Decorative Drapery Hardware Valance Specialty Shapes

15 Standard Bottom Up Available Corded and Cordless Corded Sizes:
6”-144” Width x 6”-144” Height Cordless Sizes: 10”-120” Width x 6”- 96” Height Levolor Invented Cordless Technology

16 Top Down/Bottom Up Available Corded and Cordless Corded Sizes:
12”- 72” Width x 6”- 96” Height Cordless Sizes: 16”- 96” Width x 6”- 84” Height Enjoy Light and Privacy at the Same Time with Independent Top and Bottom Operation

17 TransformationsTM Available Corded and Cordless Corded Sizes:
12”- 72” Width x 6”- 96” Height Cordless Sizes: 16”- 96” Width x 6”- 84” Height Upgrade Combines Room Darkening and Light Filtering Fabric Into One Shade: Provides Year-Around Energy Efficiency Ultimate in Privacy and Light Control

18 Multiple Shades on One Headrail
Available Corded and Cordless Corded Sizes: 12”-144” Width x 6”-144” Height Cordless Sizes: 20”-120” Width x 6”- 96” Height Allows Multiple Shades to Operate Independently Not Available with Top Down, Corded Top Down/Bottom Up or Corded Transformations

19 Continuous Cordloop Recommended for Large Windows Sizes:
18”-144” Width x 6”-144” Height Cordloop Lengths Available: 2’ – 10’ Helps Evenly Raise Larger Shades Cord Length Does Not Change, Always Consistent

20 Standard Valance Sizes: 6”-144” Width x 6” -144” Height
Industry Leading Color Coordination Headrail Color Shown on Fabric Swatch

21 Decorative Drapery Hardware Valance
Adds Upscale Style and Elegant Finish Ball Finial and End Caps in Four Colors Coordinates with PerceptionsTM Soft Vertical Estate Valance Outside Mount Only Cordless and Continuous Cordloop Operating System Only

22 Specialty Shapes Many Shapes Available for Hard to Dress Windows
Template Required: Non-Perfect Arch Half Arch Circle Hexagon Octagon Measurements Required: Perfect Arch Skylight Fanned Angle Top or Bottom Cutouts

23 Cleaning Guide 100% Polyester Used for Durability and Ease of Cleaning
Brush-Type Vacuum Attachment or Feather Duster for Regular Cleaning Stains May Be Spot Cleaned with a Damp Sponge and Lukewarm Water Avoid Contact with Window Cleaning Products

24 Installation – Standard Headrail
Brackets May Be Used for Both Inside and Outside Mount Push Shade Into Brackets Until Locking Tab Clicks

25 Installation – Cordless Headrail
Brackets May Be Used for Both Inside and Outside Mount Rotate Shade Into Brackets Until Spring Tab Clicks

26 1-2-3 Step Selling Process
Choose Your Light Control Fabric Choose Your Color and Style Choose Your Options to Order FREE Swatches

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